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Mainly into pro and/or squash matches, but depends on the day. Generally attracted to older and in shape guys. Primarily looking for real matches or meetups.



  1. Canada - Ontario, Ottawa
    Place of residence
  2. Canada - Quebec, Gatineau
  3. USA - Florida, Lake Buena Vista
    (I'm here between 11/01/2019 and 11/09/2019)
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 195 lbs (88 kg)

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cyberfan is recommended by Ricardo50

I expected this guy would mop the mat with me
and he didn't disappoint. He's all muscle and was
not going to be tossed around by me. I was holding
my own in the beginning but I was out gunned and
over powered in short order. My scissors were
useless against him, his were crushing. He was very
accommodating and fun, looking forward to another



Ricardo50 is recommended by cyberfan

I met with this guy for a relatively short bout. He was quite friendly, and I was able to use my little bit of experience to overpower and lock him in some holds. He was a good sport about it all



cyberfan is recommended by Iwreslinca

UPDATE: August 28 2019 - on vacation in Canada and I startING my trip in Ottawa. So good to reconnect with this amazing man. Two hours went by like two minutes. He's incredibly strong, but very safe. A real BB now and the results are amazing. Highly recommended if your path takes you to this beautiful city.

PREVIOUS ENCOUNTERS: I met Cyberfan after messaging for months. He was new to wrestling, and very eager, and incredibly strong. We both had a great time trying out holds and getting sweaty. Nice guy on and off the mats - now living in Ontario CA. So if he travels to your city I highly recommend him!



Iwreslinca is recommended by cyberfan

I met iwreslinca a couple times now! He's a great guy, and a blast to wrestle! We've kept in touch for years now, and he's one of these guys that has become a lifelong friend both on add off the mats!



cyberfan is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a BLAST with this stud! Lot of fun! We meet at Chicago last 6 years ago! It was great to meet him again in my country now! I drove 4 hours for to go wrestle him at Ottawa and i got more than my expectation with him! Still have amazing wrestling time with him with lot of wrestling holds and lot of muscle contact. He is great guy, very friendly and smillng with a super fit ripped muscle body! He is into muscle wrestler guy! We did promission back and forth! He is very easy going! Highly recommended for guys who have muscles ! Can't wait to have a rematch with him!



Marcwrestler is recommended by cyberfan

Marc is always a treat to wrestle with. He's incredibly knowledgable and patient with teaching new holds, making sure that it's something both parties will enjoy. He's very open minded as well, which makes the conversation both on and off the mats flow smoothly. Looking at his past recommendations and pictures speak for themselves!



cyberfan is recommended by Fighter31

What a blast! This guy is in amazing shape. He is proportioned in perfect ways - ways that make any guy envious. His arms and back are “textbook!” And fun?? Ha! A total gentleman - very smart and a guy who wrestled me for a VERY FUN evening. As is often the case when meeting in a hotel room ... we had to throttle back our intensity but we both talked about how much more fun the match would have been in a matroom, ring or cage!!

I do not recommend him to any one because I want him all for myself! Lol. Seriously, don’t pass up the chance to wrestle Cyberfan!!



Fighter31 is recommended by cyberfan

Fighter31 is a great wrestler who has biceps for days! He's a kind soul with a positive attitude, who wants all participants to have a good time. We had a match in his hotel room, which doesn't allow for a lot of full on wrestling, but we did still have a great time going back and forth. If he's ever crossing your path, I'd highly recommend meeting him!



cyberfan is recommended by Angelo

It will be impossible to capture in words what a BLAST I had with Cyberfan. In addition to being a great guy (clear, communicative, funny), he is a worthy wrestler. Cyberfan has more muscles than I knew what to do with–totally awesome body. And he has great attitude and terrific endurance–he took everything I had to dish out. He's strong, but he suffers like a champ at the hands of a good heel! ;) If you EVER have a chance to tangle with this stud, DO it. I'm already looking forward to the next match!



Angelo is recommended by cyberfan

Angelo is a beast of a wrestler... His photos don't do him justice! He's quite muscular, and plays a firm, yet tactful heel. He knows his way around a number of different pro holds, and is able to flow seamlessly from one to the next, giving and taking holds and blows incredibly well. I will definitely be seeking him out next time we're in the same town for round 2!



cyberfan is recommended by cdnwrstlr

Where to even begin ... 🤔
I mean, clearly the kid has muscles and abs galore lol. You don’t need me to tell you that. And his past recs dutifully state what a sincerely thoughtful, respectful, nice guy he is. Almost makes you not want to rough him up too much ☺️... almost 😈🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Started off with some trading holds, which let me tell you he picked up fast. If it weren’t for my big beefy muscles, I’d have been in big trouble. Taught the kid some humility and then did the same to his “coach”, canwrestle 😏 I can’t wait for round two 😁 ... a total toss up if his mat skills keep progressing at this pace!



cdnwrstlr is recommended by cyberfan

Meeting with cdnwrstlr was a great time! He's got an insane amount of strength and skill... A tough combo. That said, he's more than willing to teach, give pointers, and joke around throughout the match. He's also very respectful of boundaries and has a good head on his shoulders.



cyberfan is recommended by bicepdude

I came to Ottawa because I wanted to recruit Cyberfan in my team, steal the stud from Canwrestle. My goal was to make Canwrestle submit while Cyberfan watches and humiliate him.
I realized soon that Canwrestle is so strong and skilled. He totally dominated and punished me in front of the stud. Once he had punished me enough he had Cyberfan use me as a practice dummy to learn new holds. Cyberfan is incredibly built, tall and strong and made me his toy.
Hmmmm. I will work out some more and come back for my revenge!



bicepdude is recommended by cyberfan

Bicepdude is a super nice guy with a great attitude. He's got a high tolerance for holds, and doesn't submit easily! He's also a great communicator, staying in constant touch before the meetup. He's a great mate to wrestle with overall... Safe, honest, and fun. Until next time!



cyberfan is recommended by madeincanada

Well those who know me know I never shut up even when it's obvious to all who is going to win the match as was obvious with this muscled stud whose pics don't do him justice. Sweet, fun and skilled with trash talking equals the perfect match ... Don't miss an opportunity to roll with him!!!



madeincanada is recommended by cyberfan

Madeincanada is a great opponent. We had a fun match with a bit of trash talking and lots of sweat/competition. He's got a great attitude, and is very respectful of limits, not to mention a fun sense of humor.



cyberfan is recommended by canwrestle

Cyber fan is one of the nicest guys I have met on here, friendly and eager to wrestle. He is as muscular and strong as his pictures suggest. We did a coaching session and I taught him some submissions which he picked up quickly and used against me later when we rolled. In particular he mastered the Americana so watch out for that if you wrestle him. With just a little more coaching this guy is going to be a beast. Take him on if you get the chance.



canwrestle is recommended by cyberfan

Canwrestle has both a great attitude, as well as ability to teach! He was able to give me enough pointers and basics of BJJ to understand some of the fundamentals. I highly recommend meeting up with him if you get the chance, whether you're new to the sport or experienced, he's willing to adjust his style based on his opponent!



cyberfan is recommended by mattz4fun

After talking for a few years, finally had the opportunity to lock up with this muscled dude. Pics don't do justice to his muscularity and power. Impressive guy all around. Really enjoyed wrestling and testing each other's strength in a sweaty battle. Just as fun to hang with off the mats with friendly banter and good conversation. Can't wait for round 2.



mattz4fun is recommended by cyberfan

Wrestling Mattz was a great experience! He was incredibly respectful of boundaries, and a VERY skilled wrestler! (not to mention insanely strong!) He's got a great personality both on and off the mat. It was an unforgettable experience!