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jobber here looking for power exchange - gut/chest punching, submission holds, bear hugs, leg locks.... discreet and looking for nsa fun with guys that can host. New to the site.... but have enjoyed being gut punched for a while, so want to expand limits and see how much power I can take. even just being pinned down by a bigger guy can be enjoyable for me. realized there are a lot of real wrestlers here - which i am not.....but willing to learn or open to being a guy for you to practice your moves/holds on.

Fantasized about a man with BIG biceps putting me in sleeper.... but very nervous obviously. Would love to find someone I can get comfortable with who is experienced so that I can be put out.

Really love having my gut pounded. I offer this challenge to any heels or gut punchers out there:
- if you punch my gut and I have to beg you to stop - YOU WIN
- if you punch my gut and I outlast you and you can't punch anymore - I WIN
Both cases I win (LOL)... but I do like the thought of a guy having to stop, that means I have taken EVERYTHING he can possibly give. Wanna punch?



  1. USA - New Jersey, Cherry Hill
    Place of residence
  2. USA - New York, Rochester
    (I'm here between 5/03/2019 and 5/06/2019)
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Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 225 lbs (102 kg)

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jerseyjobber is recommended by NickZ

First match this morning with jerseyjobber, we had a good roll and he can take a lot of abuse to the gut and chest. :) Looking forward to rematch.



NickZ is recommended by jerseyjobber

met NickZ today for our first- of hopefully many - matches. he really worked me over good. he was able to easily handle me in spite of the considerable weight difference. respectful of limits, but knows when to push them a little further.



jerseyjobber is recommended by BobL1957

The Jersey Jobber had a Full Healthy gut. He wore a revealing singlet. His full gut was wide open to abuse. I enjoyed working him over, making him moan, and hearing him beg for me to stop. Really enjoyed the feeling of his beaten Hot belly on me. Thanks buddy



BobL1957 is recommended by jerseyjobber

had a great time meeting BobL1957. sexy tight muscled body, and he really knew how to work a jobber's belly. despite having about 60 pounds on this little guy...he really was able to control me and bend me to his will...wearing me down and making me tap for some relief. look forward to more matches - hopefully lasting longer and possibly even out-lasting him. a very nice man outside the match as well....if you get the chance, take it and enjoy.



jerseyjobber is recommended by RocRassler

Jersey put the challenge out to me to see if I could dish out more than his gut could take punch-wise...and I accepted. I'll let him tell u who won that challenge... (Spoiler alert: Me).
Very friendly guy who can take some serious blows to his midsection. I got a good workout in meeting him. Definitely recommend...



RocRassler is recommended by jerseyjobber

I can't recommend RocRassler enough! The man is a handsome powerful STUD...with a ripped muscular body. I challenged him to see if he could beat me into submission, and he did. I enjoyed every minute of it....he has the knowledge to know the right amount of power I was looking for. After each round, he would toss me down and put me in some wrestling holds - including feeling his big round bicep pressed against my neck. although it was a 1-sided beat down, I bet his abs could take a beating as anyone who has the chance to take him on - should! He might make me 'pay' for this...but as intimidating as he looks, he couldn't be a nicer guy.



jerseyjobber is recommended by Bikerguy516

Jerseyjobber is a lot of fun if you are into gutpunching and a great guy when the gloves come off. He was able to take some pretty hard punches and although he is mostly a jobber, he was a good sport letting me feel some of his punches as well (to my gut and to my chest, at my request) since I like both give and take when it comes to body punches. I especially enjoyed giving him some combination punches (1-2-1-4-3-2 for example) with the final punch being hard enough to knock him down. Not enough to hurt him but enough for him to feel the punching power which I know he enjoyed. I enjoyed our punch exchange and recommend him to anyone who likes gutpunching.



Bikerguy516 is recommended by jerseyjobber

had a great time trading punches. I am not much of a puncher, so I don't know how I did...but he gave me a nice warm bruised gut during our session. knocked me down a few times and definitely 'won' the match. look forward to another meet with him. he has a great feel for knowing when to ramp it up or back off a bit, so I bet he would be great with new comers or experienced guys



jerseyjobber is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Met Jerseyjobber and had a great time. Showed him some boxing basics then we gloved up for some intense gut punching. He can take some really good shots and with a little more training he will be delivering shots with mean intention. Great guy off the mats, too we really hit it off and highly recommend him.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by jerseyjobber

What an amazing time with Coach. As my first 'match' in a ring, Coach was the perfect teacher. A great guy that makes you feel at ease, and working on my gut was the best punching I've taken. Very good at knowing how far to go, when to stop, when I was looking for more even though I wasn't asking for it. Great guy to hang out with also.... if you are ever in Baltimore, Coach can teach you or give a great match.