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Trained freestyle/submission grappler. Prefer opponents +/-6kg.

Looking for training partner or coach.

No interest in pro though, sorry guys



  1. France, Camarès
  2. United Kingdom, London
    (I'm here between 9/10/2019 and 9/18/2019)
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Gear: slip/speedo/singlet/short

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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fran32sp is recommended by luttefrance

Having challenged me on another site fran was worried he might have bitten off more than he could chew! But we negotiated his limits carefully and kept the action fairly playful, though he felt comfortable enough to up the intensity and initiate some limited strikes.

Fit (looks great in his speedo), scrappy and energetic, once he acquires some grappling technique and gets more familiar with being on top he promises to be a challenge for his weight class.



luttefrance is recommended by blackwrestleruk

I met luttefrance many years ago in the UK for a wrestle and was surprised how good he was on the mats. He was very fit and had good technique. At that time he made me work hard. We had an enjoyable match. I hope we can wrestle again at some point.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by luttefrance

We fought many years ago but he makes a powerful impression. When you first meet it's "what a lovely guy". When he strips to speedos it's more like "what a beast - i'm fucked!". But he manages to be both, so the experience is hugely enjoyable and memorable.



Ardis22 is not recommended by luttefrance

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2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by luttefrance

Yann s'est gentiment dévié de sa route pour m'affronter, et on s'est vite mis à l'épreuve, jjb contre lutte libre. Fort et tenace, il applique des prises fortes, surtout avec ses jambes. Malheureusement l'espace - et surtout la surface - n'a pas permis un bon rapport de forces et de techniques, donc à reprendre sur le tapis.



luttefrance is recommended by Grappler34

Très belle rencontre avec luttefrance. L'espace de lutte ne lui a pas permis de réaliser toute sa technique offensive et il en a pourtant; mais très bonne posture pour se défendre. Il est humble car de la force il en a aussi. Oui on a bien sué. J'espère que tu reviendras à Montpellier. Merci de m'avoir reçu,amigo! lutte en nocturne pas désagréable du tout



Grappler34 is recommended by luttefrance

C'est un taureau! Très fort, surtout au torse, peu de formation mais il est surtout naturel. On a sué dès le début, et malheureusement une chambre d'hôtel suffisait pas donc à refaire sur tapis.

Mec génial, très facile à rencontrer malgré l'heure tardive (merci mon ami).



luttefrance is recommended by Ftlfightr

Great to reconnect with this amazing Londoner! Truly a fun, strong & aggressive fight at a interesting venue. Great fun. Highly recommend and hope to see him soon.



Ftlfightr is recommended by luttefrance

This guy....must be 20 years or more, gave me my most memorable fight ever. And not just cos we got caught in our jocks at my local matroom.

He's the total package: solid freestyle background, amazing athletic ability, smart, sexy and able to perfectly match his opponent's level of skill and aggression - and then take it up a notch.

If we lived closer (hell, i'd settle for the same continent) i'm sure we'd still be wrestling. If you get the chance, meet him. I'm thankful I did.



luttefrance is recommended by abradtner

luttefrance is a big and trained freestyle/submission grappler whereas I am a small and untrained one. Due to the different in size and grappling background, I know that I hardly have a chance defeating him. I spent most of the time defending, just as long as I could, but actually not for long. He knows how to use his size, his experienced to overpower me. Luckily, I made him tap one; and I knew that he just wanted to test my strength, otherwise I couldn't do that. He's a rough fighter on the mat and a friendly friend off the match.



abradtner is recommended by luttefrance

Small he may be, but power-packed from head to toe: he bravely took me on despite a huge weight difference, and put up a great fight, at one point cranking on a vicious side headlock which pretty quickly had me tapping. He looks great in trunks, and is a lovely guy too. Thanks for the insights into regional Vietnam, and I hope we wrestle again some day.



luttefrance is recommended by Subfighter02

Excellent scrap with this strong opponent. I'm new to this all and he made me feel very comfortable. He offered some good advice around safety considerations would advise anyone to meet with this gentleman.



Subfighter02 is recommended by luttefrance

Great lightweight scrapper who's much stronger than he looks. Easy to arrange a meet, turned up on time. Through the door and straight into the ruck: likes it very rough and can give it back. Good defence, can take long holds without submitting. Aggressive, with good sense of balance & position, especially on the ground. Cool guy too. Hope to fight him again.



luttefrance is recommended by OttBattle

A very, very powerful wrestler with all-round excellent strength. We met and wrestled several years ago in London UK before events dispersed us to other parts of the world, but I still remember the power of this very capable opponent!



OttBattle is recommended by luttefrance

We fought years ago but i can still remember - feel - those massive legs wrapped round me. He's like a force of nature, with a grip that tightens slowly but steadily and pretty irresistibly. Great wrestler's build, and fills out a speedo like few others.



luttefrance is recommended by BacktotheMatsTX

I meet luttefrance in London over a decade ago. I was still living in Mexico City. I remember looking at his profile and pics and saying "Now, this guy I have to wrestle," and he did not disappointed me. Very down to Earth personality paired with such a great physique.
He was also a great host, showing me local places around. I just wish his injury would have allowed us to wrestle just a bit more. I guess it is never too late for a rematch? I'll be more than willing to have one with him at any time!



BacktotheMatsTX is recommended by luttefrance

This guy is worth crossing continents to wrestle: a real powerhouse on the mats, with natural balance and sense of leverage, and a classic grappler's physique. He's also a lovely guy. Thanks to the gods of Meetfighters for putting us back in touch.



muscleken is recommended by luttefrance

Good, aggressive fighter likes to dish it out but can take it too. Safe/sane with it.