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Stepping back and re-evaluating staying on this site. My travel is so limited and locals must think I have the plague or something. Anyway good luck to everyone. I hope you find good matches and fun times. That’s all I ever wanted.
Honestly, this site is both fulfilling and frustrating. Oh to be young, slender, and fit again. Maybe I wouldn't get blocked for saying hello LOL. When I was young I didn't know who I was or have the confidence to compete. Only later in life at 54, did I discover myself and a passion for grappling. Then through friends met on this site I began my journey.
I'm just a regular guy, overly competitive with a smart mouth and attitude to match. I'm fun and determined win, lose, or draw. Will I be a challenge for you? Only one way to find out...let's roll!
I currently train jiu jitsu on average twice a week sometimes more, rank, Blue belt. So I know a few things. I'm competitive but not a competitor, for me it's about mutual fun. Travel is limited for me due to time, distance, and scheduling requirements, but more than willing to plan if in your area. Thanks again to all and good wrestling. Let's get sweaty!

Message me and say hello. Thanks



  1. USA - North Carolina, Hickory
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Georgia, Atlanta
    (I'm here between 3/25/2019 and 3/28/2019)
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 225 lbs (102 kg)

Gear: Gi, Shorts, Briefs, Jocks

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JM28601 is recommended by carolina wrestler

Great opponent! He was punctual for the match and we had a great time rolling on the mat. He was a strong opponent and we had an outstanding match each testing the strength of each other. I recommend this gentleman to others if he is in your area.



carolina wrestler is recommended by JM28601

It's been awhile since we met on the mats and got sweaty together. What I remember was fun, fun, fun. Carolina had a large mat space and was ready and waiting when I arrived. Just when I thought I had something...Boom a reversal. Absolute fun and highly recommend...maybe with my jiu jitsu training I stand a better chance next time. Thanks



JM28601 is recommended by BEEFBOY31

Definitely reliable strong as an ox and albeit , a late entrant to the world of BJJ and submission grappling he picks up stuff really well!!
Definitinitely worth meeting up.



BEEFBOY31 is recommended by JM28601

Tough, strong, easy on the eyes, and a good wrestler too. Fun back and forth match with this Stud who was good enough to work me into his busy schedule. We need to finds some good open mat space and settle this... LOL Don’t miss an opportunity to take him on. Courteous, prompt, all round good guy, Thank you Champ!



JM28601 is recommended by kyo1989

Definitely had a great time with this solid bear; he was easy to schedule with and a great guy to roll around and hang out with afterwards.



kyo1989 is recommended by JM28601

Fun, energetic, and challenging our match was light-hearted fun both us both! His pics don’t do him justice... much better in person. Grrrrrr!

Hit him up and get sweaty!



dbjay is recommended by JM28601

It's been a few years... tough and determined. He took lots of punishment and kept wanting more. Get Guy on and off the mats... it's time to show him who's boss again soon.



JM28601 is recommended by Want2fight

I grappled with Jeff on his Birthday. Had a great time with him. He is always game for a match and open to learning!
Off the mats, Jeff is a really great man! Kind, compassionate and quite a conversationalist! Glad he is my friend!



Want2fight is recommended by JM28601

It's been an adventure of a lifetime and it started years ago when I grappled for the first time. I had agreed to a match with ATLFight and when I arrived got a bonus. Michael was there visiting. Nervous but excited I hit the mats... it was brutal and I have the bruises to prove it. This was the day I learned two things: size doesn't matter and jiu jitsu works. Michael is a skilled fighter! Don't let his size and calm good natured demeanor fool you. Be ready to battle!

Off the mats Michael is an amazing friend. Thank you Michael for starting me on my jiu jitsu journey and years of friendship.



JM28601 is recommended by Atlfight

Jeff is a tough and determined grappler – taking classes and improving his skill set. If you get the chance to meet him on the mats you will have a good solid match!



Atlfight is recommended by JM28601

It's been a few years ago and we've met a few times.
My first true grappling was amazing. Stan is a powerful experienced grappler and fighter yet knows control. He taught and I learned...bruises and all. Thank you Buddy!