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Hello. My name is Dylan. A sexfighter/erotic wrestler stationed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
I’m hoping to find guys who enjoy wrestling as much as I do and have as many matches as possible.

I love the use of dirty tactics; hair pulling, clawing cock and balls, forced frottage or jacking, face sitting ( male catfight anyone?!). HOWEVER, I LIKE ALL FORMA OF WRESTLING AND COMBAT, but always like my fights at least a little erotic. Oil is always preferred. Gear I like to use includes singlets, kinky underwear; thongs, jock straps, speedos until there’s nothing but oil and cockrings.
First to cum loses. Anything goes. (Almost)

Lose or win, it’s all fun! Always give it my all.
I really want to film my matches. Id love for people to enjoy watching me and another guy doing what we love.

Even though I lack experience, I am made to fight erotically. I want to take this love for wrestling and fighting as far as I can. I’d love to try boxing too!

If you were on tumblr, my profile was once oil.frottage.wrestling.
If you like to Skype : oil.frottage.wrestler
Instagram/kik : Dylncahoon



  1. USA - North Carolina, King
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Oil, Jockstraps, briefs, speedos, thongs, nude, cockrings

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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bjames65 fireman87 Randomgrappler salemathlete



Nativesun is recommended by Randomgrappler

Dylan is an amazing guy off and on the mats. An absolute blast to roll with, with a strong build, and a few surprise moves ready in wait. He's especially apt once he's covered in oil. Definitely looking for a rematch with this stud as soon as I'm able.



Randomgrappler is recommended by Nativesun

As I sit here two days after our match, feeling sore as hell (and it’s awesome), I have to say I had a lot of fun with this fine wrestler here!! I was comfortable from the start; he’s a very easy guy to talk to!
When we got down to it, he proved quickly that I couldn’t take him lightly. With sexy strength and erotic aggression we went back and forth, finding ourselves trapped in some hot holds! Then we broke the oil out. Insanely hot!!
I like that we didn’t take ourselves too seriously, we got to try some stuff out! it was perfectly blend of sexy and competitive.
I highly recommend a match with him.
I’ll be waiting for him to challenge me again. See if he can beat me this time!!!



Nativesun is recommended by bjames65

After chatting with Nativesun for a few weeks, we finally decided to meet and wrestle. I am so glad that I took this opportunity because he is a fine young man. He is strong, good looking, and a talented wrestler. Once he gets a few more matches under his belt, he will be a true force to recon with. I'm so glad I finally took the opportunity to wrestle with him. I definitely had fun, and I think he enjoyed it too. I give him my highest recommendation. If you get a chance to wrestle him, take it!



bjames65 is recommended by Nativesun

I had so much fun wrestling with this fine man here. He had a way of making me comfortable before our match which I really appreciate. Wrestling wise, he is a skilled opponent. It was so much fun, Id say we both got some good pins and tap outs. He is a really great guy. Looks hot in a singlet. I can’t wait to do it again.
Highly recommend wrestling him given the chance!



Nativesun is recommended by fireman87

Man, where to start. A very hot match, we had alot of fun together wrestling and when we weren't. Also had a super hot oil match. Great meet up.



fireman87 is recommended by Nativesun

So much fun from the minute I entered the room, itching to go at it. The oil match was so insanely hot for sure. Made me feel comfortable to be myself. An awesome guy all around, I look forward to going at it again real soon!!