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hey guys, try to hit the gym 5x week. ready for some boxin fun. open to scenes, onsided, all out, or regular sparring. pretty open to whatever ya want. Into gutpunchin too...favorite boxin matches are in just gloves n boxin boots. Into gettin my abs tested for sure..Like 10oz gloves. Lets rock..



  1. USA - Nebraska, Lincoln
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Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: any, prefer boxing gloves, boxing boots, open to any

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Bikerguy516 wildcat


BoxinCowboy is recommended by Bikerguy516

Met BoxinCowboy on a business trip I had to Lincoln. We talked on the phone and set up the match rules and had a nice friendly conversation. But the real pleasure was when we met. This guy has clearly had some training. He has a good defense and comes out swinging. We started with a few rounds of regular sparring. He was very aware of the rules we agreed upon and despite his skill he didn't totally destroy me. Oh sure I took some shots (got one in on me square in the face - perfectly legal punch, I left an opening) but again, enough to let me know that this is a combat sport but not enough to break anything. A perfect balance. Then we did some punch exchanges to the body then moved onto gutpunching. And that was the most fun of all. We each had grins on our face as we went harder and harder to the gut and chest, even dropping the gloves at the end to exchange some bare knuckle punches. Nice solid punches to feel the power but not hard enough to crack a rib or worse (no head shots at this phase, I'm not a masochist lol). I had an absolute blast and really liked that he could deliver good hard (but sane) punches. I highly recommend him and would look forward to another rematch.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by BoxinCowboy

Met up with Bikerguy516 while he was in town. It was a great time...we have similar was an easy guy to get busy with. We boxed some rounds..and he can punch for sure..some solid blows were felt on both sides..then we got down to some gutpunching...did some back n forth and limits were respected. Even tho we both like to give and take..Bikerdude REALLY likes to take...he gets a little bit of a "evil" grin on his face when it comes to trading even bigger grin when we went bareknux...he's got a hell of a tuff gut. He wanted me to give it all it had...damn..had me sweatin !...He's a good guy !...and had a great time!



BoxinCowboy is recommended by wildcat

Met up with BoxinCowboy on a road trip up to Lincoln. We had a burger, beer and boxing night. He has a cool stash of gear and I enjoyed the sparring. Could it be, I have an inner boxer that has finally been released? Looking forward to round 2.



wildcat is recommended by BoxinCowboy

Wildcat happened to be coming to Lincoln, and even though he's pretty much a wrestler, he wanted to meet up and try some boxing...DANG..dont underestimate this dude..he's game..and LIKES IT.. If ya get a chance to meet up face to face with him ?...DO IT !..FUN guy !