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Age 43
Height 5'11" (181 cm)
Weight 139 lbs (63 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Speedos, singlets
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  1. Brazil, Plano Piloto

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Match structure: Even match, Workout partner, Looking for coach

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, Stakes

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, CBT, Muscle worship

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I love to gutpunch fit guys. Nothing hotter than a muscular guy begging me to stop punching his abs. Tried some wrestling a couple of times and i want to keep learning. Also love to worship the muscles of strong men. Erotic wrestling with stakes is the best ;) Favorite holds are schoolboy pin and full nelson.

I am on watchfighters now. I hope to have lots of videos there soon. Enjoy 😈


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markweis is recommended by ProSubinCA

Incredible guy. Was my first time taking an ab punching workover. Was hot. Markweis is very good looking with a great body which made everything even hotter. Easy to chat with and super nice in person. So glad we could meet while he was here and looking forward to meeting again. Highly recommend.



ProSubinCA is recommended by markweis

We had an awesome gutpunching session and even though it was his first time doing it he took my punches like a pro. ProSubinCA is incredibly hot and handsome which makes it even more fun to work over his muscular body. Definitely recommend and i hope to meet him again soon for more fun times 😈



markweis is recommended by jobberjayse

Damn, this "punk" sure packs a wallop; and to have them coming at your abs and pex (along with a few torso kicks from his lean limber legs) did end up being too much for me. Still, I know I impressed him some with how much my now bruised midsection could take. All in, it was a short but hot as heck encounter. I plan to take much more, if there's ever a next time, and claim my prize, too. Just be ready, PUNK! (And any of you guys wanting a smaller, younger dude to cut your coach-self down to size: get with this smart-ass stud. You won't regret it—though your abs will!)



jobberjayse is recommended by markweis

I had a hot gutpunching session with "coach" when i visited San Francisco. He took as much as he could, but in the end he asked me to stop. He tried to wrestle me a little bit, but he knew who was in command 😈 Highly recommend him if you ever come to SF and get a chance to put this stud in his place



markweis is recommended by tallfitldn

A short but great fun meeting. markweis started with giving my abs a quick workover with some firm punches. Then we had a training session and showed him some straightforward holds and pins - I think he particularly liked the fig4 headlock ;) Really nice guy and would love a long match with him. Highly recommended.



tallfitldn is recommended by markweis

Super nice guy, showed me a few holds and moves. Had a short meeting, but i would recommend him to anybody coming to London. Hope to see you next time i am in town.



markweis is recommended by calad100

Had a really good wrestle with this guy, he’s strong, keen and will give you a good gut punch if you let him. He’s also very easy to get along with and was great company. I would definitely recommend meeting him if you can.



calad100 is recommended by markweis

Really nice guy, cuter than in his pics, welcoming and great company. On the mats, strong and fast, but also a bit tricky, so dont let your guard down. It was super cool to meet calad100, i would definitely recommend him.



markweis is recommended by Itabsgp

markweis kindly hosted me for an intense(!) gutpunching session. He is a truly passionate puncher, who really knows what to do, how to set up the scene and take care of all details (including music, taking nice pics and vids). With him you will easily get tied up and blindfolded (if you want), and it will not be just for soft punches...But he is very respectful of your limits so you can trust him 100%. Moreover he is a very nice guy to chat with. Absolutely recommended!



Itabsgp is recommended by markweis

I had the pleasure of meeting him for a gutpunching session. He took punch after punch for more than one hour. The pictures here don't do him justice. He has a perfect body with solid rock hard muscles. It was a lot of fun working over those abs. Very nice guy to talk to. Absolutly recommend meeting him.



markweis is recommended by CedricAugsburg

Mark was great fun to meet, really interesting guy and a mean sadistic puncher when it comes to domination. Gut punching was a fantasy of mine and seeing his profile made me want to try and i couldnt have dreamt of a better initiation. None of it was easy or gentle though, my abs were bruised for days but that only brought back good memories ;-) I definitely recommend it to other maso guys or simply men wanting to prove to themselves they are no wimps and can take a beating



CedricAugsburg is recommended by markweis

Met him for his first gutpunching session and he took punches like a pro. Cool guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. Hope to meet him again in the future.



markweis is recommended by pshawfocus

A fun, hot meet with markweis at his hotel in London. He's in great shape and is an engaging hitter. Off the game, he's a friendly stimulating guy. Hope to meet next time he's in town.



pshawfocus is recommended by markweis

Very nice guy, amazing abs that took all i could throw at them for hours without giving up. A must if u are in London.



galmuscle is recommended by markweis

This guy is solid muscles all over! We had a gutpunching match and he took some strong punches. After that he showed me some wrestling moves but i was helpless because of his power and my lack of experience. Super nice guy off the mats, totaly recommended!



markweis is recommended by albyboxfight

Markweis is a cool guy, full of charme. He has a great, lean body, very well proportioned which can use very well in wrestling. However, his main interest is gutpunching and we did it: it was tough and very good, he's a cool and passionate puncher



albyboxfight is recommended by markweis

We had a short gutpunching session but it was fun. Alby is a great guy with a tight body. Totally recommended.


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