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Age 64
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 143 lbs (65 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Whatever YOU want from fully clothed to butt naked.
Languages spoken English
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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Redbridge
  2. United Kingdom, Prittlewell

I am willing to travel 30 kilometers

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Match structure: Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting, Rip and strip

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daveylad is recommended by EnglishOak

Met with Daveylad for a heel/jobber bout, who was good enough to host at his place. We had nearly two hours of him being in my headscissors and being smothered by me, both of which he enjoyed, and succumbed to by tapping regularly. More than happy to recommend him.



EnglishOak is recommended by daveylad

Met with EnglishOak following a shortish period of very interesting message exchanges. He arrived bosch on time and proceeded to do all the things that we had planned and discussed. I could not, and would not, fault him in anyway and I am more than happy to recommend this member to others. If he likes the idea of doing something with you that you both agree on - he will definitely do it... and if it is something that doesn't quite"fit the bill" you will have already established that prior to your meet up. He says what he does and does what he says and I was also happy to do as he said....if you get my meaning...ahem..!!!



UKAndy99 is recommended by daveylad

What more can I say about Andy that other's haven't already said?

He is a great guy. Patient, warm, caring and friendly and does a great job running the Barnet mat rooms and his other wrestling site.

Just wish he was in a position to wrestle as i would really love a good grapple with him.

Cheers Andy - you are a star.



daveylad is recommended by dadwrestle

Met this lightweight at a Barnet Grapevine meet! Hes really getting into the wrestling scene big time and was even prepared to step on to the mats with me despite a big weight difference! He a plucky wrestler, who likes to punch too if agreed. Happy to recommend him, he'll turn up and fight!



dadwrestle is recommended by daveylad

Finally got a bout with dadwrestle at Barnet last weekend at a Grapevine meet (well actually 2 bouts).

I thoroughly enjoyed getting squashed by this big guy.
By prior agreement he gave my nips a few hard tweeks and also a few light gut punches which was all very that is an area I wish to explore.

Perfectly safe and sane at all times I know without any doubt that he must have played it easy with me in respect that I am still a novice at all of this.

I look forward to meeting him again and hopefully some time for a longer private session...!

Definitely recommend and will update after next meet up with him.



daveylad is recommended by BSF

I've met daveylad a couple of times now at Barnet as part of a group session and he puts up a good struggle. A really nice guy off the mats too and yes, he can talk and talk and talk



BSF is recommended by daveylad

I had seen BSF at my first ever group meet at Barnet then not again till my most recent last Saturday.

By the time we actually got around to chatting and subsequently having a short bout it was getting towards the end of the meet.
I was knackered having had 9 short bouts already (more than i usually manage) and was a bit concerned. I needen't have been as lucky for me BSF was also a bit tired out from his grappling. (well that is what he kindly told me though I suspect he just took pity on me and went easy).

A good grapple with a guy who obviously knows his stuff. I had told him I was ok with some body punches and gut punching and he delivered a few of each to me though again I am certain he went "easy on me" (well better safe than sorry I suppose and it shows that he is a safe and sane guy to fight).

I am looking forward to seeing him again up at Barnet and having another tumble on the mats - maybe next time he won't be quite so considerate.....hint...!

Definitely recommended as a good wrestle and a nice guy (albeit a little on the quiet side - well most are anyways compared to me LOL).



daveylad is recommended by blackwrestleruk

I had the good fortune to go to a Grapevine meet at the matroom in Barnet last weekend and met daveylad.

We had a gentle roll on the mats and somehow I realised that he very much liked his nipples tweaked and enjoyed facesits. I was happy to oblige and davey was in seventh heaven. He's a nice friendly fella on and off the mats. I'm sure we'll meet up again for more of the same.



blackwrestleruk is recommended by daveylad

I was fortunate to meet this dude up at Barnet last weekend at the Grapevine event. It was only my 4th group meeting and hadn't seen this good looking guy at any of the previous meets and he arrived around halfway through the meet and I had already had more than my usual "quota" of short bouts so I was not at all sure if I had the stamina to take on this lovely fella.

Anyway we did have a short tumble on the mats and very enjoyable it was too. A proper gentleman (on and off the mats) - he went easy with me (If he had chosen to he could easily have saved Andy the task of cleaning as he could quite easily have wiped the floor with me...LOL.

Someone had "tipped him off" (I wonder who?) that I am partial to a bit of reverse face sitting combined with some nipple work which he obligingly did to me...unfortunately that damn timing bell sounded all too soon.... and it was over.

I will gladly wrestle much more with him in future if I get the chance....a smashing geezer who not only looks good and is great to wrestle with but very pleasant company too.

Here's to more, harder and longer next time...!



daveylad is recommended by oldscrapperderby

Dave is a lovely friendly guy,had a couple of matches at a group meet, looks good in gear an is fun to wrestle, likes to be gutpunched a bit as well, looking forward to some more fun soon, very well recommended for a good fun match.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by daveylad

Met this lovely guy at a group meet at Barnet last weekend (organised by Grapevine).

Really nice chap on and off the mats who knows his stuff and didn't punish a poor novice like me too much.

Received a few nice gut punches from him and look forward to some more in the future...but all were balanced out to take into consideration my limited experience both for the actual wrestling and also the gut punching...which I have plans to explore much more from now on.

Safe, sane and very warm and friendly guy.....!
Definitely recommended.



small gladiator is recommended by daveylad

Had the pleasure of grappling with small gladiator at Barnet yesterday. Small, tough and tenacious yet safe and sane at same time. I know he modified his style down for me as I am just a "newbie" ....but still put me in some good holds. Looking forward to next bout - maybe you can do some reverse face sitting then..???



daveylad is recommended by Tanker

Had the great pleasure of wrestling daveylad on Saturday. Another of the Scottish Expats in London. Lovely guy, gsoh, fit & strong, plenty of stamina & a very high pain threshold. He is a beginner, but has good instincts, both in attack & defence (His "Hedgehog" rolling into a ball is an excellent defensive move, very Johnny Saint, wish I was flexible enough to do it lol) Despite being a beginner , he is no pushover. I imagine against somebody his own size he would be quite a handful. Despite our size difference I would meet him again, often with guys your own size it is simply a war of attrition, with Davy it was fun to experiment a little , Def recommendation.



Tanker is recommended by daveylad

I was lucky enough to meet up with the big man yesterday having only so far been to group meetings in Barnet - this was to be my proper initiation into one to one grappling. We booked the mat rooms in Barnet and met up at Kings Cross beforehand....somehow managing between the pair of us to arrive late (Andy, being the perfect "host" provider of the facilities was his usual accomodating self and told us not to worry).

I felt somewhat apprehensive as Tanker donned his black trunks and wrestling boots (I have never seen such long laces - you could use them to moor the Woolwich Ferry) while I donned my orange speedos (really must get some more gear).
At 17 stone he is approx. 7 stone heavier than me and a good few inches taller into the bargain (and if it was a contest of chest hair - he'd win that hands down too).Not to mention that he has a fair amount of wrestling experience and I am still an utter novice.

I needn't have worried (well not THAT much) as he is a gentleman (not actually meaning gentle - man) but he did respect my lacking in experience, bulk, weight, height etc. etc.and told me several times you should say "submit" (maybe he was getting frustrated that I refused to cave in right away once he had put me in yet another painful hold....but why would I, when I was enjoying being placed in that painful hold and kept there?

Neck scissors, sleeper choke, Nelson, crab, stretch and goodness only knows what holds he used on me...each one uncomfortable and painful and fanstastic.

Most of the time I resorted to my "default tactic"....pretend to be a hedgehog..!!! LOL ....Roll into as tight a ball as I can manage (and for as long as I can) before he managed to prise a limb away and work me over once again.

We did have several breaks (not bones...I mean rests) where we both flopped on the mats and chatted and joked - he's got a great sense of humour and although he reckons I chat too much he can "bunny" away just as good.

We had discussed before the meet up of going for a drink afterwards but as we had slightly over-ran owing to our late arrival at the venue (with Andy's permission of course) we decided that we would just head off our separate ways on the return tube journey.

Today I am feeling muscles aching in places where I didn't even know I had any....but have a great feeling inside me just the same. I sincerely hope that I wasn't a disappointment to him with my lack of expertise but I did give it my best shot.... honestly...!!! and I certainly enjoyed every minute of it.

Really hoping we have a re-match in the future when I may have got at least a bit more experience (then I won't need to do a sneaky head lock when he is sitting on the mat re-tying his bootlace in order to put him in a hold - against all the rules)..LOL Sorry about that one mate - but you did make me pay for that afterwards anyhow...!!!

A great guy to meet and totally recommended.



daveylad is recommended by mikeswuk

although just starting out he is a fit guy, happy to learn, nice on and off the mats



mikeswuk is recommended by daveylad

I met Mike at a group meeting in Barnet recently.
Good wrestler who knows his stuff and willing to coach newcomers like myself. Patient and sane - a really good opponent. I look forward to more tussles with him in the future.



daveylad is recommended by Superfly

Although fairly new to the sport , he proved himself to be stubborn and tenacious. During a group meet today, he was able to put up a good fight and a stubborn fighter . He was safe and sane, good sense of humour and keen. Comes recommended.



Superfly is recommended by daveylad

This guy has a magnificent physique, really fit and with a personality and smile to match. Loads of stamina. Understanding too for older "newbies" like myself who he could so easily wipe the floor with in 2 seconds or less but instead will alter his level accordingly to give you a good wrestle. A really genuine guy. I look forward to wrestling him again at Barnet sometime in the near future.