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Friendly guy who is a sociable host. Have mats. Like close body contact wrestling in speedos. Have made some good pals wrestling and keep my wrestling partners as friends.Normally wrestle competitive sub with an erotic edge if both guys agree but am adaptable and the type of session is up for discussion. Usually wrestle guys within 20lbs either way of my own weight. Just to emphasise that i am a wrestler, have a safe and sane approach and do not use moves imported from MMA like chokes. My ideal bout involves creative pins and subs and although i like to dominate if i can i'm not the type of guy that has to resort to choking my opponent to get a win



  1. United Kingdom, Halifax
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 52-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Gear: speedos

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figure4u is recommended by Craig

After a few chats on meet fighters we arranged a meet had a chat about style holds etc was not long before we exchanged holds grips with each other have to say it was a one sided match very skilled guy who knows his stuff have to say a very enjoyable match can adapt to any level very easy to arrange with and also gives 100% respect at all times would have no hesitation on a having another meet in the future a very enjoyable match all round cheers ...



Craig is recommended by figure4u

Reliable guy who turned up on time ready for action. Clearly enjoys his grappling and looks like a proper wrestler. Puts in a lot of effort and is gaining experience. Knows the moves he wants to go for and with encouragement will continue to develop into a fine grappler. Had a good conversation and am already looking forward to the next meet. Highly recommended.



figure4u is recommended by Scissorvictim

A very skilled opponent who know's how to wrestle. Although I was jobbing, i reckon it would be very difficult to beat him in a competitive match. I suffered beautifully between his thighs. He is a true scissors master. Very friendly and sociable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him or wrestling him again very soon.



Scissorvictim is recommended by figure4u

Met up with Will for the first time since he became a honorary Yorkshireman! As ever it was an excellent session. There was no escape for him from my scissors but Will is a skilled wrestler and is capable of escaping/delivering submissions when he is minded to

This guy is one of the best wrestling meets around. He thoroughly enjoys his wrestling and suffers like a true scissor victim. Its a fantastic feeling to have Will caught between my thighs and his pain tolerance is impressive. Above all though its great to have Will as friend and spending time in his company is everything a guy could want.



figure4u is recommended by kingj

Met with Ade while he was staying in London. A really great guy and great company. He wreslled for top and was in control from the word go. Completely safe and respectful of limits. Great close contact holds and well-suited to his wrestling name. Hope we will keep in contact.



kingj is recommended by figure4u

Was a pleasure to meet J. Good company and had an excellent rollaround. Strong defence and highly recommend for a safe grapple.



figure4u is recommended by Wrestleme

Met Figure4U a couple of times now, he is a great guy on or off the mats. Very technical and knows his stuff. Went easy on a novice like me. Would recommend meeting him.



Wrestleme is recommended by figure4u

I can certainly recommend this guy. He has a fit wrestler's body and knows the moves. With more experience he will be very difficult to pin down. Most of all though he is fantastic company and a genuine guy. Appreciate the meet.



figure4u is recommended by Churd

We have met many times. Always a great wrestle.



Churd is recommended by figure4u

Churd is deservedly an icon in the world of wrestling. An hospitable host he is always welcoming and willing to share his knowledge with other guys. A great guy to be friends with.



figure4u is recommended by Lomandlad42

Met up with ade today and what a meet it was, easy going down to earth fella of the mats and a beast on them, had me in trouble from the word go, don't think I made it easy though, if you haven't met this guy, do it you won't be disappointed, excellent host and all round nice fella cheers mate, definate round 2 coming your way



Lomandlad42 is recommended by figure4u

A fantastic meet. Jay's a better wrestler than he claims to be and put up strong resistance. He'll keep on getting better. Jay's also very good company,the conversation flowed and he's a guy i want to meet time and time again



figure4u is recommended by fitguy2

Had the pleasure of finally meeting figure4u who went to extraordinary lengths to meet up and it was well worth it. Watch out for his strong headlocks and obviously his figure 4 but all in a safe manner! Great personality and very socialable off the mats. Highly recommend and looking forward to next match



fitguy2 is recommended by figure4u

For a guy who has limited opportunities to wrestle fitguy has absorbed an incredible amount of technique that enables him to dominate on the mats. Fitguy lives up to his name and is impressively resilient coming back time and time again and won't give up. A wrestle with fitguy is conducted in an enjoyable atmosphere and socially he's good company too. A meet that rates as one of the best.



figure4u is recommended by paul london 150lb

Had a great wrestle in March 2012 and look forwards to round 2. Ade is great guy to meet and wrestle and recommend match if you have not had pleasure of match already.



paul london 150lb is recommended by figure4u

Paul is an excellent guy to meet for a wrestle. Has strong resistance and knows how to apply holds. He has a fit body and looks like a real wrestler. Highly recommended



figure4u is recommended by matguy

Ade is a really skilled wrestler who likes to come out on top. Had a really enjoyable session with him, even though much of it was spent on my back in one or other of his submission holds. He is a really nice friendly guy to meet and do business with!



matguy is recommended by figure4u

An excellent meet. Paul's an intelligent friendly guy who is good company. On the mats he has admirable stamina and is always working out his next move so his opponent can't afford to relax. Uses his legs impressively particularly through the grapevine and headscissors. Impresses on the tactile side of wrestling and is highly recommended.



figure4u is recommended by duncanuk

It's clear from the start that Figure4u is very experienced and strong. Several times, instead of a nice gentle tie up I was put straight into a skull-bending headlock and from then on it wasn't easy to launch any effective counter-attacks. I know full well I didn't experience Ade at max power and that he held back so the meetup would be a little more even. - a sort of kindness, even if my body was dealt with rather harshly.

Happily, there were breaks for intelligent chat, and Ade is a very amiable companion.

I'll be looking to learn a couple of new tactics and then have a re-match. I won't win but it would be good to see some improvement.



duncanuk is recommended by figure4u

Had one of my best ever wrestling meets with this guy. Keith is sociable and the wrestle took place in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. Physically he has a strong upper body and legs which you don't fully appreciate until you get to grips with him. Keith also looks fit in a pair of speedos and so his appearance on the mats i rate highly too. Keeps his opponents on the back foot and is an intelligent grappler. A fantastic find and hope i get to meet him many more times.



figure4u is recommended by reslograppler

Had a good time with Ade, very friendly and sociable host. Good strong wrestler and well worth meeting.



reslograppler is recommended by figure4u

Had a good time grappling Gareth and he knows how to conduct himself as a wrestler. Well worth inviting this guy on to the mats.



figure4u is recommended by Reslo

Recently wrestled Figure4u and had a great match. He's fit and strong....... a great opponent to take on. Its evident he has technique and is well a skilled. Enjoyed the challenge of wrestling a confident guy who clearly at home on the mats. Outside of this, a really nice guy worth getting to know, honest and authentic. Looking forward to wrestling him again.



Reslo is recommended by figure4u

This guy is the perfect wrestle meet. On the mats he's physically fit and uses intelligent wrestling moves. Even if you have him caught in a hold you know that he will have an escape route. Off the mats he's a hospitable host and a entertaining and fascinating conversationalist. A pleasure to have have met Reslo.



northfighter is recommended by figure4u

Had a brilliant session with this guy. Good company and has a fit body.