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I am a previous member. I'm digging my heals back into the thought of wrestling, with some dirty ballbusting tactics, again. I will post my old intro later. I work out and like to stay active. I have Skype.

Also, I do like to cyber to those who have asked. I have also taking a liking to the Alpha/beta dynamic as well. Really brings out the fire in me when you "threaten my beta-balls". And the more detailed the message (like, not single sentences) the more interesting and active the convos will be! So who's gonna be the alpha, and who's gonna be the beta? P.s. don't mind give and take convos. Can't be to easy for you to win. ;)

A good fight is sometimes difficult to come by, but when you are facing an opponent, or maybe even opponents, always remember to stay strong, stand your ground, and go for the balls! Why the balls? Because when it comes to me, that's the only way you have even a chance of beating me. With my strength and persistence I have to give my opponents some chance of winning. I encourage dirty, low blow, grape grabbing, testical kicking, nut stomping tactics. I must say, nothing is more pleasantly surprising than when the pride of having the upper hand is taken away, with one swell blow to the balls. It's a wonderful game changer. So, Bring it on! Wrestle me and try to pin me. But remember this, until my balls are nice and sore, you have no chance of beating me!

A Ball Brawl for the ages. Sell tickets to see one man take on one, or many opponents at the same time. They thrash the others testicals in a match that defines the superior male. Deviating kicks that make the soon to be wimpy loser howl. Punches that turn the weaker man's balls a nice red hue. Grabs that show who is going to dominate the match, The king of the ring will be holding on to more than just a new trophy this time around. Come one, come all. And witness the greatest Ball Brawl of them all!

Also have fantasized about wrestling in front of a girl, or competing for a girl of romantic interest, and losing because the opponent(s) uses my balls to their advantage!
Just a fantasy I've had but never pursued.

I have made a few captions regarding this and many other topics on my imagefap account.



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Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

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