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From Mumbai - India. I'm into Lift & Carry. Love to get lifted & carried by strong, muscled men. Also into muscle worship. Getting in shape, open to trying out fights.



  1. India, Mumbai
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Hindi

Gear: Singlets, shorts, topless

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liftmeinyourarms is recommended by Rakeshc0493

Awesome fight



liftmeinyourarms is recommended by Arjoun

I met Gaurav at his house after one week of chatting. We started with a lifting session. He enjoyed my lifting him. It was easy to lift him, and I lifted him in different ways for a long time. After that we started to wrestle, but he tapped out within a few min saying I was too strong for him. So we continued with our lifting session. After that he took me out for an awesome lunch. He has become my best friend in Mumbai. Strong muscled guys, go lift and carry him, you'll love it.



Arjoun is recommended by liftmeinyourarms

For someone with a slim built, this guy is incredibly strong! We've spent more time doing Lift & Carry than wrestling, because he can lift me up very easily and especially because I stand no chance against his strength in a match. The last time we met, I suggested we wrestle, and it took us less than 10 minutes to complete 6 rounds, all of which he won!
Arjoun is a friendly chap under his veil of strength. He's well mannered and cultured. Often misunderstood as rude or boastful though.
We've met a several times and developed a nice friendship.
Definitely recommended as a friend and as a fight buddy!



liftmeinyourarms is recommended by yuvraj2123

my second opponent from MF....when I met dis guy... I thought it will be very easy for me to crush him down...but I was wrong... though I made him tap down all 3 times,it was really tough fr me to make my move... strong legs.... great strength and a wonderful host.... he is a tough guy.... if u r really looking out fr a tough competition.... he is the man



yuvraj2123 is recommended by liftmeinyourarms

After 2 days of chatting when we both confessed that we are beginners at wrestling, we finally met up at my house. I was pleased to see this perfectly muscled young man as he came in through my door - a guy with a handsome face, brown eyes, lovely smile and a wonderful strong body. We quickly laid down the mattresses and I suggested we should begin with some Lift and Carry. He lifted me in a bearhug like I weighed nothing with a comment, "You're so easy to lift!" I too had the pleasure of lifting him up.

This was followed by a strength stance, him against me for a minute or so, until he skillfully lifted me up in a cradle and crashed me down on the mattress. We had a long round of a 'no rules' wrestling match until he stretched out my shoulders and I had to tap out. We did a total of 3 nice long rounds, all of which he won. He was generous to mention that I gave him a tough fight - I take that as a consolation ;) We could have gone longer, but we were short of time.

The best part about wrestling with this new buddy was that he gave me the confidence that I could fight too. I have always underestimated myself in this activity, but he changed my perception. I will always be thankful to him for this.

I highly recommend Yuvraj for wrestling matches. He may be a beginner, but he does not seem so. He's strong with holds, grips and lifts, and a real pleasure to wrestle with. I hope to meet him often and I look forward to develop my strength and skills with his help.



sameer is recommended by liftmeinyourarms

Sameer has become a regular MeetFighters pal. He's got this cocky attitude which makes it fun having him around. He's straightforward and frank. What I love most about him is that each time as soon as he comes in through my door, he lifts me up over his shoulders instantly before I can say a word! It's like a quick show of strength and we both enjoy it. We usually do 2 parts in our meets - first a nice Lift & Carry session (I love being over his shoulders while he shows off his power and dominance), followed by a wrestling session. Initially I used to win against him, but off late he's become much stronger and more muscular, and that makes me tap out.



liftmeinyourarms is recommended by rehann13


It was fun meeting this guy for a lift and carry session. He's lighter in weight n easy to lift him. He adjusts to the body position. At first, I was skeptic about how the lift and carry would be like, but nevertheless I decided to give it a go. I went to the hotel he lived in, while he was at Bangalore. As I knocked at his door, he opened it with a smile, wearing a vest which read 'No Pain No Gain'. I went in and with in few minutes, we started our lift n carry. At first it was exhausting but later I got used to lifting him. Tried various lifts like shoulder lift, bear hug, etc. It was a great calorie burning exercise personally. He's a very friendly chap who keeps the conversation going. Thanks for letting me lift you mate!! We will meet again.



rehann13 is recommended by liftmeinyourarms

When I opened the door to receive Rehann, I was pleasantly surprised to see a much bigger man that I had expected. He's a handsome, tall, polite guy, and chatting with him was fun. Within a few minutes, we started our Lift and Carry session. I was very pleased at the ease with which he lifted me over his shoulders and in his arms in various positions. To add to my excitement, I also had the pleasure of feeling up his big, hard biceps. Rehann had initially suggested that we should also do some competitive wrestling, but I guess he seemed to enjoy the lifting part so much that a wrestling match was forgotten. We both agreed that one cannot truly realise the pleasure and excitement of a Lift and Carry session unless one actually does it.
It was wonderful meeting Rehann, and I'm sure I'll meet him on all my trips to Bangalore. We connected, both - for the session, and as friends. Wonderful guy to spend time with. Definitely recommended :)



jaym1990 is recommended by liftmeinyourarms

Strong strong strong guy! Rocky biceps, and the most awesome and powerful legs I've ever seen. He lifted and carried me like I weighed nothing! I also witnessed his aggressive match with another friend. I strongly recommend Jay for matches, strength comparison, muscle worship and more.
PS: He's a very nice, friendly guy :)