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I'm really into submission/promission matches. I have experience with a lot of different types of matches from off of here, and I'm always looking for more. I've done competitive, give n take, and jobber/heel sub matches with all sorts of rules. Like most, I'm a fan of long holds, and I don't give easy either. I love all kinds of scissors, sleepers, nelsons, racks... and I like to push the submissions to the limit, no injuries of course. I'm mainly interested in people around my age. Any size is fine with me as long as you're in shape and can make for a good long match. Send me a msg, and let's see if we can make this happen.

Sorry, I don't cyber. Real is the only thing that does it for me. I'm interested in different types of matches too, so don't hesitate to ask.



  1. USA - Tennessee, Knoxville
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Texas, Houston
    (I'm here between 12/22/2018 and 12/28/2018)
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: singlet, speedo, tights

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Maurice12 is recommended by Tylertrinh07

First match from this site ever, he is very understanding and punctual. Was easy to set up the match, and has muscles of steel. I would love to have another match with him down the line.



Maurice12 is recommended by KarateGuy

Very nice guy. Taught me some holds and let me rack him 3 times. Incredibly strong legs. He also looks good in his singlet



Maurice12 is recommended by Chris in seattle

Ok, so he walks in, kinda shy, seriously cute, and innocent and we have a scissor squash session. All I can say is that I'm not used to being the one to call it because I'm exhausted. I am really sad that he lives so far away but I hope that we can have another session sooner rather than later. I had a total blast with him and I think I have a crush.



Chris in seattle is recommended by Maurice12

Awesome person and awesome match! He’s very technically good at using all kind squeezing holds and chokes (and loves to use them). He has the strongest legs I’ve ever gone up against, something that’s very rare to find. Great communication and personable. Would love to wrestle again anytime I’m back in Seattle!



Maurice12 is recommended by Lovetobecrushed23

Had another rematch with this guy and finally was able to put him out a couple of times had a really great rematch with him looking forward to the next rematch. If u encounter this guy look out for his scissors he can and will put u to sleep in them.



Lovetobecrushed23 is recommended by Maurice12

This guy may look small, but he's a lot stronger than he looks. He's got pretty strong legs that kept me locked up for a while, but they weren't strong enough to get me to tap haha. He's usually a jobber, but he tried heeling me, and he like it a lot, keeping me trapped in a sleeper/scissor combo for a long time. He found out how tough I really am too! He went a little too easy on me, but our rematch will be a lot more intense on both sides, can't wait.



Maurice12 is recommended by tap out tyler

I had a great time in my match with him! He was so easy to chat and schedule with, and always friendly! On the mats, he is as tough as they come. He's very resilient, can take a lot of punishment, plus he looks great in a singlet. His pictures don't do him justice! Can't wait to have another match with him.



Maurice12 is recommended by Mcjames

Wrestling with him was great. He let me try holds on him and gave me advice on how to do them better. I think my reverse headscissors definitely improved today 😏 I am glad he was the jobber most of the time though. He obliterated me the few times that he used his legs on me.

He is a great guy and was nice to talk to as well.



Maurice12 is recommended by likudguy77

Met up when he was visiting Phoenix. Great guy and fun match. He was the perfect big jobber.



likudguy77 is recommended by Maurice12

Great heel. I could really tell he enjoyed locking me up in those scissors and sleepers. Can't wait for next time



Maurice12 is recommended by sleeperuout2

Great guy outside of the ring and tough jobber inside. Didn't put him out as many times as I would have liked but as he said, I was getting over a cold and still a bit sick. Excited to meet back up with him again and have another go.



sleeperuout2 is recommended by Maurice12

He had some extra time, so he drove a long ways just to wrestle with me. He heeled me with lots of sleepers and scissors, putting me through hold after hold. I put up a lot of resistance, so he was only able to put me to sleep once haha, but maybe next time he'll be able to do it more. He was extremely nice except when he had me trapped in a long hold lol. He was just getting over a cold, so I expect next time to be much worse for me, would definitely recommend.



Maurice12 is recommended by reyntime

He was extremely nice with the fact that I am very inexperienced. A very tough jobber who can take quite a beating. I was lucky to have him as a jobber.



Maurice12 is recommended by Judoka87

Great guy to wrestle with! Very strong, and tough to submit. Had him in a choke hold many times and thought for sure he was going to tap but he held out and made me really work for it. He got me several times with his leg scissors, only person I've fought to ever make me submit from that. He has strong legs so watch out. ;)

All around very nice guy and fun to hangout with. Looking forward to doing it again soon!



Maurice12 is recommended by rookie706

Super fun guy to wrestle. Strong wrestler, friendly too. Very strong legs, look out. Can't wait to wrestle again.



Maurice12 is recommended by wrestlejock

Very strong submission wrestler with strong legs who can dish out alot of pain and take it too. He has a lot of creative submissions that made me change my game. Nice guy off the mat, but mean and intense on it like I like it. First guy in a long time to give me an even match who is around my size.



wrestlejock is recommended by Maurice12

Awesome guy on and off the mats. He's strong, tough, and definitely gave me the most competitive match I've had off here. He got me this time, but we'll see who comes out on top next time. We'll definitely be wrestling again soon.



Maurice12 is recommended by afwrestler

He is a tough jobber, took a lot of work to get this powerful boy to submit. Fun, sexy, strong...he's got it all. Would totally recommend wrestling with him if you are lucky enough to get the chance. I'm pumped for our next match.



afwrestler is recommended by Maurice12

This guy knows his stuff. He was strong and pretty creative when wrestling, always making for an awesome match. He's got strong legs and was a cool guy off the mats. Can't wait for round 2 to see if he can squeeze out a couple more submission out of me.