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  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
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65-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)


Mature man looking for players , practicing and exchanging wrestling holds , interested to meet guys of all ages



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fightdan is recommended by HighwayMan

Very powerful wrestler with many moves.
Will definitely return for more.
Can’t recommend Dan enough!



HighwayMan is recommended by fightdan

it was a long time since we chatted on the site to finally meet at his hotel. I had a real pleasure to wrestle and play with HAIRYSNOGGER, plus good guy outside the ring , i do recommend him to everyone
would wrestle with anytime , looking for it



fightdan is recommended by Judo4fun

If you are into vintage wrestling with a strong, muscular and hairy guy, i recommend Fightdan strongly. On top of that he is a punctual and friendly man.



Judo4fun is recommended by fightdan

I met Judo4fun this summer,
He is a very good guy to wreste with, , , i had a great fun applying scissors on him , he is the perfect victim to endure headscissors, easy going person and a gentlemen out of the mats , if the scissor hold is your big turn on go wih him ,
would wrestle him again if i will have the chance



fightdan is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I met fightdan for now over 12 years ago & had numerous memorable matches with him over the years & even some of them were taped & went online as well....

Dan knows what he likes & what he does... He has great stamina & would wrestle this pucker anytime when possible for both of us... He's sexy wresttler too....



fightdan is recommended by eman170

Had a great match with Fightdan!

A great guy outside and inside the ring!

He squash me real good! Totally great heel!

Looking forward to more meetings!



fightdan is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Had a great workout with this very polite and charismatic man named fightdan. He knows his moves and applies them very well. He taught me some really fun wrestling positions and I enjoyed every second of it, whether giving or taking! I loved giving him back breakers after he taught me how to do them properly! Very down to earth and respectful of limits. Also great guy to talk with. Thanks man! Till our re-match...



fightdan is recommended by dandunn

Dan. And i. Had great fun. He his. A big strong guy who know is moves. And know how to apply them. Very generous. Lets you. Practice anything you like on him so.he tasted al my favorites. Scissors. And more. Real nice to talk about our passion of wrestling and sharing. Memory's of our youth with the sport we will make an habit To meet often And enjoy trading. Holds.



dandunn is recommended by fightdan

I had the pleasure to wrestle with Dandunn lately
very good opponent in shape ..
i had to suffer in his specialities the body scissors , he applies them right
nice guy easy to get along too.
would wrestle with him again anytime



fightdan is recommended by Headscissorsguy

I have met fightdan on many occasion during the past ten years and he is a very nice man. He is in great shape and knows his way on the mat. He is a great wrestler with plenty of knowledge of holds but most of all he is a wonderful man just to roll on the floor with. I look forward in meeting him again soon.



Headscissorsguy is recommended by fightdan

Hot guy to wrestle with, like his speciality the headscissors , we did many during our match , i'll wrestle him again in the future