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Age 38
Height 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight 203 lbs (92 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Singlets, sq.cuts, boxer-briefs, Speedo, Jocks, Nude
Languages spoken English
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  1. Canada - Ontario, Mississauga

I am willing to travel 150 kilometers

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Sumo Sumo
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Taekwondo

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Hey guys
Casual wrestler here, as long as the match is semi-competitive, strong, aggressive and fun. Primarily interested in the fantasy of primal, alpha v. alpha, submission battle for superiority; with rough competitive erotics taunting, trash talk.
Am always open and adaptable to style preferences and am happy to accommodate.
A good sweaty back and forth/give and take battle, slowly wearing each rival down in to submission/humiliation and an alpha is determined

I do have a bf who's very much open and supportive to wrestling and watching me fight with you! Which may open things up, mutually agreed upon!
You can find him here:

Trash talk and erotics are great bonuses!

Safe sane only, boundaries and limits always respected
Looking for great friendship's with plenty of wrestling together

Be safe and restful out there guys!


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JjRwrestle is recommended by ZeakMartin

Justin is a super personable down to earth guy who I felt comfortable right away. His partner is warm and inviting. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for a fun match with a tag team for all kinds. Looking forward to many more encounters!



ZeakMartin is recommended by JjRwrestle

Have been chatting with for a bit of time now
Had him over for a match up, don't let his soft jobber demeanor fool ya, he's definitely quick, strong and aggressive!

Definitely recommended for a match with anyone, and this was only the first of many to come



JjRwrestle is recommended by Beef Supreme

Had a really long and fun match with this fighter! He has a strong body with great explosive strength that was fun to contend with. I love fighters with good stamina and this guy had plenty. Just when I thought he had enough we would start fighting again, and we probably could have kept fighting if we didn’t have things to do. We had a lot of time to talk as well, and I can honestly say he’s a good person and fun to be around. JjR is on my short list of favorite Toronto area fighters!



Beef Supreme is recommended by JjRwrestle

Had the pleasure to wrestle this very strong gentleman.
He certainly knows his stuff, but took some time to show me a couple new things as well. He certainly knows his advantages over an opponent, while keeping the pressure up. He accommodated his skill to match his opponents while still making the match tough and fun and sweaty.
Off the mat was easy to talk with, carries a conversation well, offering snacks and water post match.
I highly recommend the Beef Supreme
I'm certainly looking forward to our next match up!



JjRwrestle is recommended by kicksands

I've never been described as a little explosive ball of power before and I'm very into it, though I guess next to JJR anyone is small!
JJR is such a study in contrasts. The man is towering and imposing yet is soft spoken. He is reserved off the mat yet fiery on them. I was excited to see whether he would be able to watch me struggle under him as he had anticipated. While I ultimately prevailed this time around, I had not anticipated how strong or skilled he would be, pairing skill and power with his weight and height advantage. He's gonna grow by leaps and bounds as a wrestler!

So consider this a challenge, JJR: come try and make to struggle 😉



kicksands is recommended by JjRwrestle

Met this little explosive ball of power during a weekend wrestling event here in Toronto!
I've said it before, this is another example where skill, speed and technique completely overtake size, weight and leverage!

Very skilled wrestler, I absolutely recommend anyone to take on. Just make sure you come with the right energy to match this fighter.
I am definitely looking forward to a rematch with him to measure and hone in my skills!



JjRwrestle is recommended by Zodikry

When Jj first walked in the room i thought to myself “limbs!”, i’m going to be a fly trapped in the web that are his limbs. I was correct but underestimated the extend of what those limbs could do. He’s quiet and polite, but once he has you, his leg locks are superb. The harder i fought the more he would grunt and tease me; letting me think i could have a chance. Definitely tapped a couple times. What a nice guy, would definitely wrestle again!



Zodikry is recommended by JjRwrestle

I had the chance to meet this handsome wrestler on a weekend event here in Toronto!
Sizing me up almost immediately.

I definitely enjoyed wrestling him, excellent give and take, matching energy and skill, we definitely worked up a great sweat together.
A rematch is in order tho, I'm pretty sure I psyched him out a bit!

After the match he is very approachable and easy to talk with! I'm definitely looking forward to meeting him again!



JjRwrestle is recommended by Sunny DeLeon

I met this giant and his lovely partner, ealucha, while they were passing through my city.
We have been eager to test our skills against each other for a while and, though he has quite the size and strength advantage over me, I did manage to tap him out twice in our match.
Our space was a bit limited so we were not able to wrestle full throttle but look forward to another match on mats to see if I will retain my championship belt and really make this guy "submit".
I taught him and his partner a few bjj techniques and we shared a nice meal afterwards. Hope to see them again in Toronto soon!



Sunny DeLeon is recommended by JjRwrestle

After chatting and exchanging messages a while with Sunny, we finally had an opportunity to meet up during a brief stop over in Winnipeg on our way to Toronto.

This is a great example how technical skill and conditioning can topple strength and leverage.
The guy's like a little Koala bear, once he's latched on ya, he's not letting go!

Given the confined space and only a mattress to wrestle on, was a much more playful, yet a semi-competitive match up. But next time we'll have a better chance to showcase each others strength and skill and competitive stubbornness.

Off the mat and between matches sunny was very receptive in showing us techniques and holds we got to practice and apply on eachother as well as on him.
After teaching my partner a couple holds, inspired a new found aggressive competitiveness I had not encountered before ;)

Definitely a man I'd recommend to anyone, and one I'll keep coming back for a rematch!



JjRwrestle is recommended by Amir19

Was such a great pleasure to wrestle with JjRwrestle. GREAT strength. A very tough guy who will give you a hard time!! And then he’s so great to talk to. We had great time wrestling and talking. I definitely want to wrestle again! 👊🏼



Amir19 is recommended by JjRwrestle

This man loves a great fight and is a great opponent for anyone who wants to learn some great techniques.
He adapts to style and intensity easily and is enthusiastic about fighting harder and more intense!
I can't wait for our next and future matches as I become stronger and better skilled
I definitely recommend Amir19 to anyone who want a fun and sweaty wrestle!



Cool guy, it was a lot of fun wrestling him. This dude is a giant next to me, but I didn't do too bad against him! :D

He promised that I would sweat a lot, well, the Canadian Winter made sure that didn't happen :D.



After exchanging numerous messages, taunts and a fair bit of trash talk
We met for coffee (twice), he's very easy to talk to, very candid about wrestling and very enthusiastic about the sport! Haha, he's an avid wrestler, trained in freestyle.
We set the date
More taunting and trash talk
Then we locked up
Was the first time I tried out freestyle wrestling, and it was a welcome change to the rougher submission style, matches were quick, reset, then lock up again, proved for one of the longest matches I've have spanning over a few hours. It was easier to draw out the endurance, for a more worth while learning/sweaty experience, (for me anyway).

He definitely ignites the competitive spirit in wrestling, and I can't wait to hit the mat again with him.

Freestyle dominated the match, his techniques, skill and strength in such a compact package is some nobody should pass up!
He was very aware of the dynamic and skill of his opponent and accomdates accordingly.
If you have the opportunity to wrestle this guy, take it, don't pass him up!



subwrestler2 is recommended by JjRwrestle

I've known subwrestler2 for a few years and have fought him a few times prior to signing up on here
If you want to be totally dominated by a no-mercy, strong, competitive fighter
I can't recommend him enough
He totally worked me over without remorse or recovery, while completely respectable to my limits and boundaries!