Body Scissors

bodyscissors to KO (1)

squeezetoy1984 (4) 11/05/2017 9:29 PM

It's been a long time since any guy has been able to KO me with a bodyscissors. I live in North Bay, Ontario, 4-hour drive north of Toronto. I will gladly pay the gas for any young stud able to drive here and crush me to KO with a bodyscissors; any position or technique... Is there any strong young stud who can come to North Bay, Ontario and can handle crushing me to pass-out in a bodyscissors? If you're in the Toronto area, southern Ontario, northern Michigan, western New York or even Ohio, I'll cover your gas and everything. Can't travel far due to work, which is why I offer to bring guys here. 2-hour drive max, on days off is farthest I can travel. I'm 5'10 150lbs. 33yo, masculine. I have a strong preference for guys around my age or younger. My next full free day is this coming Thursday/Friday. Please inbox me for contact details.