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Older, slightly disabled here looking for guys who like an audience for their fights. Am OK with tape traders and fantasists too but like to know what's for real and what's not! Am into all kinds of combat but ideally prefer to spectate action tougher than what I used to do myself. Proper self-pic available if relevant! I hate to let people down and would never leave anyone out of pocket. Have changed my favourites so that, with two exceptions, they now include only guys whose fights I have actually attended so know to be real. Things can get busy work-wise between mid-March and mid-September. At other times will travel beyond London area when appropriate.



  1. United Kingdom, London (south)
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Age: 60-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: n/a

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DaveLon is recommended by Tynesider

Thanks to Dave for helping to arrange my match with Jayboy at Walthamstow on April 27th.

Without his help it would never have happened.



DaveLon is recommended by Ben skull stephens

24th august 2017
I wish to thank Dave for arranging my pro heel vs jobber at Walthamstow this evening the jobber who I fought is a good fighting back wrestler .
The match was a nice hard fought bout full of lots of my arsenal of holds , plus I was able to put my pro training to good use , so I thank Dave for arranging the evening .

I wish to thank Davelon for a great evening at Walthamstow pro ring 03rd April 2017 , he arranged for me to wrestle a young jobber who did what he said on the tin a great professional jobber who took lots of punishment, standing boston, fig four leg locks, head scissors incorporating the stump puller the back breaker , a good racking over my shoulders and came;l clutch, Davelon is truly an amazing arranger of an event and it went smoothly, a true gentleman in the sense of the word , knows how to entertain and make the show run smoothly.which it did.
after we had an interesting time with Dave in Walthamstow village visiting what I can only call something out of The Avengers television series which the dynamics vary greatly from from Hoe street, Walthamstow to the village all in all a fantastic evening
So thanks Dave hopefully heres to future meets.



DaveLon is recommended by Squashlad

I have wrestled in matches that DaveLon has organized for us, and can happily vouch for him being a genuine, down-to-earth bloke who is generous with his time in arranging matches for guys whom he'd like to see wrestle and who makes for a good audience for those matches. He's also genuine in his enthusiasm for putting up stakes for guys for whom that might be an appropriate motivator! Interesting guy to chat to as well, about wrestling and life outside wrestling [¿Que?], so drop him a line if you want to wrestle the sorts of guys on his profile.
05/11/2016: Make that extremely generous. There's no way I'd get matches with some of the amazing guys that DaveLon sponsors without his intervention. Thanks mate!



Square Mile Bloke is recommended by DaveLon

My fighting days are over but can recommend K from the old days!



subwrestler2 is recommended by DaveLon

Possibly the finest wrestler I have ever seen in realtime action, certainly up there with the very best!



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by DaveLon

Experienced lightweight who only seems to get better. Have seen him fight in a range of styles and to suit different preferences. Well worth catching on his international travels, especially if you like it pretty rough!



gazst is recommended by DaveLon

Likes to take punishment but can fight back too. Nice guy



Londonlatino is recommended by DaveLon

Ultra-reliable and experienced lightweight into wide variety of scenes from purist pro to pretty rough.



MCRLON30UK is recommended by DaveLon

Aggressive guy who improves all the time.



fitman is recommended by DaveLon

Seconded. Fitman is also in amazing shape for his age!



FighterGuyy is recommended by DaveLon

lovely guy, great fighter too!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by DaveLon

one of the best!