Member since 8.9 years
Age 42
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 231 lbs (105 kg)
Gender Male
Languages spoken English
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  1. Spain, Barcelona
  2. Switzerland, Genève
  3. USA - New Jersey, Hoboken
    Regularly. Visiting family
  4. France, Paris
    (I'm here between 12/06/2022 and 12/08/2022)
  5. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    (I'm here between 1/17/2023 and 1/20/2023)

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel

Fetishes: Gut punching, Nipple play, Muscle worship

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Into arm wrestling, submission wrestling, gp and strength tests.

I have a special interest in muscle bears and tall sporty dudes.


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lou is recommended by Quercus

5e adversaire depuis mon inscription. Dingue, tous bien différents. Lou il a des biceps comme ça, au bras de fer je ne peux rien faire, je force, il ne fait rien, et ça ne bouge pas d'un millimêtre, il force... et je vacille, jamais vu ça ! Sinon à lutter, malgré son gabarit poids lourd, bien dans son corps il est leste, on s'est confronté en force et tout en mouvement, ça bouge, dans nos prises on s'est tourné retourné et ainsi de suite. Costaud agile et plein de sueur, à en oublier nos différences de gabarits. Je me suis sportivement bien défoulé et j'aime ça ! What else... une surprenante et belle rencontre. J'ai bien fait de "oser". Merci Lou



Quercus is recommended by lou

I met Quercus for a short session. It was a nice encounter. He s reliable , very strong for his build. He has stamina as well. We did submission in a horseplay style and armwrestling too.
I will for sure meet him again when I am recovered.
I definitely recommend this wrestler.



lou is recommended by palmer

Lou is amazingly thick, amazingly strong, amazingly nice and amazing all around. He was injured so we went light but I had a blast anyway. I am eager to meet again and feel his strength one more time. Don't miss him if you have the chance



palmer is recommended by lou

Palmer is a big n strong wrestler.
We did horseplays and had left armwrestling. I wish I could have done more but my right shoulder was still in pain.
If you like big strong bear, then Palmer is the right opponent for you in Barcelona.
Hopefully, next Time we meet I ll be recovered so as to do right arm-wrestling.



lou is recommended by Roma175

An amazing meeting during all a week end
Strong man with wonderful pecs arms … better in reality than in pictures.
Stronger than me for arm wrestling.
After wrestling, a very nice person sensitive intelligent so a wonderfull meeting
Sure we will stay in contact.



Roma175 is recommended by lou

This big lad exceeded my expectations big time; a pick I’m very glad of.

When I first met him in person, I was both drooling and shaking. Just by looking at him, I understood straight away that this hot hunk would give me a hard time. I was not wrong.

There simply wasn’t anything I could do to take control and submit him. This encounter also made me realize that to cope with such a guy I will definitely need to be stronger and to get out of my comfort zone in the future. Nothing is taken for granted!!!

Tall, big arms, wide shoulders, nice chest and very attractive are the first qualifiers that come to mind (the pictures don't do justice). Smart, sympathetic and balanced qualify him very well too.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s certified 20!



lou is recommended by DBarna79

Lou is an incredible fighter and an exceptional person. When you see him for the first time, his rocky size and the size and strength of his arms are impressive. During the fight he knew how to adjust the weight difference to have a balanced fight. Very friendly and personable man Lovely staff and exceptional fighter 100% recommended



DBarna79 is recommended by lou

Dbarna79 is a strong and stocky Spanish fighter. I did have a great time meeting him. We wrestled, arm wrestled and did strength test for hours during my last stay in Barcelona. Besides the mats, he is a very cool, respectful and easy going lad. He respected his commitment and did not turn cold feet because of the stats difference...
Fully recommended.



lou is recommended by Tomasevic

Une première rencontre intense en tout en tout point :
Lou est un ours puissant et très solide, c'était un réel plaisir de lutter contre lui, et le defier avec quelques bras de fer pour bien sentir sa force impressionnante. J'en ai encore des courbatures plusieurs jours après.
En dehors des tapis, je me suis tout simplement fait un nouvel ami ; un ours en or 🐻 avec de belles valeurs. Aussi massif et puissant qu'il est agréable et bienveillant.
Deja hate de le revoir 💪🐻



Tomasevic is recommended by lou

I truly had great fun with this big sexy muscle bear. I liked the bout very much. We were totally on the same wavelength. As the stats can show but you cannot always figure out from his pics, he's huge, in great shape, well built: a true massive and brawny fighter. Besides that he's generous during the fight, respectful, very friendly.
I really enjoyed the encounter...
Definitely recommended.



lou is recommended by amateur495

Enjoyed meeting up with Lou .Even though he is stronger and has quite impressive muscles compared to me- we find a good way to wrestle, he knows how to adapt so there can be a good sweaty round.
Straight forward guy the way I like and good company.



amateur495 is recommended by lou

It s always good to meet Amateur495 for a horseplay and/or practice. He s improved since we last met 2 years ago and he s always eager to wrestle.
On top of that, he s a good host, and organizes things easily and smoothly.



lou is recommended by Antton64

Une rencontre organisée facilement et rapidement avec ce colosse. Quand il se met en speedo et que tu vois la taille de ses bras, tu comprends qu’il va falloir “pousser”. Très joli physique mastoc et bien viril pour une lutte qui l a été tout autant!
Hors du tapis, un gars super sympa avec qui il est très agréable de boire un verre. Vraiment recommandé !



Antton64 is recommended by lou

I was into wrestling big burly guys, but only idiots never change their minds.
It was a very pleasant surprise to run into Antton64. After checking his profile, I quickly fathomed that he was no regular meetfighters’ guy, and it would turn out to be true. He is definitely a top notch reference and inspiration on this site, and I do confirm that he truly deserves his status. He’s extremely well trained and technically skilled in his field, he has the physique of a competitive cross fitter (plus he’s more muscular and impressive in real than on his pictures – so one should not be fooled by these latters-) and he’s beastly strong.
On top of that, Antton64 is really hunky, sharp, smart, reliable and easy going with a great fighting spirit.
A perfect ten.



lou is recommended by wrestler122001

Un grand plaisir de revoir LOU ,
encore plus fort que lors de notre première rencontre
des bras supers puissants qui utilisent a fond dans les rapports de force et au bras de fer ou il est toujours dominateur .
Lutteur très sympa en dehors des tapis
Recommandé ++++++

rencontre en 2015 avec LOU lutteur puissant ,excellents rapports de force
et lutte au sol ;intraitable au bras de fer ;
lutteur tres sympathique hautement recommandé,



wrestler122001 is recommended by lou

It is always a pleasure to wrestle wrestler122001. Besides being a good lad and a great host, he's a well trained and muscular wrestler who's always up for a strength test.



lou is recommended by frogcub

Lou is a charming guy and a strong muscular opponent. We wrestled and arm-wrestled for about two hours and enjoyed ourselves a lot. He's the perfect guy for a wrestling session and for a relaxed chatting and drinking evening afterwards.



frogcub is recommended by lou

If you like big and strong opponents then frogcub is your guy. Besides that he s a very nice guy outside of the mats.



bigathlguy is recommended by lou

I met bigathlguy on one of his stop to Geneva. He s cool brawny wrestler with a very nice physique. He has strength and it was a pleasure to wrestle him.



lou is recommended by j2047

As you can see from his pictures this muscle bear is very strong and we had a long and sweaty match, nice and fun guy to wrestle!
(again and again)



j2047 is recommended by lou

My best encounter ever.
I wish I could keep this strong, hot and beefy wrestler for myself.