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I enjoy pro wrestling, got hooked as a kid watching Saturday afternoon shows. Have pro gear, not pro trained but enjoy wrestling and getting sweaty with other guys into same, also watching classic pro. Always interested in increasing my pro skills.



  1. USA - California, San José
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Gear: pro gear, boots, pads, trunks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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brimail is recommended by MacMontana

Brimail was so great to wrestle. He brought a relaxed and fun attitude to the ring and created a great atmosphere to just wrestle and enjoy the time in the ring



brimail is recommended by Ringwrestler

As I eyed Brimail making my way to the ring, I felt like I was in a time warp, going back to a classic pro wrestling broadcast from the 70's. He is stunning in his trunks and boots and has a passion for pro that is palatable. Really get's the give and take that makes for a fun, long, drawn out pro match. Can't wait to sign the contract for our next bout !



brimail is recommended by Heel4You

I had the chance to meet Brimail after months chatting about pro wrestling which is definitely our passion.
Meeting him was an incredible experience and we had the best time wrestling.
He is passionate about pro wrestling just like I am.
He knows his moves and definitely trustworthy.
I had a blast wrestling him and I highly recommend him.
For you guys who are into pro wrestling, don't miss the chance to meet Brimail.
You left me hungry for more bro.
Looking forward to our next time, hopefully soon.



Heel4You is recommended by brimail

I had chatted with heel4you over a period of a few months prior to meeting him. We both shared the same interests for pro wrestling, and I had hoped that I would one day be able to meet him.
Well we managed to meet this past week. What an incredible guy! heel4you was everything I had expected: knowledgeable, trustworthy, and passionate about pro. He really understands what pro is about, safe and sane matches, with both participants learning from the other and having fun.
I highly recommend him for those of you who love pro like I do. He is one of the best out there!
And bro, by no means will this be our last matchup.