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Enjoy erotic, give and take to submission wrestling. Really enjoy wearing jockstraps... and like sane punching in matches... though only if mutually agreed upon. Prefer guys that are reasonably in shape



Match structure: Give and take, Phone chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Foot fetish, Face sitting


  1. USA - North Carolina, Raleigh
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Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 197 lbs (89 kg)

Gear: Speedos, jockstraps, nude

Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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NCJockstrap is recommended by ready2fight

Cannot recommend Dwayne enough - both fun and intense to grapple with on the mats and a pleasure to converse with off of them. Do not miss the chance to wrestle with him.



ready2fight is recommended by NCJockstrap

Ready2Fight is very recommended.... We wrestled a number of times when he live in NC. Always ready for a good tussle on the mats.... likes it a bit rough with some body punching....good guy to hang with off the mat, also.



NCJockstrap is recommended by Barriobruiser

NCjockstrap and I met the old school way before the internet when you took a chance on who was really going to show up and when we did, it was intense and well worth it!! We were the young bulls ready to charge back then and look forward to a seasoned masters rematch as I'm sure we've both learned a few things along the way! Genuine and super guy off the mat but don't let his nice demeaner fool ya, was tough then and no doubt, tougher now!
Still has a killer bod and the force to back it up I'm sure, great guy. B Bruiser aka Lain Fury and Vinny vendetta



Barriobruiser is recommended by NCJockstrap

Barrio and I have known each other... .well, before he was even BARRIO! We met when we were just babes in the ring! If you love hot pro action, THIS IS YOUR MAN! Fun, Polite (well, off the mats, anyway). Willing to adjust to any skill level... especially if you are a rookie in the ring! Don't miss a chance to throw on the boots and trunks and climb in the ring with this STUD!



randywrstl is recommended by NCJockstrap

Handsome, tough and sexy opponent that loves to rassle! We wrestled a couple of times when we were both younger studs...He's a great time on and off the mats, and quite the gentleman. Don't miss a chance to tangle with this Hot Stud!



NCJockstrap is recommended by DC VAmat

This is one great man to wrestle. A lot of fun and tough. I am looking forward to a rematch.



DC VAmat is recommended by NCJockstrap

He's a great guy.... lots of fun on the mat. We had a hot submission/pro match. Good exchange of holds and body punching. Would definitely love another match with this stud.



ncwrestle is recommended by NCJockstrap

HOT STUD! A hot wrestling match with lots of rough play, tough holds, lots of body punching, face slapping. This stud likes it all out and rough....and I am glad to deliver. If you get a chance to get on the mats with this guy, you'll have a great time.



NCJockstrap is recommended by Bigdaddy

NCJockstrap is a handsome strong man...we went at it a long time...very strong with scissorholds and headscissors. looking forward to a rematch with this stud!



Bigdaddy is recommended by NCJockstrap

Big Daddy is a HOT BIG GUY. nicely muscled, good looking, and strong... great guy on and off the mats. Tough balls, too! If you get a chance to tangle with this stud, it will be a great way!



NCJockstrap is recommended by rassling guy

very nice guy ,handsome, strong , was on time for our meeting and had an awesome time wrestling with him and looking forward to our next meeting !



rassling guy is recommended by NCJockstrap

Totally HOT Wrestler... really nice guy and a lot of fun on the mat! Enjoyed hanging out with him for the afternoon. Really looking forward to rasslin this guy again very soon!



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