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  1. Canada - Quebec, Québec

I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


36-year-old Male / 5'5" (166 cm) / 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Thong


Bodybuilder here looking for hot action! Open minded here.



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Fightbodybuilder is recommended by vangcuver

Had a great match with Fightbodybuilder. Super nice, good conversation en Francais et l'Anglais. Very muscular guy. Recommended.



GiveMeABearhug is recommended by Fightbodybuilder

GiveMeABearhug is a really Nice, cute, fit muscle and strong body... a fucking hot guy! have a lot of fun with him. Everybody must give him à message if you pass in Montréal. You will not regret that.



Fightbodybuilder is recommended by commandertc

This stud is complete muscle!!! He is so strong it was.amxing to fight him. It was a hot sweaty hardcore match with absolutely real pressure moves and gut punishment. Was freaking amazing people.. you get a chance to wrestle this beast don't pass it up. Off the mats he is a true gentlemen. Came and picked me up and dropped me back off at my hotel.. we will definitely battle again my friend. Thank you for the action stud.



commandertc is recommended by Fightbodybuilder

Commandertc is a really cute baby face guy! You will cannot resist to his charm. Very well skilled, he knows how apply wrestling move ho ya! Do t hesite to call him for a match: u will don't regret!
Wait u for a few match bro!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Fightbodybuilder

Marcwrestler is a must in wrestling. He has no more proof to give. Nice, cute and sexy guy, i really liked wrestling with him and ready for a lot of matches! His videos work cannot be overlooked!



Fightbodybuilder is recommended by BenMonaco

Have wrestled fightbodybuilder many times over the years (in fact, he was my first real match). Always a great time and a great opponent 😊 he can crush you badly or let himself be squashed. Either way, always a hot match! Highly recommended you wrestle him when you get the chance 💪😊



BenMonaco is recommended by Fightbodybuilder

Very great and sexy guy for wrestle. Anyone get in Montréal must send him a will not regret!


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