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  1. United Kingdom, London

I am willing to travel 750 miles


54-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)

Gear: speedos, squarecuts,


Hi Guys
Black wrestler here looking for bouts with other guys.
Mainly done sub bouts but will try just about anything once. If you fancy a bout please get in touch and lets try and sort something out



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

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Last modified: 8/09/2019

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Blackwrestle is recommended by Crushhhh

It was a long time coming (after trying many times to arrange diaries, and failing), but it was worth the wait. Had a tough, sweaty, match with Blackwrestle which tested us both. We're both pretty good with our defences so at times the match reached a stalemate and we just had to start over again. A thoroughly good workout, and a true gentleman off the mats. Will definitely meet him again.



Crushhhh is recommended by Blackwrestle

Finally after many years we was able to synch our calendars and meet up at Barnet. And it was definitely worth the wait.
Crushhhh is strong well versed and i think like me stubborn as hell at times. It was a a back bad forth tussle with this man really evenly matched and yeah got to stages were neither could fully get the upper hand so broke and started again. Great upper body strength for sure and lookout for the odd sneak attack, LOL. I'm well and truly looking forward to round 2 which i sure hope is sooner than 3 years time.
A definite great guy off the mats and very sociable with it.
One to meet but get behind me and join the queue



Blackwrestle is recommended by Fitwres

After endless and very frequent messaging, we finally met up on the spur of the moment. This should have happened way earlier. Great guy. Powerhouse. Super friendly and knows what he is doing on the mats. Don’t let him get on top, you’ll pay for it. Muscles aching as they should and I can still feel his grip around my neck....



Fitwres is recommended by Blackwrestle

After what had seemed an age and actually I think it was i finally met Fitwres short notice at Stockwell.
From the moment of meeting i knew that he was going to be a guy that would be hard to keep down and he wasn't easy. Every sub wasn't an easy one to get and by the end of it was covered in a healthy sheen of sweat from the effort. He will be on my radar for a return bout for sure. If he gets in touch definitely try and lock up with him. Off the mats he's a cool guy as well



Blackwrestle is recommended by ringwrestlernyc

Les is a tenacious, skilled wrestler who is determined to win, no matter what the odds. We always have a fun, sweaty time when we hit it together...and he can sweat! He’s also fun to beat up! 😉👍😎❤️ Outside of competition, he is a wonderful guest and host. Our time wrestling and on the town in London are some of my best UK memories.



ringwrestlernyc is recommended by Blackwrestle

Todd was my very first ever meet when i visited New York and one thing I can say for sure his that after all the talking prior to the meet it was definitely no disappointment.
He is one well rounded fighter and strong with it. He was respectful and never went over the top. We spent the evening in the apartment back and forth, well for me at that point back being the newbie but it was a damn great time one i am happy to repeat which thankfully we have when I visited the next couple of years.
Off the mats Todd is awesome company over drinks and a meal which we repeated on his London visit. We have remained good friends ever since
I'm waiting for him to get back to London or me to New York or Chicago to go again
A DEFINITE guy to meet



Blackwrestle is recommended by Adri1952

I had great pleasure to meet and wrestle with a lot of fun with Blackwrestle in London. hard muscled wrestler with unbelievable arms and shoulders, perfect body well done. Great guy in and off the mats.
With Hope meet you again. High high recommended. I must say thanks for all



Blackwrestle is recommended by Alan2005sg

It's always good to meet guys from the Hundreds club. Black wrestle has enormous strength & he knows how to use them on defending. There was one time I was doing rear attack, he defended so well & grab all my fingers & interlocked them in between his, & twisted until I submitted.
Also, I have been trapped in a vicious headlock of his a few times.

I have tried so many times to break his favourite turtle position with just one success. His neck is very thick, & I worked very hard to earn one choke.

Overall, the match was fantastic & we both have each other a good fight.



Alan2005sg is recommended by Blackwrestle

I met Alan where he was staying and he had it ready and waiting.
Dont be fooled by his small stature his is one hard and VERY FAST hombre.
Its like wrestling a slippery eel. So when you get something locked on keep it tight as he will wriggle and wriggle trying to get out and he can do.
I loved wrestling his and though hes not long gotten into it he is doing some traoining back home and it shows in his holds.
He is a handful but have to say an enjoyable one to get on the mats
When he comes back again I would definately like to roll again



Blackwrestle is recommended by Grabow

Les came up from London to meet and wrestle with me in Chester in Dec 2004. He stayed overnight so had lots of wrestling and time to show him around Chester. I had a great time with Les and recommend him 100%. Let’s meet again soon.



Grabow is recommended by Blackwrestle

Meet G sometime back when I was a newbie and though he had vast more meets under his belt he showed it but in a way that was enjoyable and informative to a rookie.
He made me feel welcome in his home and appreciated the bout



Blackwrestle is recommended by Comus

I had a really enjoyable series of submission rounds with Blackwrestle over two hours.

Despite his considerable power he made sure that things were balanced and that we had a real wrestle.

I like to think that I made a small impression on his defences on a couple of occasions (maybe I’m delusional!) but he was gentlemanly enough to ensure that while aware of his tremendous power I was not completely crushed, which might easily have been the case.

Before during and after our match the conversation and humour flowed effortlessly and from my point of view it was a very friendly but competitive meeting. Time flew.

In short, it was great fun and I very much hope to meet him for a return match. Thanks to Blackwrestle from me and a recommendation to Meetfighters from me in relation to him.



Comus is recommended by Blackwrestle

We met at Barnet and after been chatting and I know that Comus was a bit nervous about meeting.
ON the mats he will give you all that hes got as you know he wants to make sure that he gives you his best after going through the effort of meeting him.
I had a great time with him and when he gets more under his belt he will be a good tough opponent in no time at all
Off the mats hes a cool guy to chat with and hang and I would enjoy another session with him



Blackwrestle is recommended by PJsubs

I have had the pleasure of wrestling this guy on a few occasions One of the nicest blokes you could hope to meet easy going, great sense of humour and pleasure to be around. On the mats he is a bull great strength and wrestling defence always a challenge to get a submission off him. Have really enjoyed every match we have had and look forward to the next Great guy



PJsubs is recommended by Blackwrestle

Have met PJ on several occasions now and it has always been worth the trip.
He is a strong fighter with a great knowledge of the mats and also a lot of strength to go with it
Also a good guy to chat to as well



Blackwrestle is recommended by FitScot

A good solid fighter who proved to be a battle and a half to get him to submit. Be warned guys, he ain't no pushover! A nice warm friendly lad as well. Hit him up for a competitive yet fun bout.



FitScot is recommended by Blackwrestle

I met Fitscot after what seems to have been ages in the making.
We met at Walthamstow impromptu bout and it definately wasnt a disappointment. He is one strong git and bigger now than his older pics hes been working out for sure.
His strength and what he has learnt makes him a man hard to beat.
I will definately be looking to take him on again if hes up for it
Take him on guys



Blackwrestle is recommended by calebluegrappler

This awesome wrestler is strong as an ox! We met at the Barnet mat room and it was sweet suffering to be head locked under his massive arm for much of the time. His choke holds and smothers are truly inescapable, but always totally sane and safe. Despite my stubborn determination, he wrung multiple submissions out of me. That said, I was pleased to get a couple of submissions out of him, including my first ever camel! A lovely guy off the mats too, very easy and enjoyable to talk to. If you have the chance to wrestle this handsome powerhouse of a man take it! I recommend him 200%.



calebluegrappler is recommended by Blackwrestle

Had the privilege to meet this man at the Barnet matroom and we definately had a good time of it
He has some good strength to him for his size and I know that with more bouts under his belt he will be causing some people to be tapping out on a regular basis.
Off the mats a great guy to chill out with and have a beer and a chat.
Give him a try and enjoy



Blackwrestle is recommended by Brawler4Brawler

Met Les at Tano's matroom in Hendon. Thought I'd take him easily but he took me down several times! I got a couple of subs but Les definitely came out on top, much to my anger grrrr!!! I only wish we could clash again!



dynamiteuk is recommended by Blackwrestle

I've had the homour of meeting this man on a few occasions and i can say he is definitely a guy that is fun to tangle with.
We is a strong individual and though he won't admit it knows a thing or 2.
He is someone who can keep the bout going for a good long while no matter what the outcome in the end. If you won a bout just for stubbornness to throw the towel hes the gold medallist.
I want to get him back on the mats



Blackwrestle is recommended by hugefan

So after 6 years of talking about meeting, almost meeting, moving to the other end of the country to make it even more of a challenge, finally I got to meet Blackwrestle.
After we got changed to wrestle it became obvious that Leslie was going to be a challenge. He may be slightly shorter but his photos give no impression how big his arms and legs are and how broad his shoulders are. I have been trying hard at the gym but I think two of mine would make one of his. So I was pleased that I managed to get him underneath me a few times but the problem was trying to do anything when I was there. Heaving and straining and raining sweat, I couldn't get an arm free or an arm round his bull neck. Apart from the danger of giving myself a hernia and sounding like I was suffering from constipation I could get nowhere. Eventually Leslie got so bored he let me get one sub. He on the other hand had me squealing like a girl and I'm not sure if he was being kind or I was being stubborn but he should really have got a mountain more subs than he did. Although it was a tough challenge I really enjoyed trying to move his tree trunk arms and hopefully giving him a challenge.
Lovely guy to chat to, super strong, not hard to look at, well worth the wait.



hugefan is recommended by Blackwrestle

It was definitely an age in coming and at times it seemed like it would never happen but sheer persistence on both sides finally synced up our calendars.
Huge does seem at first like a shy guy but he soon warms up. No more so than when you strip down and hit the mats. Luckily as we was kneeling due to venue the height difference was a little easier to manage so a bit of a plus in my favour there for sure. Once this man gets going he is very much the Duracell or is it Ever Ready bunny he goes on and on and on. He is definitely a persistent bugger and made though he probably doesn't think so strong with it. He is as he says stubborn and will not submit easily so you have to work him that bit more. All in all a definite thumbs up from me and a guy to meet which a good deal have.
Looking forward to next time



Blackwrestle is recommended by AlbaD52

I met Leslie last week after years of corresponding. We had a great time and had some great wrestling interspersed with some enjoyable chat which i really enjoyed.

Boy is this guy strong! Regardless of my skill level just couldn't escape from a vicious headlock of his a few times. Leslie has enormous strength knows how to use and is great at defending, which can wear his opponent out.

I showed how to be a bit more attacking, so watch out any would be opponents out there!



AlbaD52 is recommended by Blackwrestle

Finally met AjbaD52 after years of talking on line.
it was worth the wait. This man is well skilled and definately knows his stuff. We spent time having a good with some good wrestling and he spent some time giving me some great pointers.
After was great to chill out over a meal with some great conversation.
a definite guy to meet if you get the chance



Blackwrestle is recommended by tallfitldn

Blackwrestler was one of the first people to contact me on MF and we finally got round to meeting tonight. At first sight, he’s a big, solid guy and quite imposing. After chatting for a bit I felt relaxed as he’s easy going and nice to talk too. When we started fighting, he was practically impossible to get on the floor - the bear hugs and that scissor were crushing! Great wrestler and highly recommend this very decent member of the MF community.



tallfitldn is recommended by Blackwrestle

Man, what can I say about this guy. Firstly what you see in the pics is what you get when you meet him in the flesh. It was good to meet him after making initial contact and hes an easy going guy to get on with which is always great.
Well as for the wrestling, what I will say is dont let his newness fool you. He sure makes sure that you work hes strong and very determined to get you to the ground. He keeps coming at you all guns blazing. Watch out everyone as in no time at all he's going to be a tough bugger to beat. I sweated big time and was good to see him doing the same.
So come on anytime you want round 2 lets do it



Blackwrestle is recommended by realthing

After a long wait we finally succeeded in meeting and it was great fun! Strong guy, safe, nice, great to wrestle and chat with. Strongly recommended!!!



realthing is recommended by Blackwrestle

After many years and a few missed opportunities i was finally able to lock down a meet with Real.
Though wrestling is not his main passion, that being boxing we still had a great session on the mats. That being said he uses bits of his boxing skills which can keep you on your toes. He's fast so watch those hands (boxing again) as they whirl around making it hard to get a grip at times and when you do he uses a good technique to get you to let go. He has some good defensive skills to so can keep you at bay for a while. From years of boxing he has good strong arms and I'm sure given the chance and someone on the same weight category they will be in deadly danger. I experienced some nice tight grips from him.
Off the mats socially he's a great guy to hang with. We chatted about shared interests and was easy to get along with was a great way to end the day chatting and eating.
I'm looking forward to catching this man again in the near future. One to avoid, LOL only so it means that i can get back at him easier.



Blackwrestle is recommended by Magnum JP

Brackwrestle is a really nice and kind guy. I appreciate his hospitality while we were together on and off the mats. We had wrestle bouts for about one and a half hours and got exhausted. The bodies of both got so sweated like oily.
Off the mats, we were chatting and laughing. I really had a very good time with Brackwrestle on and off the mats and look forward to the next wrestle with him.



Magnum JP is recommended by Blackwrestle

Ive had the privilege of meeting this man twice now and both times have been great sessions.
Just like the Japanese wrestlers you see in the Pro ring this man is exactly the same. SOLID & TOUGH. Though he's main style is Pro he fights as a sub wrestler and even using hard holds he is definitely one stubborn S.O.B and takes a great deal and watch out can easily flip the hold and get you into trouble.
The 2nd meet was definitely a more intense session which i know the amount of sweat produced would testify to. This time would say was more harder Promission and again this man can take it before tapping or once more turning the tables. It was a good back and forth session with both locking on some tight holds and working them. Yet again we had a swimming pool at times instead of mats which you could aquaplane on.
Off the mats he's a great guy to chill out with. Introducing him to a British pub and him taking me to the local japanese restaurant. We discussed his Pro bouts and the odd show he has done back home.
Im so looking forward to his next visit which is probably going to be another years time but I'll be ready and waiting.



Blackwrestle is recommended by muscldfighter

Finally met up with this huge man. Despite his seniority over me, he has the physique strength power & skill of a fighter half his age. Larger in life, his profile pics dont shiw up his true size. Friendly and safe, yet aggressive and competitive when needs be. & very accommodating to scheduling of meets.
Highly recommended if youre in London or if hes in your vicinity.



muscldfighter is recommended by Blackwrestle

What can i say about thisman that hasn't already been written. After many years and a few missed chances me and muscldfighter was finally able to synch up dairies and hit the mats.
What you see is what yoh get and he sure doesnt disappoint. He's as strong as you can see and sure makes sure that he uses it to make you work for every hold that you try and go for. I was sweating very quickly which shows that i had to work HARD against this beast of a man which was awesome.
He was gracious enough to give me a few pointers as well from his wealth of knowledge and appreciated it greatly.
I sure will be knocking at that door again for a rematch and to get to chill out after.
Looking forward to locking up again.



Martskin is not recommended by Blackwrestle

  • Unreliable / no show



Blackwrestle is recommended by tapout

Quite a meaty bulk to work over from his favourite turtle position! Blackwrestle‘s neck is quite thick, so you have to earn your choke!

Thanks for having bugged me for years to make me finally travelling to London for a match and thanks for having reserved a ring - my first time ever wrestling in a wrestling ring!

The lovely day finished off with a nice joint meal!

Get the Blackwrestler experience!



tapout is recommended by Blackwrestle

After many years of chatting to this guy we finally met up at Grove Park.
What can I say he lulls you into a false sense of security with the constant Cheshire Cat smile he has before, during and after. He is very skilled, flexible and determined.
He soon had me sweating early in the match and the few subs I did get on him I sure had to work for them. Hoping it's not going to be another few years before he Returns as I need a rematch to see if I can do any better.
Even with all that he is a safe and sane guy to meet. Is good to chill out with him also after great to talk to and very sociable.
If you ever get a chance to meet him do



Blackwrestle is recommended by ShockR

Les had kindly arranged a group meet at the Walthamstow Matroom so it would had been amiss not to wrestle him. He is strong, safe and sane and recommended by me



Blackwrestle is recommended by Chuck

Another guy that I waited way to long to meet up with. Blackwrestle is the guy that should be on everybody’s past opponent list. Whatever your ability he’s your man, tough, strong, with an arsenal of holds at his fingertips. Don’t be swayed by this quietly spoken guy, when he’s wrestling he switches persona and becomes a machine, a machine with legs strong enough to crush, and he said he wasn’t even trying.
Next time, and I’m sure there will be one, I have to up my game.



Chuck is recommended by Blackwrestle

Finally after chatting with us man for a long long time we was able to have a about while he was in town.
Don't be fooled by his appearance he's strong he's technical and he also has a lot of stamina.
It was definitely worth waiting all this time to meet and I'm definitely going to make sure that we meet again.
So I would say if either you are here my forever in close proximity definitely getting on the mat. Two thumbs up from me
P.s. I'm not going to go so light on your next time lol



Blackwrestle is recommended by wrestlpal

Blackwrestle is a very skilled, formidable wrestler, as strong as a bull.
Totally safe, sane and friendly, down to earth man. 150% recommended. Don't miss up on a chance to wrestle him.



Blackwrestle is recommended by Ironbull

Still waters run deep. Les is immensely strong and skilled, not to mention likeable and friendly. I hope very much to have another go and acquit myself better next time. Highly recommended



Ironbull is recommended by Blackwrestle

Git this man on the mats and what a time we had. His training from a number of fighting backgrounds. Hope strong and compact powerful. He knows what he's doing and he gives you a great sweaty session.
I'm looking forward to another go with him



Blackwrestle is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

After years being on this site, today I finally managed to lock up with 'Blackwrestle'. Strong, powerful and skilled are only a few words to describe this experienced wrestler.
By the look of his profile he looks cute and cuddly, but don't let the photos mislead you as they did me..
Basically, l didn't stand a chance. With his strength and wrestling ability, l was certainly out of my league. Therefore, l would recommend you meet him and see how you do against this fine gentleman of a wrestler. I'm sure our paths will meet again for lesson no.2



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by Blackwrestle

It's been a coming meet this guy bit was definitely worth the wait
We locked up and this man is one tough cookie to get the better of and he makes sure that no matter what you are going to work and not going to get anything out of him without a fight and that's what it was. He's skilled himself and sure knows how to get you into trouble and if you get out of his grip you had to work at it.
So he's one for people to wrestle without a shadow of a doubt



Blackwrestle is recommended by dadwrestle

Years since I took on this star of the UK wrestling world! This is one class act! Fast, strong, skilled, he a tough guy to shift on the mats! Don't miss up on a chance of facing him on the mats! This is one of the best in the UK! 100% GOLD STAR Recommendation!



dadwrestle is recommended by Blackwrestle

Had another bash with dadwrestle at a recent group meet. It's been a while.since wen first net but his enthusiasm for the sport still shows in his actions on the mat.
It was a good bout which we both enjoyed and I'm sure that most others would have a good time also



Blackwrestle is recommended by Tanker

Met Ironman Les on Saturday at the London roll event he organised at the Walthamstow mat room.
After a tangle that morning with a Spanish Bull I was feeling rather tired and stiff. But even so I would have struggled against this guy he is a natural fighter and is so cool calm collected and methodical both in attack and defence. Very skilled and fit he has a quiet but very real air of authority about him, and a doorman stare if you disrespect him.
Afterwards a group of us went to the pub and there is no one better to go for a pint and a chat with. He is safe and sane on the mats. Really enjoyed his meet and would recommend them others.



Tanker is recommended by Blackwrestle

After a long time finally met Tanker on the mats at a group meet.
He had recently had some surgery (or excuse to lose lol) and he wasn't at his best and that's understandable. Even with that said he still was a man that gave you a good hard time to show that once he's back fighting fit you better watch out.
I had a great time with him on the mats and when he's properly fighting fit i want another go with him
Great guy also off the mats easy to talk to and fun to be around. So drinks again afterwards always a must.
Round 2 soon



Blackwrestle is recommended by sid

Finally met Blackwrestle at the London Roll at Walthamstow Matroom. A couple of years ago we met already for a drink, because injuries prevented us from wrestling that time. But now i got the opportunity to wrestle him at the event. It was an even match, which i enjoyed a lot. Nice guy and on the mats very strong and resilient. Like to wrestle him again and can fully recommend him.
Thank you for organizing the wrestle meet!!!



sid is recommended by Blackwrestle

Met Sid on his visit to London at a gtoup session.
What can I say don't let his profile pic sway your opinion of this guy. He looks meek and mild but strip him down and once you get past the forest of hair this man can wrestle.
He's exceptionally strong and has a good shape with some broad shoulders.
We had a good back and forth bout and I had to work hard to try and keep this man down. Loved it.
He's definitely on my want to meet again list and look forward to his next visit



Blackwrestle is recommended by leanmachine BE

Blackwrestle and I have been trying to meet up for longer than either of us would probably care to admit, but never managed until yesterday to be in the same place at the same time. It was worth the wait. We had a wrestle in my hotel room and were able to keep it safe and sane in the limited space available, yet we both got a good workout. He's a very nice guy off the mat(tres)s and a competent and strong but fair wrestler on them. I got a couple of submissions out of him and he got a few out of me.



Blackwrestle is recommended by sub aqua

Had a great day with Blackwrestle, finishing off with a match in the evening - he's a great laugh before during and after the match!

Very tough opponent who kept in control and kept me on the defensive for most of the match - great technical and improvised moves and locks that get you by surprise quite often.

Definite recommendation and definitely up for another match!



sub aqua is recommended by Blackwrestle

After chatting for a while now was able to meet aqua.
We chilled our prior to the mats with a long walk in the afternoon before heading to the matroom.

Once on the mats we had a good clean if not wet hour with the amount of sweat that was pouring from us and not just that it was hot he's a fairly stubborn wrestler but in a good way. So you have to work for the sub.

I can't recommend this guy enough and a rematch is definitely on the cards for sure. WATCH OUT Aqua



Blackwrestle is recommended by powerlifter

A great wrestler and a very friendly guy. Had a great fun with him on the mats and also a lot of fun with him outside the mats.
He showed me part of London, and found one of the most exciting mat places for fighting I ever fought in. Really nice guy. I look forward to meeting him once again.



powerlifter is recommended by Blackwrestle

We met when power was on a visit to London not so long ago after chatting online prior to his visit
He's a strong man on the mats and we had a great bavk and forth session. Enjoying a good session on the mats he's a guy that enjoys a good bout.
He's a great guy on and off the mats and even caught up off the mats.
I really hope he decides to visit again as I'm definitely going to get him back on the mats. I look forward to that day



Blackwrestle is recommended by Midlandsbloke

Had a great afternoon of wrestling with Blackwrestle who really puts 100% effort into it. I lost count of the submissions but there were plenty on both sides and we both felt like we'd had a good workout at the end of it. I think I will be very sore in the morning! Leslie is great company and we had lots of laughs and chats when we weren't wrestling. Thoroughly recommended if you want a tough but safe encounter.



Midlandsbloke is recommended by Blackwrestle

I spent the after with this man on the mats and boy was it a great afternoon. Lots of back and forth and the sweat poured.
This man is want you see, strong and he can take a lot before he has to submit and man i loved doing it. Dont get me wrong hes no pushover hes damn strong and when he gets you locked in at times you sure can feel it.
I want at him again and next time he will suffer more.
Off the mats hes an awesome guy makes you feel welcome and at ease and you can have a conversation with him
I am so gunning for him again and again.



Blackwrestle is recommended by The Kestrel

This chap is a good driving force in supporting the wrestling community, and is a good man to wrestle.

At a meet that he organised with a great selection of company, we had a knackered match at the end of the session, and despite the knocks and bumps he took throughout the day, he still wrestles with great strength and skill which is hard to match. Clearly experienced from his forgotten number of years wrestling, he was safe and sane, but mixed with a suitable level of aggression to make the match challenging.

Great socially, creates a fun and leisurely atmosphere, and an enjoyable character to meet, I am definately up for another round with him when we are both less beaten up!

Recommended for guys of any level.



The Kestrel is recommended by Blackwrestle

we faced off recently on the mats and though we was both a bit tired this man still oozes power and twin that with his skill hes a man who is a tough opponent on the mats.
He makes sure that you are always having to work and defend yourself against him and you cant drop your guard for even a second as he will take advantage pf it and you will be in trouble
Safe and sane guy and a definite good one to meet so i would say if you get the chance meet him, I'm looking for a rematch



Blackwrestle is recommended by GrappleViking

February 2018
Finally had the chance to take on Blackwrestle on the mats!

Great strong solid build, solid neck, big arms, great legs and with good technical skills, he has everything he needs to give you a good challenge on the mats; and so he did!

Thoroughly enjoyed a good technical bout with this experienced man, and looking forward to next round! Absolute highest of recommendations.



GrappleViking is recommended by Blackwrestle

Have been talking to this wrestler for a while and finally was able to meet.
All I will say is watch out for this one. Don't be fooled by the build or the shyness when you are on the mats with him you soon find out that you have a struggle on your hands. He's strong and though says not trained he knows exactly what he's doing and works you from every angle
I want to get him back on the mats ASAP and look forward to our next meeting.



Blackwrestle is recommended by Physical

Finally got to meet after years of missed opportunities.
What a great guy both on and off the mats. He's powerful, like a bulldozer in top gear! His compact and powerful physique lends itself to those powerful locks and close work where you can sense that you're being manipulated into position but you're never quite sure for what and then you prepare a defence against the wrong move and BAM! (too late). He organised a great meet, we had a great grapple, all too short as I want to go again so won't miss the opportunity next time it comes around.
Highly recommended for all of the right reasons!



Physical is recommended by Blackwrestle

Like most things in life some things take a while which was the case here but it was worth the wait.
You know that feeling when you face someone and you think what the he'll have I let myself in for, that was how I felt here. He's as strong as an ox and with a lot of skill to go with it awesome combination. Yeah was to short a session and one day I hope we get to face off again.
A great guy to meet and wrestle and off the mats can string sentences together and talk about things other than wrestling
Well recommended



Blackwrestle is recommended by DARE68

So, it was a journey up to High Barnet to hit the mats with Blackwrestle. A good match in terms of size & a fierce competitor with plenty of upper body strength. Would definitely meet again for a wrestle and an obligatory post fight pint.



DARE68 is recommended by Blackwrestle

One thing is definite we are going to meet again.

This man is one of those guys that he looks and acts the part. Though he's beenot away from the mats for a while he has not lost his love and skill for the sport.
In no time at all we both sweating buckets having a great back and forth session. He's tall and string and man worth the meet.
Off the mats he's socialable and articulate and a great person to have a drink with



Blackwrestle is recommended by jonny innocent

This was my first meet outside of a training session and I could not have asked for more.
A relaxed and friendly meet with both competition and learning new moves. Plenty of laughter, plenty of panting and plenty of tapping out. Like I say, what more can you ask for.



Blackwrestle is recommended by syardley

Met Blackwrestle this afternoon at the meet he organised at Pippa's. It was generous of him to challenge me to a roll which I am so glad I accepted. He is superior to me in experience and skill but he took things at my level. He also gave me a lot of advice to help me improve. But most of our sweaty grapple was real fun and a good work-out.

Whatever your level or experience have a wrestle with this great guy. Thanks mate!



syardley is recommended by Blackwrestle

Met syardley at Pippas and though you could tell he was initially a bit nervous surrounded by guys bigger than himself that didn't stop him having a go.
Though he's still getting to grips with things he's not one for just sitting back. He will give all he's got to make it good fun. He's eager to learn which will do him well for future sessions. Also for his size he is fairly strong.
You'd have 'sa good time with this one



Blackwrestle is recommended by RugbyBoy

This guy is a diamond! We decided to set up a small group meet at Pippas and it was brilliant fun. Thanks again for organising mate!

Blackwrestle is a big beefy man, strong, skilled and an all round gentleman. He's in great shape.. real man style! Faster than he may appear and excellent arm wrestling strength too. He knows his moves...watchout for them trunks tho 👀🍑!

Highly recommended and definitely one of my favourite guys on here! Lets sort another meet out ASAP 😜💪✌



RugbyBoy is recommended by Blackwrestle

Oh my god
I met this man at Pippas and when I first clapped eyes on him I thought f*** ehat have I let myself in for. Slightly shorter than me but man he was solid, big arms big legs and solid mid.
We started to wrestle and manot he sure knows his stuff and also how to apply that power in a bout. It wasn't long before the sweat was dripping. Though I tried to keep.him off he had me tapping out a few times and hope that he had to work for it
We even arm wrestled and man could.I move that arm, like fuck but I help my own the first time round, unless he was toying with me 😊
I want at this man again and next time it will be different (I wish ).
Don't meet him,it just makes it harder for me to sort out a rematch lol



Blackwrestle is recommended by manclad531

Met Blackwrestle at a group match. Fortunately for me when I stepped on to the mat he'd already had a few matches so we had a fairly even encounter... otherwise I suspect he would have the upper hand. Very solid masculine built guy who looks hot in gear and very friendly off the mats too. Really enjoyed our tussle and hope we can wrestle again for a longer match soon



manclad531 is recommended by Blackwrestle

Remember the saying don't always believe what you read, this is possibly one of those times.
Yeah had a few matches before we locked up and a bit drained but I think that even if I had met earlier I would of had just as much problems wrestling this man as I did at the end.
He knows what to do and has a frame which delis his strength which is good.
He's a cool guy to sit and chat with and I am definitely going to be locking horns with him again but still might have to make it later in the day of a meet so I have an excuse 😂😂 (laughing out crying?



Blackwrestle is recommended by Marcwrestler

After many years to chatting, we meet finally at London! Had lot of fun to wrestle Blackwrestle ! He is strong! Friendly! and very flexible about wrestling style! We did a promission match back and forth! Had lot of great time! He is a great guy in and out of the mats! Forward for a rematch with him!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Blackwrestle

I don't know how many years that I have been talking to Marc and wanting to meet him and it came close a couple of years ago but it fell through. So when he said he was coming I jumped at the chance of meeting him hoping he was up for it seeing the studs he meets. He was just as up to meet as I was it seemed.
We met up and decided to have a sub boys give and take due to the size difference but I think that he would.still give a good accounting of himself no matter what. He knows how to put on a hold and make it uncomfortable enough and I know those legs can generate a good level of power in them. A great guy on the mats and I can see why he's met so many guys. He will apt to any style and he will ensure that both enjoy. Chatting after you couldn't find a guy as likeable.
MARC you better come back as I definitely want another session with you



Blackwrestle is recommended by tzitzi

we had a friendly but competitive match with this big and strong guy in a ring! it was my most sweaty match so far , intense , energetic, hot, funny! it was difficult trying to defense and control his solid and beefy muscled body but always feeling absolutely safe and secure .
Very kind person , easy to communicate and nice time with him afterwards spending time having a drink . I would challenge again and again !!



tzitzi is recommended by Blackwrestle

What can I say about this guy. Firstly a nicer guy you couldn't meet. Friendly bouncy and funny off the mats. Once on that's a different matter. Smaller yes but fast as a rabbit and he uses that speed well. Coupled with some good strength and he's a handful to tie down plus who needs oil. It wasn't long before we was in a paddling pool it seemed so getting a firm grip to lock holds on at times made it humorous. When he visits again which I hope he does I would definitely be getting him on the mats again. Enjoy your larger shandies 😊😊



Blackwrestle is recommended by Lomandlad42

I finally got to meet Blackwrestle and had an awesome session.
This guy ticked all the boxes , strong, and experienced. Looks amazing in gear and certainly knows his stuff!! I definitely can't wait to have another match with this solid fella. 100% recommended guys. Also a real friendly down to earth fella too 👍



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Blackwrestle

Well it has taken some time to pin this man down for some mat action and I have to say it was well worth the wait. 
Even with the weight difference this man isn't one to just roll over and play dead. He pushed and pushed getting some really good holds on but watch out for the sneaky holds :). 
He's a great guy to wrestle and one that I know anyone would have a good session with. So I would say get him on the mats if you are one of the few who hasn't had the privilege already 
I'm looking forward to round 2 
on the mats and off I would definitely meet him and deserves the good feedback he has



Blackwrestle is recommended by Pinstride

I met Blackwrestle back in April for a day of submission wrestling. What a great guy he is and a fantastic wrestler. We traded a variety of holds and did a few tests of strength as well and it was a very tough but worthwhile workout!
Black wrestle is a strongly built man with plenty of solid muscle, making him a difficult guy to control and defend against. His legs are incredibly strong and his scissors literally took my breath away. Yet he is safe and sane and fun to fight!
Off the mats, he is a friendly, genuine guy, fun to spend time with and interesting to talk to. I highly recommend him and look forward to meeting him again soon for round two



Pinstride is recommended by Blackwrestle

it has taken some time to meet Pin and all I can say it was well worth the wait.  
From the time we met to the time I left he was the perfect host nothing was to much.  
when it came to the time on the mats though he is lighter he is a man that will always make sure that you have a great time. We swapped holds making the other try and escape and apply pressure and teasing the other in holds which made the time even more enjoyable. We showed each other few things which is always good and helps for future sessions.  
Sorry about the legs but next time I might even tighten them, lol  
There is one thing for sure I am definitely going to meet him again and I will say to you guys nope don't meet him (JOKING just means I might get more chance.  
ACE guy and well worth a roll



Blackwrestle is recommended by tomhand37

When I went to London, I had only had 1 day to wrestle. Since we were in communication I decided that blackwrestle was someone I just had to wrestle. I am so glad we did! Blackwrestle made sure he would meet me, So much appreciated. It was a fun match, He outclassed me, strong, knows his wrestling. Not only that but simply a great guy, super personality. When he says he will meet, he means it! For sure if you pass through London or already live there, don't hesitate to meet blackwrestle! I hope to meet again!



Blackwrestle is recommended by walsallgoodguy

14/6/17 Pippa's,met black wrestle,we were first opponents in tag match,in which he got sub and ko on me,then more a even matroom match.a great guy, very easy to get on with and safe,meet again ripper Roger x



Blackwrestle is recommended by prosub

Have met black wrestle many times over the last few years....have had great wrestling matches with him, a lovely guy wrestling and just socialising, I love meeting this guy, and is a very good wrestler....I can definetly recommend black wrestle., you will not be disappointed....I hope we can meet again for another match soon !



Blackwrestle is recommended by GymGladiator

Have met Blackwrestle a number of times over the years. He travels up on the train to my mats from London (those who live less than 2hrs drive away please note!).
He's a tough (stubborn?!) and skilled opponent and a genuinely nice guy and highly recommended.