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Really love wrestling, everything about it is awesome. Love the muscle to muscle, sweat to sweat. I honestly like being the jobber. I like getting worked over and put in a lot of painful holds. I also like having my balls and nipples worked over and if it goes there erotic side is hot too. If you want to roll hit me up!!!



  1. USA - Tennessee, Nashville-Davidson
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: Singlets, jockstap, shorts, nothing

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WrestleZach67 is recommended by KidZ

This guy was a lot of fun! After many nights of trash talk if finally came down to one of us coming up on top and well I made sure I was there during the whole match. Zach was awesome he took every thing I gave and came back for more! Can’t wait until our next meet up!



KidZ is recommended by WrestleZach67

Wow what can I say! He is a very good wrestler and takes control early and won’t stop till you are passed out or submit. Hot long sweaty match. He also has a great setup in the basement aka wrestling room! Can’t wait till next time



WrestleZach67 is recommended by Donnie

Had a great competitive, sweaty match with Zach. Really nice and athletic guy. He may have some form of long term memory loss as he for some reason remembers winning. But looks like we are just going to have to record our rematch so he can remember his loss next time:)



Donnie is recommended by WrestleZach67

Had a good time rolling with this little guy when I lived in Kansas. I gotta be honest he was a blast to roll with and he was a tough wrestler and made me work for my multiple wins. Maybe we can roll again soon if he stops being a chicken



WrestleZach67 is recommended by growin dude

Had a smashing time even though he had to redivert from his plans just to swing by ! Did a great range of moves and it was challenging with his height ! Friendly and fun!



growin dude is recommended by WrestleZach67

Had a great time wrestling this muscle stud he threw me around and made sure I knew I was losing, he is very strong and his bearhug and moves are hard to get out of



WrestleZach67 is recommended by SamuraiJack

He has an easy smile, positive energy, and lots of heart. But in the end "old man strength" (me) prevailed. The match was a blast. Definitely can't wait to meet, roll, and talk shit again ...

What about those Tennessee Predators?



SamuraiJack is recommended by WrestleZach67

This guy is strong as a bull very had to get down, he’s like the energizer bunny, had a great time and hopefully we can roll again!!!



WrestleZach67 is recommended by Phxwrstlr

A really nice guy and fun wrestler. Don't let his jobber claim fool you, he's strong and will put up a good fight. Happy that we got the chance to roll and hope for a rematch if we ever get a chance!



Phxwrstlr is recommended by WrestleZach67

Don’t let this dude fool you he’s strong and very hard to take down!!! Had a blast and if you get the chance to take him on do so!!! I can’t believe I had to say uncle a few times!!! Till next time!!!



synxiec is recommended by WrestleZach67

Very cool guy had a great match, I’ll admit I got my ass kicked. He’s very strong and those legs are powerful!!! Watch out for his tricks too!!!



WrestleZach67 is recommended by leanmachinetn

I had a good, solid wrestling match with WrestleZach67. Big, strong young man who gives his all. Had a great time and hope to wrestle him again.