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  1. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
    Place of residence


42-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 179 lbs (81 kg)

Gear: speedos, jocks, singlets, boots and more


Been taking a break, looking forward to meeting for bouts in wrestling and fighting.
mild to wild.



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Edwrestle is recommended by Mr D Pro

Met Edwrestle a few years back when he kindly hosted me in Edinburgh. He is a tough bloke who knows what he is doing. Very safe and sane and friendly. No hesitation in recommending.



Edwrestle is recommended by tartanmac

I met Edwrestle a few years ago was a great host very kind.
Great fighter,,good wrestler and enjoys a punch up.
Won’t disappoint.



Edwrestle is recommended by subscapuk

May be not the easiest guy to meet but well worth the wait. Hes fit strong and capable of putting up a great fight. He has all the gear and every idea. If you have the chance to meet and want a good hard scrap then go ahead and fight him



Edwrestle is recommended by luttefrance

Been after this chap for a while, and finally found ourselves in the same city. Lack of space limited options, but we managed a good submission grapple with taps on both sides. Edwrestle has a formidable base - so best not let him get on top. Knows a few holds, is strong and can move fast too when he needs to. Great way to spend a saturday winter's morning, and thanks for rearranging your weekend to make the meet possible. Definitely want a rematch some time.



luttefrance is recommended by Edwrestle

Luttefrance is a genuine easygoing guy. No difficulties in arranging to wrestle , accommodating and skilled.
Good conversation off the mat and a superb opponent on the mat.
If you get the opportunity to take him on don’t miss out. Highly recommended.



Edwrestle is recommended by arm triangle

Met this guy a number of times now. Always a fantastic host and a really good hard competitive match. Thoroughly recommended to anyone thinking of taking him on!



arm triangle is recommended by Edwrestle

Arm Triangle is a great opponent and a good bloke. He always meets when agreed, is on time, clean, fit and ready to get it on,
Always a pleasure to fight and he gets my full recommendation. Take him on if you can.



Edwrestle is recommended by Tynesider

I had a great scrap with John. He's a strong, tough man and can dish out as much as he takes.
Due to the distance between us we met midway and fought in some woods. We started off with some mauling and verbal then the fight began in earnest when we went to the ground. We both took a hammering over several rounds but then the drizzle started and the scrap turned into a muddy oil match. Unfortunately rain stopped play before a winner could be decided.
I'd say we were evenly matched on the day. I need a rematch so i can test myself against him when we both remain dry. I am ready anytime he is. I recommend John very highly; take him on if you get a chance.



Tynesider is recommended by Edwrestle

Tynesider is a tough competitor and delivers a solid bout. Genuine and friendly before and after, clean, sane and easy going guy. Looking forward to a second meet with him.
If you get the opportunity to take him on then do so. Highly Recommended.



Edwrestle is recommended by wreskev1

Have had a few hard grapples with Jon. Really enjoy taking him on. Always guaranteed a long, hard, sweaty scarps in all sorts of tight gear.
Highly recommended, take him on if you get the chance



wreskev1 is recommended by Edwrestle

Solid hard fighter. Open to styles, gear and intensity. Highly recommend.