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High School Girl or Grown Man??? Which is it?

I've noticed a bit in the main chat a lot of Viscous Gossip and trash talk from some members who will back stab another member when they aren't there in the chat. Here's the thing....

Seriously If you have a beef or quarrel with another member or you just don't like them, Take it up with them in private. Or block them.

No need to act like a 10 yr old School Girl and gossip about them... This one said that, that one said this... Don't like them block them. Ignore them.. Move on.

Unless they did something really terrible or illegal that could be Physically Harmful to others then Take it up with them in private or ignore them or block them but just move on.... That's the best thing to do...

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KOFistBoxer (1)

5/07/2024 8:46 PM

Yeah totally agree and it seems like it's progressively getting worse. The catty hen parties with their gossip sessions, sad attempts as gatekeeping, attempts at poisoning the well, trying to reil-up mobs to do their dirty work for them, seeing grown men use terms like "fat shaming" just because someone used a word they don't like even when it wasn't even directed at them personally, trying to use authority to silence opinions they don't like. This all seems more like the behavior of teenage girls than of grown, adult men, on a combat site.

I grant you that some situations are obviously frustrating (like someone flaking out on you last min after investing some time, money, etc into making it happen) and some venting is understandable, but like you said... block them and move on. Though the vast, vast majority of this seems to come from guys just lashing out because someone wasn't interested and turned them down. The funniest is when they start in with the "hey, hot pictures!" comments, then the second someone isn't interested they launch into attacks on how ugly they are. Right....

Anyway totally reasonable stance, and I have to assume anyone who has a problem with it is exactly the type you're talking about, and they are lashing out because they see a lot of themselves in what you are talking about.


jtalbot812 (0)

5/07/2024 9:02 PM

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I totally get how frustrating it is to set up a match esp if Money is spent setting it up ie renting a hotel or renting a matt room or other venue only to have the other person not show up.... I think if you can't show up at least give the person a good 24 hours notice, I do understand on some occasions that medical emergencies can happen or being called into work at the last moments but at least call or text or email or something.. never leave a person hanging.... I can understand venting.... you're right on that...

Anyway I think you for your response its very much appreciated You hit the Nail right on the head!!!!