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Event Summary

Organizer: Fighter Matt
Not attending:
  • Fighter Matt: Its £10 for the room
  • matworker: Can you get there by public transport? Can you add some directions please as I have no idea where the matroom is?
  • Fighter Matt: If you can get to the Selby Train Station then Ill meet you there
  • turpin: sorry wrestling elsewhere that day!
  • woodie: Will be there, if anyone needs a lift from Selby station, 10 min walk away I'll meet you there
  • Fighter Matt: Let me know if the weather is affecting you getting to selby as I will still turn up to meet you guys and take you to the mat room
  • hardandy312: i am aiming to get this event,if weather permits, will fight !!!
  • Fighter Matt: The event is at 3pm
  • hardandy312: if anyone can accomodate me after the event please let me know
  • Fighter Matt: I still have a bad flu like cold so might not be able to do full contact but will still be there.
  • oldscrapperderby: whats the address of the matroom?
  • oldscrapperderby: Have a pulled calf muscle so will have to see how it goes.
  • Fighter Matt: Just turn up at Selby Station and Ill meet everyone there to take you round to the room. You dont have to do full contact Den but if you do then tak
  • nakmuay: problem for me. I'll not be with you for this session. next time...
  • hardandy312: Sorry Matt, wont be this time now, but will be there on the 5th Feb
Date: 1/08/2011 9:52 PM
Deadline to apply: 1/07/2011
Number of participants: 10 people
State: Event completed
Event location: Selby Mat Room, United Kingdom

Event Description

NorthTown Fight Club hosts its Forth fight meet at the selby mat room at 3pm on Saturday January 8th.

Northtown fight club meets are held every first Saturday of each month at the selby mat room unless stated otherwise. The focus is on NHB full and semi contact fighting and training however submission and pro styles are catered for too. Beginners to advanced are welcome. Gloves and handwraps are provided.

Comments (1)

grappleguy66 (74 gold) 1/09/2011 8:42 PM

always a fun frienly bunch of lads,don't be put off by the name.


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