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Chill guy here looking for matches in the bay area. Mostly looking for submission, but up for trying new stuff too. Hit me up.



  1. USA - California, San Francisco
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  2. USA - Massachusetts, Boston
    (I'm here between 5/15/2019 and 5/17/2019)
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Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 6'5" (196 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

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azknockout is recommended by wrestlensf

We had a great match! He’s super tenacious and very rarely gives up, which made for a great battle. Highly recommended a match with him if you get the chance!



wrestlensf is recommended by kimmetje

It was a great opportunity and honour to be able to wrestle with wrestlensf in his home turf. Setting up the meeting was easy and the communication leading up to our match was smooth and frequent which is always reassuring. Wrestlensf showed up on time and then proceeded to impress me with his wrestling talent and power! It's not often that I enter a match and get completely overpowered but somehow wrestlensf managed to do just that! He won the first rounds with what seemed like relative ease, it's only after we eased up that I was able to score some honour-redeeming points. This match was one of the best matches I've had since I've come on the website, absolutely wonderful and I hope to be back in the country someday to be able to get a rematch or two, or maybe three!



kimmetje is recommended by wrestlensf

We had a terrific match while he was in town. He’s very strong and knows some moves. And he’s also just genuinely nice and a lot of fun to hang with. And super hot! Definitely can’t wait for the rematch.



jdj2 is recommended by wrestlensf

He’s a really sexy guy and he definitely fights to win. We had a super hot match while I was visiting - he’s open to plenty of styles/moves and back and forth, and he’s a great guy off the mats too. Definitely wrestle him if you get the chance!



wrestlensf is recommended by Austin

Safe, sane, flexible enough in scheduling and willing to work with my crazy itinerary while traveling... What more needs to be said?

Oh yeah, watch out for his legs. That definitely should be said.



wrestlensf is recommended by phoenix

I had a feeling this was going to be a fun match going into it but WOW. This guy is pretty awesome! Things definitely turned up a lot hotter than expected but we were able to make the most of the space we had. Can't wait for the rematch; definitely going to throw him around some more!



phoenix is recommended by wrestlensf

Awesome sexy guy. We had a great match (especially since we’re both so tall). Lots of back and forth. He’s strong as hell and can take a lot. Plus he’s a really nice/cool guy off the mats too. Definitely hit him up!



wrestlensf is recommended by dnava20

This guy is a great host and a very strong opponent. I was not prepared for his strength and endurance. I wasn't expecting a jobber/heel match but he quickly made me his jobber. He is a friendly guy that keeps the experience fun.

If you want an intense submission match with round after round of scissor holds, chokes, bear hugs, and more then definitely hit him up for a match.



dnava20 is recommended by wrestlensf

We had a great match. He can take a lot of punishment and he's definitely in it to win it. Plus he's a super nice guy too. Wrestle him for sure if you get the chance!