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  1. United Kingdom, Tameside
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 100 miles


47-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 214 lbs (97 kg)

Gear: Any or none


Well there are 2 of us.

Due to the current restrictions only available to chat.

Have made loads of great friends on here and happy to make more.

In the past we have arranged several wresting events, which will start up again once once we are allowed.

Feel free to chat.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Two on one
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Face sitting

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Last modified: 5/15/2020

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Willladmcr is recommended by Tag Team

Had a great time wrestling today, lots of skill and a great guy also. Hope there will be more to come



Tag Team is recommended by walsallgoodguy

24/3/19 finally wrestled one of the hunky tag team at there oiled 6 meet,what a load of muscles ,I had no chance of getting out of his full Nelson, can't wait to try again thanks



walsallgoodguy is recommended by Tag Team

Finally got to grips so to speak with this guy. He's a tough little cookie and can take a good beating well worth a wrestle



Tag Team is recommended by Bodie101

Met both guys from tag team,, got to have a grapple with Adam,, great guy,, strong as you like and technical too,, knows how to wrestle for sure.. Off the mats one of the nicest guys on the circuit,, and very easy to talk to,,, had a great time,, looking forward to further bouts in the future,, Deffinately gets my vote!!!



Bodie101 is recommended by Tag Team

Wrestled Bodie a couple of times now ..he never fails to surprise with his techniques and skill always a good match, also a really nice guy off the mats 😉



Tag Team is recommended by Squashlad

17/02/2019: Oiled 5 at the Wrestling Factory in Ancoats was a whole lot of fun, not least when you get to take on your hosts with the most! Both of them that is. At the same time. Me vs 427 lbs (194 kg) of prime Northern beef. With a small audience. Pretty much my idea of wrestling heaven basically! It was a “dry” wrestle, in one of the matrooms, rather than one of the main events of the day, but I was sweating enough to make it almost as slippery as if the oil had already come out. Needless to say I was comprehensively dominated and tapped out to a wonderfully nasty leg pressure point while nicely restrained in a powerful full nelson—and similarly needless to say, I loved it! All super safely done, the big guys donʼt take themselves too seriously, are concerned to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, and are only as mean as you want them to be [a lot meaner please!]. And our little grapple was just the personal highlight of a really fun afternoon meeting and wrestling a great bunch of guys, old friends and new, which they superly organized for us all. So Tag Team are very highly recommended and Iʼm very much looking forward to a re(mis)match!



Squashlad is recommended by Tag Team

Met Squshlad at our last Oiled event in Manchester. Do not be deceived by his cheeky smile, this is one tough cookie ! I started off taking him on first going easy but soon realised he can handle a whole lot more. When my tag partner joined in he still put up a good fight until we were able to overpower him and lock him up with a few pins. Definitely worth a fight a very good wrestler and a nice guy with it.



Tag Team is recommended by Gruber36sc

Great 2 lads spend nice time with them,
My first oil wrestling, I’m great meet them, I felt really comfortable with them
Looking forward to get in touch again with you guys!



Gruber36sc is recommended by Tag Team

Had a great match with this big strong bull, big beefy and considering he's just starting out ..a good wrestler. Hoping to have many more matches and hopefully mates as he's a great lad off the mats



Tag Team is recommended by Chelt bristol

I could not recommend these guys more highly. They are really nice lads, and I had the most amazing time wrestling with them. Thanks both, see you again very soon I hope



Tag Team is recommended by Antheus

Met this pair yesterday at Pippa's, they took care of everything and organised the meeting in very detail ensuring the venue is set up and ready for action. I am delighted to recommend these two handsome chaps to anyone who enjoys the physicality of wrestling and looking forward to bout #2! PS: still sore after yesterday's.



Antheus is recommended by Tag Team

Met Antheus after exchanges of messages on here. Really enjoyed taking him on and spending time with him. He is a good wrestler and has fun taking him on. Hope there will be future matches.



Tag Team is recommended by PJMaybe

What a pair of great, muscular, fun guys. They are so out of my league it's untrue. I may have had a very slight chance of beating "A" as he had a weakness, but once "P" got involved I had absolutely no hope. I am now determined to convert fat to muscle to give myself some illusion of a chance.



Tag Team is recommended by shuttlexp1

Wrestled this great guy many times. Always a hot and hard match that never disappoints. Off the mats a real pleasure to know.

Reliable and tough if you get the chance to wrestle him, take it.



shuttlexp1 is recommended by Tag Team

Wrestled Shuttle a few times now always had a good drawn out match with him... Really knows his stuff. Off the mats a genuine nice bloke. Don't pass up a chance to meet him. Hoping to get more practice on with him soon.



Tag Team is recommended by manclad531

Chatted to these guys about match styles for a while before meeting... which paid dividends because when we did meet I had an amazing time. Both really nice blokes, sensible, very fit, in great shape and looked fantastic in (and indeed out!) of their gear. Enjoyed every second and cant wait for a second helping.



manclad531 is recommended by Tag Team

Had a couple of chats with manclad before meeting. When we did had a great time he certainly knows his stuff and can take punishment. Explored a few styles of wrestling but the last match was the best where all 3 of us got involved. Looking forward to round 2!!