Cyber vs Real Past Opponents, New Data CenterMeetFighters News

Dear members,

Today I am closing one of the long-standing items from the Suggestion Box: the distinction between members who have had cyber/phone matches and members who had real-life matches. This was one of the highest-rated requests in the box, and finally it's implemented.

According to the original request:

:I think there is a need to distinguish between real and cyber in the Past Opponents feature. I had originally presumed that this would only be applicable to real opponents, but I had encountered some guys who had verified others as past opponents on the grounds that they had done cyber with them. I would like to be able to distinguish who had wrestled who for real. Thanks.

So what does this mean? It means that there is an extra category on a profile, right next to "Favorites" and "Past opponents": "Past cyber/phone opponents". I also made a best-effort attempt to reclassify some previous "past opponents" to "cyber past opponents". The way I did it was with an automated algorithm that mined multiple sources of data:

  • The Chat for the past few days (i.e. asking for cyber on #allfighters, or visiting the #cyber room on numerous occasions).
  • Certain information from profiles, such as "Not interested in cyber wrestling" or "Not looking for live meetings".
  • If the member has "cyber" in his name.
  • Most importantly, the network effect: past opponents of non-cyber profiles are less likely to be cyber profiles. In the end, AllFighters is a social network site, which is why this information weighed most.

At the end of the day, 350 of 5166 (7%) or all links were reclassified to "cyber", and less than 50 members had more than 2 links affected.

Please, visit your list of past opponents, and check if any of your links are badly categorized!

Both false positives and false negatives are easily possible, which is why I need you to check your links. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

Move to a New Data Center

Soon (possibly this week), allfighters will be moving to a new datacenter, hopefully this will help us have a higher uptime, faster connection and better service. The move will make some future enhancements possible, the most interesting of which might be a video-enabled version of Chat. (This is not a promise for video chat, though. It might not be feasible in the end.)

However, the better hosting comes at a modest price. As you know, AllFighters membership is free, and there are no product tie-ins or advertisements on the webpage to offset operation costs. Please, if you can spare a little, donate to AllFighters!

:– Admin out.

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New Chat System, Photo Moderation, User Name ChangeMeetFighters News

Dear members,

There have been some visible and not-so-visible changes in AllFighters recently, and I figured it was time I wrote another of these news posts.

New Chat System

This is probably the most visible. The new chat system is based on flash, and will hopefully be more reliable and visually pleasing than the previous chat system. You can still use any of the old systems if you prefer; simply go to the preferences page, and select the chat system you like.

Photo Moderation

In order to make the system more transparent AND more economical on my time, I am now "[WikiPedia:Crowdsourcing crowdsourcing]" the moderation of photos on this site. As you might know, naked, shoking, sexually explicit, etc. photos are not allowed on our site.

Now, when you visit a member's profile or the list of photos, you can tag inappropriate photos as such. This will help me run the site more efficiently. Flagging such photos is anonymous, but doesn't automatically remove the offending photo. If a photo is flagged by enough members, the site moderators will deal with it.

Changing User Names

Right now, you cannot change your username on AllFighters. Once you create your profile, you're kind of stuck with whatever you entered at registration time. There is a reason for that: AllFighters is a social networking site. This means that once we get to know you as "SuperGrappler", that is who you are to us. If you change your name to something else, all the knowledge about you as "SuperGrappler" is lost, and we must meet you again with your new alias.

In short: name changes are detrimental to how the site is supposed to work. Sure, you could delete your profile, and create a new one with your latest and greatest name, but there are some drawbacks: You lose all your favorites, past opponents, recommendations and messages.

In order to balance the need for the social aspects of our site and the need of some members for a new alias, I am now considering the following: I would allow members to change their names, under two conditions. First, you cannot do it more than once a year. (I expect that for "normal" usage of this site, this shouldn't be much of a limitation.) Second: in order to change your name, you must pay a token amount, something like €20. There is rationale for this: if changing your name isn't worth €20, it was probably not very important anyway, and your current name will do just fine. More importantly, this is a small compensation you pay to the community (via helping me maintain the site), in exchange for our effort of having to adjust to your new name.

My question is: do you guys think this is worth exploring? Please, if you vote, also leave a comment stating why you feel that way.

This poll is closed.
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First grapple 101 experiencedevonwrestler's blog

I was up in London towards the end of last year and managed to get along to the Grapple 101 held at the 'Eagle'. The event I attended was only the second of these events to take place, so I expect that the organisers were feeling their way a bit and for all I know, the event I attended may not be typical of the more recent ones.

I can say that I did very much enjoy my evening (night really) at Grapple 101 and I hope to be back again when I get the chance. It was definitely an extra thrill for me to wrestle for an audience of 'punters', i.e. guys off the street (generally gay or bi ones of course, it is a gay bar). I really felt like I was a 'proper' wrestler as I stepped out onto the mat, naked except for my swim trunks, and watched by all those guys in their street cloths. I suppose I must be a bit of an exhibitionist, at least with wrestling, but if you dont like the idea of being on display you had better just go to Grapple 101 as a spectator. You dont have to wrestle if you dont want to.

I reckon that having an audience did encourage me to wrestle to the best of my ability. There were some experienced wrestlers present that night, so as a relative beginner I lost more rounds than I won, at least I hope the punters enjoyed watching my helpless struggles as I was forced into painful submissions! Mind you, I did get my own back against a couple of other novices present. A nice thing was that the audience applauded every submission so we must have been doing something right to keep them interested.

I arrived soon after doors open time, along with a group of four other wrestlers I already knew quite well - this pastime is quite a small community. The changing facilities were basic, but then you dont really need much in the way of facilities to get undressed and slip into your swim trunks. Our cloths were packed away and looked after for the rest of the evening, so keep some change aside for soft drinks. Some people wrestled in boots, but I prefer bare feet and either option seemed acceptable. Obviously, if you are going to wear boots they must be the soft wrestling type boots. Most of us wore swim trunks, but shorts also seemed acceptable, so I would say you can just wear what you enjoy wrestling in.

Ashley and the other organisers were really helpful in getting us wrestlers at least a bit organised and making sure that everyone who wanted got a chance to get on the mat. Basically it was up to you who you chose to challenge to a fight and i think you do have to be a bit careful fighting with someone you have never met before. I think everyone present was taking care to wrestle safely but you can never be sure. At least with an event like this you can watch someone wrestling before you decide to challenge them. I hear that they have now introduced referreeing which should also help keep it safe. Its fine to wake up the next morning with sore muscels everywhere, but no one wants to get injured. There was a bit of a difficulty with the mats slipping about on the floor, so some of us held the mats still when not our turn to wrestle - at least that way I got a real close up view of the action. I hear the problem of the slipping mats may now been solved. At one point they got us novices to do some simple training exercises, practicing set moves on each other, but I am not sure that was so successful. The background music was not excesively loud but it was loud enough that it was hard to hear the instructions, so it may not be an ideal training environment. Later in the evening we did tag wrestling, but not the ususl team tag wrestling. We just had four wrestlers standing around the edge of the mat and the guy in trouble would tag the nearest. That seemed to work well, it kept the action going and it got me wrestling with a few guys, Ashley for one, who I wouldnt have dared to challenge otherwise. Was fun struggling against such a fit muscular guy as Ashley, even if it was for only 15 seconds or so. It was a late night for me. I had intended to leave at midnight but I just couldnt tear myself away and stayed till chucking out time in the early hours.

Hope that has given anyone who is thinking of going to one of these events an idea of what it is about.

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Mat room in East Midlands UKderby uk 240lbs's blog

Hi Just like to inform guys of a wrestling mat room for hire in the East Midlands in Long Eaton, just off the M1, matted area is 12ft x 15ft, conact me if you need any more info.

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2009-12-24gamekeeper's blog

hoping to meet some wrestling friends in 2010..I am based in Dorset..bit of a black hole for wrestling it seems. I can travel or accom so if anyone is up for a friendly wrestle..most weights ok..get in touch..I need the practise.. Rich

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Matrooms to rent in Budapestikf's blog - Look at the photos in my gallery.

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TestimonialsMeetFighters News

So two days ago I have sent a mass message to every member about AllFigthers' birthday. Apparently when you send out 1700+ messages one day, you have a lot of catching up to do on replies on the next.

I'm happy to say that my little musing has has generated lots of dozen positive responses. I thought I'd share some of them here:

  • "I have met and wrestled quite a few guys through this site recently and I have had positive experiences for the most part."
  • "I work for a non-profit organization and deal with the public daily so I know the amount of grief that can come about from those who wish to argue and complain."
  • Don't let the "entitleds" get you down. As someone who has organized wrestling parties, I have encountered a touch of the "drama" the entitleds bring to the table. One day you must share with me your efficient methods of dealing with them.
  • [I]t has been fun to see and help the site to grow.
  • "[S]hould you ever come to Mexico, let me know. It will be a pleasure to show you around and why not, even wreste you too!"
  • "It's a great site and definitely the best wrestling meeting place."
  • "I hope and wish there are many years to follow..."

And finally, one of the assholes chimes in. (A little background: there was an incident a few weeks back when an automated bot managed to register on the site and send off a few hundred spam messages before I tackled it.) This is the one guy has been bitching about this ONE spam message before, the only one that he got the whole year, and now he does it again.

  • "The other day I got a spam email through this site from some girl talking about having intercourse with women, or something, which I deleted. I did not appreciate having to login on here to read that garbage. So obviously you are not doing anything to screen who is sending emails. The picture of the women wrestler is still onthe home page. Suffice to say, I am not thrilled with this site. Thank you."

The extra irony here (besides the obvious stuff) is that if I did screen the messages personally, his kind would never get to send one, ever.

That's it for today's testimonials. Thanks to everyone who has responded. You guys rule!!

Admin out.
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AllFighters is 1 year old today!MeetFighters News

Dear members and visitors,

I year ago today our site, AllFighters, opened its gate to the public. I would take this opportunity to send a quick message to everyone about, well, basically about my feelings regarding running this site.

As many of you will know, this site is not ran by a corporation, it pretty much started as a pet project of mine: building a wrestling/fighting site that is good. How far I have come toward this goal is sometimes a matter of lively debate on the Chat; my personal take is that as long as the site helps people sharing my interest get in touch with each other, it's a win. (Click that last link, it's a great mess but somehow still makes me proud!) I will try to do my best keeping the site running and improving its feature set. I will also keep the site free of commercial interests that might compromise the goal of becoming the best personals site there is. So, there will be no ads, no membership fees and no product tie-ins.

I would also take this opportunity to say that although the most of you have been great members and courteous guests, there have also been plenty of incidents that have made running this site a less than pleasant experience. Dealing with guys who seem to have infinite time to argue about stuff in the terms of service they have already agreed to... The "entitleds" who behave as if they were paying customers on a luxury cruiser... The jerks who seem to derive their sole pleasure from being rude online... Certainly these people are a minority and I have become increasingly more efficient at dealing with them, but oddly they still have the largest emotional impact on me. I guess this comes with the territory.

On the bright side: we have 1736 members, 4209 photos (3834 of them visible to all members), 917 positive recommendations, 145786 messages delivered, etc... Thanks for everyone who has helped me get this far: those who have encouraged me, those who helped with administrative tasks, those who invited others to join, and a BIG thanks to those who have donated. You guys are the BEST!

I also have a request to make: please make sure your profile is GREAT. If you haven't already done so, do these:

  • Set your location on the map so people will see where you live. Simply selecting your country is not good enough.
  • Upload some photos. Making photos mandatory has been a long debated issue. My take is that I don't want to force people, because there are some who might have a legitimate reason to avoid this. Making it a requirement would end in lots of fake photos by otherwise good guys who feel they are being coerced. However, and I cannot emphasize this enough: photos are important. If you are seeking new opponents, and want to be taken seriously: you need a photo.
  • Complete your profile. Keep your height and weight up to date. Write a longer introduction. Tell people about yourself, who you are and what you expect. It's who you are.
  • Write recommendations and mark your past opponents. It helps if people see that you have met others before and had fun. It's what a social network is all about.

That's about it from me, for now. Thanks for reading all this. A little more about things to come: battle reports, better management of past opponents (separating "real" and "cyber"), more search options and more...

Happy wrestling to you all,
Your friendly AllFighters Admin.

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UK Wrestlingsqueezerian's blog

I'll be on holidays in the UK and Ireland from April to June 2010. I arrive on 22 April and have hired a car till 3 June to travel around England, Wales and Scotland, then from 4 to 8 June I'll be in London. I'll be in Ireland from 16 to 24 June touring by car with the final 2 days in Dublin.

Any guys who would like to wrestle an Aussie guy let me know and I'll get back to you with actual dates I'll be in your area when I make my hotel bookings.


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Wrestling in the USA southern statessqueezerian's blog

I'm currently in Texas on a roadtrip from LA to Miami wrestling all those interested along the way. Anyone interested in meeting up let me know and I'll get back to you with details of my itinerary.


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