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My Love of Wrestling (from a deaf person's perspective)

When I was a young boy (around 7 or 8), I got hooked on the world of professional wrestling. As part of a sport programme called ‘World of Sport’, the wrestling used to be shown on British TV every Saturday between 4pm – 5pm (which is why Brit Pro wrestling has an affectionate moniker: WoS). My father was wrestling-mad; he once told me that he would like to have become a wrestler. I could easily imagine him as a welterweight star, probably as a heel, owing to his no-nonsense demeanour and oft-serious personality (he came from a place near Naples, so perhaps an Italian version of Mick McManus).

While he was watching the wrestling with great concentration, I would play with my toys on the lounge floor while throwing discreet glances at the testosterone-charged spectacle that was unfolding on the small screen. To this day, I have no idea why I was not able to watch the wrestling properly with my father. I think back then I hadn’t realised that I was gay and that I was too shy to let on that I found it such a thrill to watch near-naked men frolicking about in the ring. Here’s the funny thing: my father was openly homophobic (which was the very norm in those days), but he always made no secret that he admired other men’s fantastic physiques, in particular bodybuilders’.

When I was around 10, I was given a portable black-and-white TV for my birthday. So, every Saturday at 4pm, I would ensure that my bedroom door was firmly shut (thank goodness I had my own bedroom!) and that the TV volume was muted. (Still, I was reluctant to tell my family about my new-found love of wrestling.) As the wrestling started, my heart would start pounding. There was something about the wrestling attire (particularly the trunks-and-boots look) that I found (and still do) very appealing. Also, while a handsome wrestler in an entrance gown was about to be introduced by a MC, I would wonder what his body looked like and would hope that he would be clad in trunks and boots. Looking back, Johnny Saint was my first wrestling crush: his short, neat hair (which was unfashionable in the 70s), great smile, gentlemanly demeanour, and great physique would make me swoon. Even then, I refused to acknowledge my true sexuality; I was too young to start caring about sex (it can’t be denied that pro wrestling is overly homoerotic, and I suppose in many ways, pro wrestling, especially technical, ground-based wrestling, is akin to two persons making love).

As some members of MF already know, I am hearing-impaired. In the old days, we didn’t have subtitles on TV, nor at cinemas or theatres. But the great thing about watching wrestling is that you didn’t require subtitles for it. Mind you, these days I disregard the subtitles while watching a gorgeous wrestler in action on YouTube!

As I entered my teens, I started imagining other ordinary men and male celebrities wearing pro gear in the squared circle. I remember at school, I had a private crush on my two Physical Education teachers; how I wished they were wrestlers, and I could envisage that they would look terrific in pro gear. But at the same time, I was worried about being gay (in the early 80s, homophobia was still rife and that the AIDS epidemic was just starting). But I was mostly concerned about my ‘unhealthy’ obsession with pro wrestling; I honestly felt there was something wrong with me. There were many people who sneered at the world of pro wrestling. Therefore, I still could not bring myself to share my love of wrestling with anyone else.

Some years later, I was still having fantasies about dressing up in pro gear and wrestling with someone in a safe and sane manner. Thankfully, I stumbled across Meetfighters. To my great relief, I finally realised that many men (and women) were in the same boat (or should I say ring?). It certainly felt (and still does) liberating to be able to tell others who have many things in common with me, wrestling-wise. Thanks to Meetfighters, I have made many friends here and have had so many enjoyable wrestling bouts in the style of WoS. A lot of people here have made me realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with watching wrestling in any form and that it is totally fine to be donning pro gear. And they have also reassured me that they have no qualms whatsoever about wrestling with a deaf person.

I look forward to making more friends and wrestling for many years to come.

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3/26/2024 7:14 PM

Fantastic story about you for nfing out your love of wrestling-I too watched it in tv-later in videos AND STILL today but mostly online-joined Meetfighters To find local (and travelers) but life do buddy now (and partner knows not of my ❤️for it!


PANEWT10 (1)

3/26/2024 7:33 PM

Great story, thanks for sharing. Much like you, I was watching WOS in my bedroom. Max Ward (the ref), counting, was such a turn on for me.


BamaJDon41 (10 )

3/26/2024 9:00 PM

The internet was a real doorway to unimagined worlds. Instead of just a tool for research or shopping on Amazon, the net could be much more. 13 years ago I had no idea a site like this could or would exist. The internet was a gamechanger for those so inclined.


Punishmentwrestling (0)

3/26/2024 10:35 PM

What a splendid account. Many thanks.


Chris55 (1 )

3/27/2024 12:06 AM

Many thanks for posting your interesting story.


Ondra (0)

3/27/2024 12:43 AM

Velice pěkný příběh. Fandím ti.


edscissors (31 )

3/27/2024 1:24 AM

What an interesting story. Thank you!

I was a choirboy in the late 1960s/early 1970s. I remember singing at Saturday weddings then arriving home to find my mum well ensconced into the Saturday afternoon TV wrestling. We were, I suppose, of the middle class. Nice people who didn't watch the wrestling!

But mum did.

After singing at church - for maybe half a crown (remember?!) - I'd often gravitate to the sitting room. My middle class mum watched the wrestling assiduously, week after week. She was not un-typical, I think ... respectable women who loved to watch minimally-clad men wrestling.

My own thoughts? I didn't really want to watch "the wrestling" ... but I longed to see scissors, especially applied by what we might now call "boy next door" types.

It's only now, here in the "internet age", that I came to realise that I am NOT the only person in the world who likes being scissored.


Wildman (0)

3/27/2024 3:26 AM

Another great perspective of your pro wrestling love. Me, too.


BillC (4)

3/27/2024 9:01 AM

Great tale Alf. Not too dissimilar to mind. I started to watch wrestling live every Friday night at Liverpool stadium with my parents then watch wos on Saturday afternoon. All those great 70/80s Brit wrestlers were regularly at the stadium. It was a great introduction to seeing big burly men go at each other. My mum used to sit with all the other old dears near to the aisle as the wrestlers came in and out of the changing room and they all had knitting needles ready to stick into the baddies . I kept going on my own until the stadium was demolished. By the time I was sat 12 I realised what that bulge was in my trousers especially seeing Mick McMichael Pete curry Colin joynson Alan Dennison and great heels like Sid cooper mal Kirk tally ho Kaye and Bruno elrington. Still get hard watching those wrestlers on YouTube.
Nothing better than being close up to those guys on a Friday night. Every Friday after finishing school I'd race home and get ready to go to the stadium and then at the interval they'd announce who would be on the following week. Fantastic memories


Tungsten (3 )

3/27/2024 10:48 AM

Beautifully written. I think it is something most of us can relate to.


MarkAndrew (1)

3/27/2024 1:03 PM

I think a lot of us of a certain age can relate to that, nice to read and yes great to find this site and realise you weren’t the only one!


Alf Nelson (13)

3/27/2024 1:23 PM

Thanks to those for their kind comments - very much appreciated :-)


DomSquashMatch (8 )

3/27/2024 10:40 PM

What an incredible story of how you came into wrestling and very similar to my own. Thank You so much for writing about this.
It was great to read and think back to how WOS wrestling changed my life. But only when taking action and wrestling myself