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Hey all. Fairly experienced sub/promission/erotic rassler here. Love long, sweaty matches on my mats, or anywhere we can get together. Rough and sane wrestler and great host!



  1. USA - Ohio, Cleveland
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I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 199 lbs (90 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: speedos, jocks, nude

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ClevelandWrestler is recommended by OHJobber18

This man is amazing and I love everything about him. He is very skilled and is not afraid to make his boys suffer. If you want an intense and sweaty match this is your guy. Already trying to go back for round two. Also really fun to talk to.



OHJobber18 is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

This is such a hot, sweet, and a real treasure. Great to see a boy this young so into rasslin. I think he’s got the makings of being a real challenge on the mats, although he’s definitely in jobber mode at this point. He’s a sexy boy, and I’d like to rassle him often.



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by ohjobr56

one tough opponent, better know your way around the mat, he will take u down and work u over real good, you will be sore, but you now have made a friend on and off the mats.



ohjobr56 is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

This is a great guy and hot rassler! I don’t know how many marathon, sweat soaked matches we’ve had over the last ten years, but they’re always fun and a turnon. He’s an excellent jobber, but I’ve also seen him get submissions several times when he’s wrestled others. Great to have him as a friend.



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by jjhartfl

master submission wrestler. went home with a slew of trophies from him (bruises) wore them proudly. great man on and off the mats. glad to call him friend



jjhartfl is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

I have been friends with this goober for 20 years, and can’t even remember how many times and places we’ve rassled. Strong, skilled, great as competitive, jobber, or heel. I also got to see him teach pro to a young protege, and he’s a wonderful coach. I really love this boy!



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by BulldogOhio

Had the pleasure of taking on this fella awhile back. We didn't get a chance to wrestle long, but within seconds of our first lock up he had me trapped in a guillotine. Not sure how I got out of it, but managed to break his stamina and escape. Hope to take him on again sometime. Great competitor on the mats, and great conversationalist off of them!



BulldogOhio is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

What a great guy this is! Definitely worth your time. He’s a strong, skilled rassler, in great shape, and surprisingly aggressive. He’s got an arsenal of holds, and can also take massive amounts of punishment. Off the mats, he’s charming, funny, and gracious. This one’s a keeper!



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

One of my very first live matches ever...and still one of the most memorable and at the top of my list of faves...I still remember that sweaty afternoon lost in the sheets wrestling to our hearts content...we have become best friends over the years and though we are now distant geographically the sweat and bonding of that afternoon, evening and weekend has cemented us as friends forever...don't ever pass up a chance to wrestle this man...he's a true true gem.



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

This guy! What can I say?!!! One of the best men and best rasslers, and best friends I’ve ever met. Smart, sexy, funny, sexy, string, sexy...sheesh! This one is among the best. I’m sorry we’re not closer any more, mon ami!



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by matslam

After years of online messages exchange,I was finally able to meet this powerful Heel on my mats. From the moment he laid his hands on me,I knew I was about to go down and stay there,at his mercy! I felt this man's superiority and I advise you do the same should you get as lucky as me.Totally recommended!



matslam is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

I had the great pleasure of meeting and wrestling this incredible young man during my visit to Athens! He was kind enough to meet me at the Metro station, and we took the bus to his place. What a hot match! He is strong and skilled and does not submit easily. Off the mats, he is gracious, charming, and funny. He is an absolute gem, and I highly recommend him. I hope we have many matches in our future!



ClevelandWrestler is recommended by dude

Cleveland wrestler gets a bad rep but I enjoy wrestling him every chance I get. Rather it's back and forth holds or being his jobber, I enjoy the time spent together. If you are looking for a good time on the mat, I highly recommend him.



dude is recommended by ClevelandWrestler

This is one of the best guys you'll ever meet. If you want competitive, he's strong and skilled, and has one of the best headscissors I've ever felt. If you want a jobber, he can take incredible punishment and always beg for more. If you're into rasslin, this is your guy!