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Age 54
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 159 lbs (72 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Gear Squares, speedo, jock
Languages spoken English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
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  1. France, Villefranche-de-Rouergue
  2. United Kingdom, London
    (I'm here between 1/29/2023 and 3/12/2023)
  3. France, Toulouse
    (I'm here between 1/28/2023 and 1/29/2023)

I am willing to travel 200 kilometers

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Face sitting

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Lutte libre, grappling, jjb (débutant), avec ou sans coups. Compétitif ou fun mais pas de pro. +/- 6kg de préférence. J'ai 12m de tatami chez moi. Suis 40mn du A20 si de passage.

Freestyle/submission grappler. Beginner in bjj nogi. Can be fun or competitive, with or without punching - but no interest in pro. Prefer opponents within +/-6kg. Have mats in France


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luttefrance is recommended by meccoolviril

Sympathique lutteur expérimenté parfois rugueux dans les prises au corps à corps qui provoquent quelques douleurs, mais sait rester attentif au partenaire.
Reçu dans une agréable bâtisse d'un petit hameau au paysage hyper sympa.
Après 2h de lutte acharnée un moment de discussion sur les techniques de lutte autour d'un café. Merci pour l'accueil et prendre la revanche lors d'autre rencontre.



meccoolviril is recommended by luttefrance

Il porte bien son pseudo - il est cool, et viril. Gentiment dévié de son trajet pour m'affronter, il a montré ses instincts d'ancien judoka avec force et énergie. On a roulé 2h presque sans arrêt, il restait coriace et agressif comme j'aime. Une bonne suée et quelques courbatures portent témoin au combat. A rencontrer sans hésitation.



luttefrance is recommended by ladron fr

Nous avons enfin pu nous affronter. L'envie etait mutuelle et reciproque. Nous avons bien roulé, soumissions, immobilisations, renversements, blocages, transpiration, force et muscles, le combo pour une excellente soirée de bagarre.
À renouveller rapidement.



ladron fr is recommended by luttefrance

Enfin! J'attends des années cette rencontre, et j'ai pas été déçu - pourtant il est monté 2 fois en ceinture entretemps donc j'aurais dû tenter au début ! Un super gars, très adepte de jjb mais capable de s'adapter complètement à tout adversaire et toujours avec bon humour, même en me donnant une bonne raclée 😆. Et il aime bien en recevoir aussi 😉



luttefrance is recommended by Wrestighter

Luttefrance was an incredibly strong and capable wrestler, but he could also be very gentle when he needed to be. He showed me a few good moves and we had a good chat over coffee.
I wouldn't hesitate I recommending this guy, if you can meet him, do! I hope we will have a chance to meet again soon for round 2.



Wrestighter is recommended by luttefrance

We'd been chatting for some time but this meet was easy to set up and he arrived on time. Strong young guy with big thick legs which would've given me some trouble if he'd managed to get them round me. Strong arms too, which I took care to neutralise while in mount. If we'd had proper mat space his defence would probably have been more effective, and he could've used his weight advantage against me. Once I took control I really had to fight the urge to beat him up but he's just too nice! Lovely guy and great company when I wasn't choking or ambarring him.



madridwrestler is recommended by luttefrance

Finally, after years of challenges and missed opportunities, the stars aligned and I got to fight this guy - and what a fight! We're almost identically matched in age, size and build. he has more experience in bjj, i have more in wrestling. there was a lot of handfighting, arm bars, chokes and some especially effective leglocks from him. we went back and forth, each dominating the other at times, both getting taps, neither wanting to concede, which made for some prolonged and humiliating holds, slaps and punches. 2 hours in it felt like we were just getting warmed up, and i'm sure we could have gone on for hours more. i loved it and want more - we need to settle this so when you're ready you know where to find me!



luttefrance is recommended by Mister80

An enjoyable and testing match, not to mention a sweaty one! Good holds, combat and give and take. A friendly host. I think we'll be battling again.



Mister80 is recommended by luttefrance

After a string of fights with heavier guys it was a pleasure to meet mister80 for an even match: same size and skill level, we agreed to start easy but being both competitive it soon got heated. Armbars, chokes, leglocks, fig4s flowed with taps in both sides. I loved feeling his strong body on and under me, and his resistance to submitting made for some long, grinding holds as we both struggled to make each other tap. Great fight, great guy. Can't wait to get back on the mats with him.



luttefrance is recommended by LondonExplorer

Had a great couple of hours with luttefrance today. Generous with his time, sharing his experience, offering great tips and technique as well as encouragement! Great to get back on the mats again and great to have done it with this fella. Knowledgeable, fit, strong and great off the mats too. Look forward to meeting him again. Fully recommend a meet with him if you have the chance.



LondonExplorer is recommended by luttefrance

This guy's a gem: strong (unbreakable grip), great body, uses his long arms and legs very effectively, good instinctive grappler. He says he's a beginner but he's had some experience, just lacks technique. He picked up everything i showed him and used it on me immediately. Lovely guy too. Go get him before he gets some training!



finest is recommended by luttefrance

Finest, as his name implies, is in a class of his own. He's in great shape (incredible legs), is a strong, capable grappler and has seemingly inexhaustible energy. But what really sets him apart is his unique combination of aggressive spirit and capacity for fun - he just loves wrestling opponents as a way of getting to know them. I can honestly say i've never fought anyone quite like him.

Any aggression in our fight was safe, negotiated, welcomed and employed with care and good humour.

2 hours flew by, and we could have gone on. I wish we'd met years ago!



luttefrance is recommended by matchup

Organised the room, turned up on time, good communication throughout, and gave a good fight.
There’s not many on here you can say that about. Highly recommended



matchup is recommended by luttefrance

This was my ideal match: the buildup was hot, without exaggerated trash talk; we spent most of it in walthamstow's new padded fight pit; my opponent's in superb physical and mental condition, a highly trained, skilled and safe/sane fighter who comes on hard and pushes you to give back just as hard. It was the most challenging encounter I've had in recent years, albeit totally safe and sane, and while it was humbling and often painful I had to love the experience of facing a true warrior in his prime. Hopefully I'll get the chance to improve on that performance one day, but in the meantime if he calls you out don't miss the chance - you will not be sorry.



FightFan is recommended by luttefrance

big strong handsome bloke likes nothing more than watching some mma then gearing up and getting stuck in - can't think of a better way to spend the evening



luttefrance is recommended by Jock wrestler

I met this bloke yesterday abs even from the firm handshake and his right physique I knew I was in for a real brawl, don’t let his modesty fool you he is skilled and strong moves to any level packs a mean punch so wear gloves.
If you get the chance face off this guy and you won’t be disappointed trust me



Jock wrestler is recommended by luttefrance

It took a while to arrange, but this fight was totally worth it: escalating challenges, an intense faceoff and we got right into it, punching and choking from the getgo. Jock wrestler has a body of steel, making it very hard to apply limb locks, and we really needed more space to throw each other around. Next time - definitely on mats. Highly recommended if you're looking for a real brawl.



luttefrance is recommended by cupidity23

Had an amazing and very sweaty session with Luttefrance. He has a lot of experience in different martial arts and his technique shows. He is also very strong and my instincts had to take over a number of times. Was nice enough to tell me a few things that I wasn't quite doing right and how to become a more effective grappler (this being my second fight). Off the mats, he's intelligent, gentle and is way deeper than his ability to grapple suggests. If you get a chance, and he's in your area, hit him up.



cupidity23 is recommended by luttefrance

Had a great workout with this guy: he's a runner and triathlete with powerful legs, but his arms are pretty strong too. He's naturally competitive and has good instincts, just needs some technique to become an effective grappler - and this was only his 2nd fight! We're close in stats, which made him the perfect opponent for groundwork. And he looks great in his speedos.... if he calls you out, go get you some cupidity



luttefrance is recommended by Manc Man

Dave was one of the very first people I met for private wrestling, he came to Manchester from London. I was kinda in awe (those blue eyes) and he packs a singlet well. Can't remember who won but, who cares! Gorgeous bloke.



Manc Man is recommended by luttefrance

Dave and I go way back: during my amateur wrestling days he was lucky enough to live near the national training centre, and used to send me news clippings about the squad (remember time before the internet?!) He was working as a bouncer, and his rough and ready streetfighting style was miles from the technical grappling I was used to, but we made it work. He's a lovely guy, and needless to say a safe and versatile wrestler, and it's a privilege to know him



luttefrance is recommended by luttecombat

Après avoir fait connaissance avec LutteFrance, nous voici face à face sur le tatamis. Dés les premiers instants j'ai compris que j'avais face à moi une personne qui voulait en découdre. Bien que j'eus la possibilité de lui faire apprécier mes ciseaux de cuisses et malgré notre différence de poids, il m'a donné du fil à retordre et je me suis retrouvé dans des situations critiques ce dernier en profitant pour l’asséner de coups de points (gants MMA) dans les côtes afin de me faire abandonner. Notre rencontre fut sportive avec pour seul répit nous hydrater. Luttefrance aime la confrontation, il respecte ses engagements. A bientôt.



luttecombat is recommended by luttefrance

Avec sa tête de taureau et ses bras et jambes de rugbyman, il est bien fort ce gars. Normalement j'affronte pas les poids lourds, mais il vient de s'installer dans le coin donc faut l'accueillir. Enfin c'était moi accueilli, notamment entre ses cuisses de fer! Faut pas lui ceder le dessus, et une fois gagné il s'y tient. J'ai réussi à résister parfois, et même faire taper. Super gentil, il applique ses prises avec juste assez de force sinon il m'aurait cassé. Par contre il aime cogner - ancien boxeur - et là tu peux y aller. Bienvenu en aveyron!



luttefrance is recommended by fran32sp

Had a great match with this gentleman, my bed wasn't probably the best place to do so, even though, it was great to have him around. He likes to play safe, as I do. Highly recommended.



fran32sp is recommended by luttefrance

Having challenged me on another site fran was worried he might have bitten off more than he could chew! But we negotiated his limits carefully and kept the action fairly playful, though he felt comfortable enough to up the intensity and initiate some limited strikes.

Fit (looks great in his speedo), scrappy and energetic, once he acquires some grappling technique and gets more familiar with being on top he promises to be a challenge for his weight class.



luttefrance is recommended by Edwrestle

Luttefrance is a genuine easygoing guy. No difficulties in arranging to wrestle , accommodating and skilled.
Good conversation off the mat and a superb opponent on the mat.
If you get the opportunity to take him on don’t miss out. Highly recommended.



Edwrestle is recommended by luttefrance

Been after this chap for a while, and finally found ourselves in the same city. Lack of space limited options, but we managed a good submission grapple with taps on both sides. Edwrestle has a formidable base - so best not let him get on top. Knows a few holds, is strong and can move fast too when he needs to. Great way to spend a saturday winter's morning, and thanks for rearranging your weekend to make the meet possible. Definitely want a rematch some time.



luttefrance is recommended by st7

This guy was willing to drive for four hours just to fight me. A man of his word and as reliable as they come. Luttefrance likes to fight and likes to win. Competitive and strong, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody who wants a challenge: this guy means business and is getting back into wrestling and fighting. For all his cockiness and aggression he’s a really nice guy off the mats. Great conversationalist and an enthusiast of many things other than fighting which is obviously a great passion we share. He also arranged for me to fight his bud Solidman and he made it happen. I think we’ll be fighting more in the future and getting each other into trouble. So happy to have met you man!



st7 is recommended by luttefrance

Still reeling from the last couple of hours fighting this awesome guy (i'd be there now if he hadn't kicked me out to go to dinner with his boss!). He's the complete package: serious strength, skill but above all a supreme warrior's mindset, passionate about fighting and puts 100% into it. He'll go as rough as you want (and he really likes to go rough) but totally safe and sane. Great set up, a very considerate host, and brilliant company. Really grateful he took time out from his busy schedule to meet, and can't wait to do it again - hopefully with more (any!) success on my part next time.



luttefrance is recommended by Butane

Rugged, friendly, straight forward, arrived at short notice and loves his wrestling! What’s not to like? I think I may have benefitted from being his second match of the day. But it was great to get down to a proper wrestle with a proper man. I’m claiming victory - a closely fought 3:2. But it was sweaty, strong, tough and evenly matched. Next time we need a mat room so I can throw you big man. Bring on the rematch to prove this wasn’t a fluke. Highly recommended.



Butane is recommended by luttefrance

Found ourselves waiting for flights with some time to kill.... let's fight. Second of the day for me, but as competitive as the space allowed. Don't believe his line about being skinny and untrained: this guy is tough, with steel tendons, and strong. great use of bodyweight and can tie up arms and legs with his long limbs. And he's super aggressive and competitive - total change from his softspoken appearance. His fight face when in control is something to see.... Watch out MF, he's starting bjj classes soon so will be even tougher to sub. Great guy, good company too.



bcnlucha is recommended by luttefrance

This guy is fit, strong and has great competitive spirit. When i got the first tap he came back like a beast and raised his game - it didn't go so well for me after that! He has a good mat space at home and is very easy to meet. I wish we could have had longer - next time man!



luttefrance is recommended by JUDOMARS

Ah quelle suée!!... encore un autre beau combat pour moi, je reviens les mecs !... David est quelqu'un de puissant des cuisses et des bras, ce fut un pur régal que de s'empoigner par tous les bouts, avec force et une brutalité charmante... on ne s'est pas épargné. Nos corps de même gabarits se sont bien rentrés dedans ! grande complicité immédiate, et belle énergie partagée en deux heures de sueurs mâles pur jus. Il lutte pour avoir le dessus, ça tombe bien, moi aussi... Exister c'est vivre avec intensité. Deux lutteurs sur un même tapis, ça rend la vie très intense, très animale... C'est ce que je recherche sur ce site. Avec David, je n'ai pas été déçu, que du bon ! ensuite on a bien aimé tous les deux le côté "bagarre" de nos heures luttées.... et puis, oui, l'ivresse de sentir nos grosses cuisses se cadenasser.... arghhhhh!!!... MERCI! et à très bientôt.



JUDOMARS is recommended by luttefrance

Pourquoi j'ai attendu si longtemps pour affronter ce guerrier sur ses tapis, je sais pas - même la soirée après, le corps épuisé et les douleurs suite à notre combat déjà evident, je ressens qu'une enorme satisfaction d'avoir passé un moment exceptionnel avec un lutteur hors de commun. Pas besoin dire - ses témoins sont si nombreux - mais oui c'est vrai: il est fort, il est expert, il est magnifique. Tout ça je sais, mais le mieux c'est te connaître. Mon ami, j'ai adoré ton aggression, ta camaraderie et complicité en combat. A très bientôt la reprise (même si j'en ai vraiment besoin 2x par semaine minimum!)



luttefrance is recommended by blackwrestleruk

I met luttefrance many years ago in the UK for a wrestle and was surprised how good he was on the mats. He was very fit and had good technique. At that time he made me work hard. We had an enjoyable match. I hope we can wrestle again at some point.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by luttefrance

We fought many years ago but he makes a powerful impression. When you first meet it's "what a lovely guy". When he strips to speedos it's more like "what a beast - i'm fucked!". But he manages to be both, so the experience is hugely enjoyable and memorable.



Toughwrestler is recommended by luttefrance

Yann s'est gentiment dévié de sa route pour m'affronter, et on s'est vite mis à l'épreuve, jjb contre lutte libre. Fort et tenace, il applique des prises fortes, surtout avec ses jambes. Malheureusement l'espace - et surtout la surface - n'a pas permis un bon rapport de forces et de techniques, donc à reprendre sur le tapis.



luttefrance is recommended by Grappler34

Très belle rencontre avec luttefrance. L'espace de lutte ne lui a pas permis de réaliser toute sa technique offensive et il en a pourtant; mais très bonne posture pour se défendre. Il est humble car de la force il en a aussi. Oui on a bien sué. J'espère que tu reviendras à Montpellier. Merci de m'avoir reçu,amigo! lutte en nocturne pas désagréable du tout



Grappler34 is recommended by luttefrance

C'est un taureau! Très fort, surtout au torse, peu de formation mais il est surtout naturel. On a sué dès le début, et malheureusement une chambre d'hôtel suffisait pas donc à refaire sur tapis.

Mec génial, très facile à rencontrer malgré l'heure tardive (merci mon ami).



luttefrance is recommended by Ftlfightr

Great to reconnect with this amazing Londoner! Truly a fun, strong & aggressive fight at a interesting venue. Great fun. Highly recommend and hope to see him soon.



Ftlfightr is recommended by luttefrance

This guy....must be 20 years or more, gave me my most memorable fight ever. And not just cos we got caught in our jocks at my local matroom.

He's the total package: solid freestyle background, amazing athletic ability, smart, sexy and able to perfectly match his opponent's level of skill and aggression - and then take it up a notch.

If we lived closer (hell, i'd settle for the same continent) i'm sure we'd still be wrestling. If you get the chance, meet him. I'm thankful I did.



luttefrance is recommended by abradtner

luttefrance is a big and trained freestyle/submission grappler whereas I am a small and untrained one. Due to the different in size and grappling background, I know that I hardly have a chance defeating him. I spent most of the time defending, just as long as I could, but actually not for long. He knows how to use his size, his experienced to overpower me. Luckily, I made him tap one; and I knew that he just wanted to test my strength, otherwise I couldn't do that. He's a rough fighter on the mat and a friendly friend off the match.



abradtner is recommended by luttefrance

Small he may be, but power-packed from head to toe: he bravely took me on despite a huge weight difference, and put up a great fight, at one point cranking on a vicious side headlock which pretty quickly had me tapping. He looks great in trunks, and is a lovely guy too. Thanks for the insights into regional Vietnam, and I hope we wrestle again some day.



muscleken is recommended by luttefrance

Good, aggressive fighter likes to dish it out but can take it too. Safe/sane with it.