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At NYC Wrestlefest through the morning of Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017, wanna wrestle?

Always up for a good match, have a basement mat room
in Staten Island, New York City USA near Staten Island Ferry, do mostly submission and freestyle/collegiate wrestling, have lots of endurance and like long sweaty intense hard-fought matches for competition and fun with guys up to about 190 lb. (that limit's definitely not written in stone though), fun but also a good workout. 4% bodyfat, 162 somatotype, 36 resting heart rate.

Hillside XX was a blast, see you there in 2017 at #21. 2015 pics at

Enjoy going to various wrestling events and also hold my own events sometimes. Ask me about Sunday afternoon open mats on Staten Island. Photos from Hillside, Okie Rumble and Wrestlefest on the website:

See you on the mats!



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Gut punching, Rip and strip


  1. USA - New York, Staten Island, NY
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host.


Age: 52-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 5'5" (165 cm), 124 lbs (56 kg)

Languages spoken: Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Macedonian, Serbian

Gear: singlets, shorts, squarecuts, speedos, jeans, whatever (flexible)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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NickZ is recommended by FLASH1025

Wrestled NickZ a while back and REALLY want a rematch. Excellent skill, superior strength and gets his "second wind" when everyone else is ready to collapse. This guy can wrestle all day and not tire out. I can not recommend him highly enough. If you do wresle him, you bring your best, as he's always at his.



whowantsbrunch is recommended by NickZ

Had a good and enjoyable match with whowantsbrunch. He's fun and feisty, can take a lot and come back for more and more and more. :) Looking forward to our next match.



JFighter is recommended by NickZ

Been wrestling JFighter for years, he's a great guy to wrestle, he's strong, competitive and fun and has lots of stamina for those long submission matches with striking.



NickZ is recommended by Roodle0p

Nickz is a small firecracker with a huge spirit for wrestling and body punching. Strong, fast, determined, and playful. Had a great time. Looking forward to the next time I get to wrestle him again



NickZ is recommended by hellcatedy

Nick is a energetic wrestler who enjoys rough housing. His ripped hairy body helps the whole heel persona come alive. I enjoyed being racked, and hope to wrestle more.



NickZ is recommended by Fighter1983J

Tough as nail and great guy. Looking forward to wrestling him again. Check him out. Learn a lot from this guy. Love wrestling him. Friendly but know this be ready to go at it



NickZ is recommended by atwoodfred

Was looking forward to meeting Nick and finally did. It was well worth the wait. We had a kind of combo boxing/wrestling session. I of course recommend Nick, a well-rounded guy with wide range of interests.



NickZ is recommended by austinwrestle

Nick is the real deal. Strong, skilled, reliable, and always enthusiastic. He is a gracious host who will kick your butt! Wrestle this guy and you will have done yourself a favor. Always a great time - he has become a long time and much valued friend as well as formidable opponent.



NickZ is recommended by Gurgun

I meet this guy during my US trip. He is really strong and skilled, but also very polite and nice. HIGHLY recommended!!



Gurgun is recommended by NickZ

Just wrestled Peter for the first time, nice guy, good workout, went for over an hour. Looking forward to a rematch.



NickZ is recommended by chompsticks

Finally met nick and what a match! Was a blast to wrestle submission with striking. He can go non stop for hours! Really can't wait to meet up again. Look him up if you're in the area.



chompsticks is recommended by NickZ

Just had first match with Paul; had a good enjoyable workout, he's strong and skilled and it was 2 1/2 hours of nonstop sub with striking along with Rick, looking forward to a rematch.



NickZ is recommended by piledriverva

Nick = Energizer Bunny

Incredible stamina and a positive attitude is what makes wrestling with Nick a pleasure. One of these days I will pin him for a three count!



piledriverva is recommended by NickZ

always fun taking on BJ, wrestling with lots of pounding, er, striking; we sweated up a storm at the Wrestlefest, and then we had a match with a 105-lb mutual friend (blarger) to cover all the poles of weight.



NickZ is recommended by Norcalfur

July, 2015: Another fun session with my old pal, Nick, always miss him when I haven't seen him for a while. Love his enthusiasm for the sport! He's an inspiration for us all!



Norcalfur is recommended by NickZ

Got to roll with Jeff again this past Friday and had a good, fun submission match. Extra recommendation points for the gut punching. :)




NickZ is recommended by Wrestleperson

The wrestling guru who humbles all doubters. Organizer of wrestling parties. Puncher of abs.



Wrestleperson is recommended by NickZ

He's a great guy to wrestle. Steve and I had an energetic rematch today; he came over around 11:30 and we hit the mats, two long rounds, till 4pm. Whether you do freestyle or submission or both, you won't be disappointed taking him on.



NickZ is recommended by Tanker

Nick is a very nice person and a welcoming host., with a good sense of humour. Earlier this week I attended a wrestling party & barbecue at his house on Staten Island. It was a lot of fun in a nice relaxed atmosphere.
As a wrestler he is one of the lighter guys, but as many of us Heavyweights know to our cost, size is't everything! He is very strong fast & skilled. Once your caught there is no escape! I think he would give most guys on here a run for their money. Thanks again Nick had a ball.



Tanker is recommended by NickZ

Enjoyed wrestling Tanker at Memorial Day wrestleBBQ. Nice guy, good match, looking forward to a rematch sometime.



Lkg2trn is recommended by NickZ

Just had first match with Lkg2trn. Worked out for almost 3 hours, good sub match, looking forward to next match.



newwrestle is recommended by NickZ

Strong, flexible wrestler who likes all-out competition, always a great match, highly recommended. :)



NickZ is recommended by BoyToy Wonder

No doubt about it, NickZ is one badass opponent! Totally disproved my misconceptions about older wrestlers. You'd better bring your A Game when stepping on the mat against this guy!



BoyToy Wonder is recommended by NickZ

BTW is a feisty and skilled opponent and we had a good match at the Wrestlefest.



Blarger is recommended by NickZ

enjoyed wrestling Blarger, great match, and yes the weight is no typo. :)



NickZ is recommended by calwrestler

Nick is a great guy.....inexhaustible! I outweigh him by alot, but I think I only got one, if any, submissions from him in hours of wrestling! MUCH tougher than he looks! Take him on! I get another crack at this tough guy in Feb in nyc......lookin forward to it! Wrestled Nick again,,and again and again and again! If you know what I mean.. =) We had great matches, round robins, some punching , laughs....good conversations! This guy should be on the wrestling yearbook cover! Wrestled him again yesterday…Feb '15 and we both got in some great punches lol…..The dude will NOT submit to my head scissors !



calwrestler is recommended by NickZ

Great guy for hours of aggressive wrestling! We've had 3 sessions so far; the last two were at the 2013 Wrestlefest where we did a round robin then just kept going afterwards.



NickZ is recommended by pshawfocus

What a nice welcoming guy. Unfortunately I can't really add much to that already mentioned on here; he's a dynamo, very strong abs, creative gut puncher / punchee. In great shape, he puts many 'gym bunnies' to shame and he knows the what and why to exercise healthily rather than just being a slave to having big biceps and pecs. Doubtless he's a great wrestler too - meet with 100% confidence.



pshawfocus is recommended by NickZ

Gary is a nice guy, he's in shape and can give – and take – a good punch. Enjoyed balancing knees, knuckles, dowels and more on abs besides a good general ab workover. Had a great time and looking forward to our next ab workout.



NickZ is recommended by TxWrestle

Nick has unbelievably energy and never stops coming at you. Despite his small size, I always had my hands full. Great wrestler and all round good guy. Wrestle him if you get the chance.



TxWrestle is recommended by NickZ

Mark and I enjoyed some good matches at the memorable Okie Rumble. He's a good guy and a skilled sub wrestler, hit him up if you're in Austin.



NickZ is recommended by Ruffbear7

Nick is the absolute best, tuffest man I have ever had the pleasure to roll with. His way of greeting me is a hard fist to the gut and a salacious grin. Any contact with his amazing body gives me a huge hormone rush and reminds me why I am gay (as if I needed reminders). If I had the money, I would take the train to Manhattan and head to Staten Island every week for his open mats just to learn and have fun. Did I mention he can take anything and everything guys can dish out? He was in my room once being manhandled by four guys and besting them. On top of that, he has a personality and heart of gold. My desire is to spend a few hours slowly removing his clothes and ruffly exploring every inch of his hard otter body.



NickZ is recommended by bdjockboy

Nick is a GREAT wrestling, patient teacher and I am proud to call him a friend!



NickZ is recommended by Yngrasslr00

One of my favorite wrestlers of all time, glad to know the Beast from East who probably comes as close to unstoppable as I have met so far. Stamina for days (literally) and seemingly has the entire lexicon of freestyle and amateur styles stored in his tight lean body. Never miss a chance to meet this epic wrestler and awesome teacher as well. All around great person and an awesome host. Highly Recommended!!



Yngrasslr00 is recommended by NickZ

Always a great match with Yngrasslr00, and looking forward to the next rematch. We've had a number of matches, 1on1, group practices and the Wrestlefests, and this wiry, scrappy dude will take on big and small opponents and everything in between, for a good, fun, long, intense mat workout.



NickZ is recommended by darkk

Had an amazing time with Nickz. He's an amazing wrestler and incredibly strong. He enjoys the ab abuse as much as I do and that was the highlight of everything.



darkk is recommended by NickZ

We had a nice long submission match for at least 2 hours, a good workout and lots of fun. Great guy to wrestle. He has good instincts and endurance, and can give and take a lot of gut punching and ab abuse too, which was a big plus. :)



NickZ is recommended by nypython

Highly recommend if you want to build up your skill and endurance. Great person to know also. Thanks Nick!



Johan is recommended by NickZ

Wrestled Johan several times, always have a great match with him – look him up when in Rome!



NickZ is recommended by speedowrestle

It was an honour to meet Nick during a short stay in NYC. He was generous enough to treck across town to where I was staying, while I got settled in. He was also very understanding about my jet-lag, and relative lack of experience, and we enjoyed a good hotel match despite our differences in weight and skill. Nick is made of solid iron, looks great in speedos, and knows how to do just about any wrestling move. Also, I think he could have gone on for many hours, but I was done for after being tied up in knots for only one.
I would definitely recommend meeting Nick if you get the chance. He could take on someone double my size with no problem. And a real gent too. Thank you.



NickZ is recommended by RuffFightChallenge

Nick is one of the toughest wrestlers of his size I've ever met. In super shape and great to wrestle. Don't pass up an opportunity to roll with him



Stuart7638 is recommended by NickZ

Stuart and I were scheduled to wrestle and he kept the appointment despite a fairly serious leg injury. We drilled moves and wrestled without affecting the injury and had a good session. This was done on a hardwood floor also, not on mats. He's a focused guy on the mats, a good opponent and a nice guy off the mats.



NickZ is recommended by enthusiast

Nick is a great wrestler, a great host, and a great guy. Always have a good time with him, whatever is going on. Talk about someone who can take a lot of punishment, and bounce back for more. My hat's off to him!



enthusiast is recommended by NickZ

Enthusiast is strong, skilled, can dish it out and take it, always enjoyable to wrestle and yes enthusiastic. :-D



NickZ is recommended by Roughmatch

Smallest guy I've ever wrestled. Lean and mean. Nicknamed the "Energizer Bunny" because of his endless stamina. I've seen him wrestle multiple guys over a space of just a few minutes. Doesn't like his action real rough but don't be fooled. He usually makes me tap out to a cradle every time. Excellent wrestler in collegiate and submission. Great host. Nice attitude. Willing to teach. One of my best buds on and off the mats. Love the impromptu fights he starts, even when there are no mats. He comes highly recommended. He will wrestle guys twice his size and often make them tap.



Roughmatch is recommended by NickZ

Great guy to wrestle. We've had lots of matches including a memorable and very rough match at the Okie Rumble, and a more recent sub match with an audience in the boxing ring of my gym (after a match on the home mats and a workout at said gym). Rough sub and striking's all cool. Look him up if you're in the area.



OKWRSTLMARK is recommended by NickZ

Wrestled Mark at the Okie Rumble. He's strong, skilled and fun, highly recommended. Look him up if you're headed to Oklahoma City.



NickZ is recommended by howareya

I have never met anyone with more enthusiasm for wrestling than Nick. He is very strong, tough and quick-he has endless amounts of energy. Also, he's a very experienced and fearless wrestler. Most of all, Nick is fun-it may be possible that this guy smiles more than I do!



howareya is recommended by NickZ

Zach is a new guy here on the site, but is no newbie to wrestling and grappling. He has good skills on the mats and good instincts, and we went for at least 3 hours on our first match (one loses track of time in good matches like that). He's a friendly guy to hang with off the mats too.



NickZ is recommended by njmuscguy1

nick is a great wrestling partner and friend i can always expect a hard fought tough match that can go for as long as i want because nick never tires out hes a fearless competitor and is always ready to wrestle. always looking forward to our next match



njmuscguy1 is recommended by NickZ

Just done with another match with Rick and looking forward to the next one. Always enthusiastic for a match, great instincts, strong, competitive and motivated.



NickZ is recommended by jonesy908

My guru is Nick, a friend who always makes you feel like you asked for it! Tough as a pit bull but friendly as a lab.Ripped, hot and skilled at furnishing beatdowns with a smile. Remember to scratch him behind the ears... I would go back for more in a second.



jonesy908 is recommended by NickZ

Always a pleasure to wrestle. I've known him for years and have had lots of great matches with him, and looking forward to more. He's real and a man of his word and in the rare event he needs to cancel, he'll give plenty of notice and it'll only be for a good reason.



FlDean2012 is recommended by NickZ

Dean and I have wrestled a lot both at WINS Club (which was a great resource for the wrestling community) and at the NYC Wrestlefest. Had a great nine-hour-long match with him once. The most recent match being at the Wrestlefest, always good to meet up and wrestle once again. Needless to say, he's a nice guy, honest and won't flake on you either!



NickZ is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I've met and wrestled Nick on several occasions. He's strong, fast, knows lots of ways to keep his opponents grounded, and has plenty of ways to gain submission victories. This guy can literally go on for hours and not tire. HIGHLY recommended, especially for those looking for a challenge.



NYwrestlerman is recommended by NickZ

Wrestled Jason several times, most recently at the NYC Wrestlefest; he's a good feisty & strong wrestler with lots of endurance (our last match was 2 hours long).



NickZ is recommended by Brown Bomber

just finished wrestling NickZ and once again he wore me out and STILL was not tired. But it's fun..if you tap he'll stop but expect a workover before you do. And this "ham" LOVES the camera so if you like taking pictures this is your guy and he has no problem showing his face in them. A fun guy on and off the mats.



NickZ is recommended by bulldogwrst

Nick and I meet at the OKIE Rumble years ago and we have had several matches over the years. He is very skilled and quick on the mat. He will wrestle at your intensity level. He is a great guy on and off the mats.



toro is recommended by NickZ

Just had first match with Allan, he's a good wrestler and a nice guy off the mats too. He's strong and we went for over an hour, sweating up a storm with submission wrestling and pec and ab punching. Thanks for a great match!



NYCgrappler is recommended by NickZ

NYCgrappler is a great guy to wrestle, very skilled and can work with opponents of varying skill levels from beginner to advanced. We've been wrestling since 2002 and he is a good friend as well as a wrestling opponent who won't disappoint.
If you're an experienced submission wrestler, you'll have a great match, and if you need to brush up on your arm bars then he's your man too. :)



NickZ is recommended by musclewrestlervienna

wow, great guy on and off the mats!! very strong and extremely fast, had no chance but really enjoyed it. And Nick has abs like steel, impossible to break. He also likes to punch, so better expect it tough. Any time again!



NickZ is recommended by BobL1957

Hope to wrestle with Nick again. He has incredible abs. I enjoyed testing those abs while someone else held on to him.



BobL1957 is recommended by NickZ

Bob is a strong guy with good instincts and it was a pleasure to roll with him on the mats at the New Year's Eve Round-Robin. And yes he can take and dish out some nice solid punches to the gut too.



NickZ is recommended by Mighty Mongo

Nick is a great guy to wrestle. You want a challenge take on this little ball of energy. No matter what I did to him he kept coming back. If you don't wrestle Nick because of his size then you're an idiot. He got more heart on the mats than most people I know.



NickZ is recommended by mikeswuk

nick is a great guy, strong, skilled and tireless. a great wrestle.



mikeswuk is recommended by NickZ

Wrestle him! Mike is strong and skilled in freestyle as well as submission, is always up for a match, and has the endurance to go for hours – or rather, days.



NickZ is recommended by Kruhn

To call Nick a force of nature is a gross libel to earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes.The first word that comes to mind when wrestling Nick would be "fearless". This man will gladly (perhaps a little to cheefully at times) will take on any and all opponents regardless of size and weight. I am 2 1/2 times bigger and twice his height and took me on. I won, but he got a tap on me. And afterwards...

All in all, Nick is a great guy and I am very pleased to have met him. I look forward to wrestling him again very soon.



Kruhn is recommended by NickZ

It was a pleasure to meet Rafael at this year's Hillside wrestling weekend. Highly recommended. He's strong and skilled and always up for a fight. Sure there was that 172-lb weight difference, but enjoyed the challenge. Looking forward to a rematch at future events.



NickZ is recommended by wrestle4pins

NickZ is the real deal. A true athlete. A fine man. A unique individual. Highly recommend.



NickZ is recommended by NYleanmuscle

Tough will always remember that you wrestled him!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by NickZ

Great guy to wrestle, highly recommended. We've been wrestling for 11 years and counting. Reliable, strong opponent who can go for hours, your mats or his.



NickZ is recommended by Raywrestle

Nick is a very fine, honest person, feisty, just goes and goes, and is not afraid to wrestle with guys larger than him. I enjoyed wrestling with him at the Okie even though he pinned and wrapped me up, I had no chance. I recommend this wonderful person to anyone!



NickZ is recommended by RojoLion

Definitely one of the toughest and strongest wrestler's I've ever faced. Have met him a few times and each time was better than the last. If you are up for a challenge, if you want to see what you are made of, take him on, you won't be disappointed. He's a friendly, respectful, fun guy, great to spend time with on and off the mats. The significant weight advantage (85 lbs) I had on him meant nothing as he's all muscle and will manhandle bigger guys as his superior cardio wears you down before he attacks over and over. If body punching during a match is your thing, you have found your man here...still can't get the sound of his giggling out of my head at each punch I connected, before he unloaded on me.
Can't wait for our next match.



NickZ is recommended by hashbock

If you're heavier than Nick, don't let his weight fool you. It's all muscle and he knows how to use it. Great stamina and flexibility also. Great wrestling experience. I'm hoping to get back on the mats with him again sometime.



NickZ is recommended by Wrestlg

Always Fun to Wrestle With!
He's a Great Part of Our World!
He Gives Out what he wants to get Back!
Good Advice for All of us!



Wrestlg is recommended by NickZ

great guy to wrestle, had lots of matches with Glenn since 2002. Strong & skilled, good at freestyle as well as sub.



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