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Bear daddy type into submission / promission wrestling, looking just for opponents to have a few friendly matches. Mostly heel, but open to jobbing on occasion.

As for my wrestling style, I like either one sided or back and forth and slow ramping up on holds until my opponent taps out. I enjoy the holds and pressure to be real, but sane. I expect the same from my opponent.

Started hitting the gym (3-4x a week), so work in progress.



  1. Canada - Quebec, Laval
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 230 lbs (104 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Singlet, briefs

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Darkhan is recommended by Qwertyyy123

Really tough and strong! Enjoyed our match! He's kind and very accommodating! Totally recommend



Qwertyyy123 is recommended by Darkhan

Had a great match with Querty, tough, strong and very agile. We were closely matched. Both competitive and hold trades were excellent.
Talked plenty afterwards as well and he is a very nice guy [and hot to boot].
I highly recommend him and hope for a rematch soon.



Darkhan is recommended by Vicious

I wrestled Darkhan and he is pretty strong. He knows how to put you into various submission holds from wich it is pretty hard to escape. On the mat he is a fierceful opponent and he play safe. He is also very nice to talk with after the match. I will definitely meet him again.

I recommend this heel to anyone into submission matches.



Vicious is recommended by Darkhan

Wrestled Vicious, and he's a strong opponent on the mat, and a very nice guy as well. Would wrestle again (and probably will).



Darkhan is recommended by Headscissorsguy

Met Darkhan at his place in Laval and I must say that he is a very nice man and a great host for a match but also a great wrestler with lots of knowledge in holds.
If you enjoy headscissors you are in for a treat. He had me in multiples variations of headscissors from which I just could not escape. He headscissored me for over an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it.
If you travel to Montreal be sure to meet him. I highly recommend him and hope to experience his headscissors again.



Darkhan is recommended by eman170

Met up with Darkhan and boy it was fun!

A really strong and tough guy on the mat but off the mat a real nice guy to chat with!

Looking forward to more meetings!



eman170 is recommended by Darkhan

Met up with Eman170. And although our match was very one-sided, had a good time. Very nice guy off the mat. Our meet was half wrestling and half coaching.

Eman170 is definitely more of a roleplay type of wrestler than competitive, and he pulls it off quite well.



Darkhan is recommended by Switch777

A great guy. Strong and knowledgeable of wrestling holds. Can even improvise and think up unique holds on the fly. Not afraid of putting some extra muscle in but doesn't take it too far. An excellent heel.



Switch777 is recommended by Darkhan

A great jobber that isn't afraid to try to turn things around on you, and a hot guy to boot. I wrestle him regularly and I highly recommend him for anyone who's looking for a fun time on the mats.



Darkhan is recommended by lb200

Darkhan is one tough opponent! We were pretty much evenly matched and all my scissors were worthless against him :`) His scissors are very effective and you need to think fast. If you stay too long in them, you'll be giving him an easy submission.

Good upper and lower body defense, excellent improvisation skills, strong fighter, very nice guy with great personality. He will often check that you're okay during the match :) which shows that despite his sheer strength, he's also there to protect you and have fun.



lb200 is recommended by Darkhan

Well what can I say about LB :) Great guy, and a very tough wrestler.
Don't let him size fool you, he's one tough nut to crack and his leg strength is just incredible.

Had a blast with him both on and just chilling afterwards. I heartily recommend him and will definitely wrestle him again, and again :)