Member since 7.5 years
Age 39
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 152 lbs (69 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Languages spoken Chinese, English, Korean
Last login 10/05/2022
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  1. China, 九龍城區 Kowloon City District
    (I'm here from 8/20/2019)

I am willing to travel 2000 kilometers

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Looking for coach

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship

Fetishes: Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Into wrestling, massage, group wrestling.

I would also like to try various ways of playing wrestling as well. In Singapore, I have organized a wrestling session with 6 other wrestlers at the same time. We all fought 1 on 1 with each other. The winners then get blindfolded (submission wrestling on the bed) and wrestled with the loser so that the winners were less powerful. When the winner is blindfolded, a random player (or 2 players) will get on the bed to wrestle with the winner so the winners do not know who is the opponent so he cannot use his prior knowledge about the opponent in the game, which makes it more fun!

We also tried 1 vs. 2, 1 vs 3, 2 vs. 2 and 4 people free-fight. For the 4 people free-fight. All competitors will try to make one guy submit first and all of them don't know who is the first victim. After the first one is eliminated, then they try to eliminate the second, and the last one ... Nobody knows who will be the first one to get eliminated and whether they will be the first one, so it is quite an exciting game.

My time is flexible so I am free for wrestling for most time as well! Let's try to organize some group wrestling sessions if possible!


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patrickhk83 is recommended by Iobodeeps

Patrick is an awesome guy to meet with. First guy I chat with on MF actually haha ..I had lots of fun wrestling with him, although he is much stronger than me. We did different wrestling holds in our group match ... it was 2 on 2 and became 3 on 1 ...Also, he is the right guy to meet with if you'd like some fantasy type matches :) haha he has lots of different ideas !



patrickhk83 is recommended by Wrestlekl

Patrickhk83 is a fine gentleman, good looking and has a body to die for. It was fun to wrestle with this muscle-packed guy. I echo what the rest has commented, beware of his strong thighs! And thanks for the comforting massage.



patrickhk83 is recommended by hansanyan

I had a great time with partick , we have a pleasant meal ,
In the match , his's very strong muscle dominated me ;
Additionally, he was super nice guy off the mat, also reliable !

If you are interested in group wrestling match or Bondage & Discipline , Highly recommended and don't miss him !



patrickhk83 is recommended by Feather

Patrick organized a group wrestling when we met, and that’s the most extraordinary experience that I’ve ever encountered. He is passionate and creative, and made the match so much fun. Don’t even mention his super hot body! Don’t miss the chance to meet and wrestle him.



patrickhk83 is recommended by wslx ilbmg

We had a wonderful "tag team NO Rule match" in HK
Patrick looks much much much more stronger and hotter than in the picture. No doubt, he's energetic and great in strength. If you wanna dominate him, you need to try some other tricky way... XD



patrickhk83 is recommended by wrestlesub

Patrick is an amazing host. He arranged a group wrestling for 4of us and even invited 2 more guests. Patrick himself has amazing ripped body. He is strong and skillful and can endure a lot of submission holds.
It was fun, wrestling with him and do not hesitate to contact him if you like group wrestling.



wrestlesub is recommended by patrickhk83

It was fun wrestling with wreslesub in a group match when he visited Hong Kong. We all had fun in the group match in different combinations of people. Would like to try that again with him when he visit here!



patrickhk83 is recommended by Kevin

Interesting and friendly guy. He invited me to a group match. It was nice and great experience. I wrestled him and saw him wrestling. I can say that he has super endurance to not submit easily. Recommended!



lau is recommended by patrickhk83

I had a good time having a long and sweaty wrestling session with lau. He is a fit and cute boy who has a lot of power. We also had a good conversation after the match. I am sure that we will meet for wrestling again in the future!



patrickhk83 is recommended by RoyLee

Patrick is a tough wrestler, strong and skilled. I’m so thankful that he set up a fun group wrestling match when I was visiting Hong Kong. That’s the most interesting experience since I started wrestling. Looking forward to our next fight.



RoyLee is recommended by patrickhk83

I had fun wrestling with Roy while he was visiting Hong Kong. He is a young and cute boy who is eager to fight. Would like to fight with him again in the future!



hkhkdude is recommended by patrickhk83

Hkhkdude is a tall and strong guy and I introduced wrestling to him and this is his first time joining a wrestling match. I think he enjoyed a lot and he is interested to attend more wrestling match in the future!



razorfish is recommended by patrickhk83

Razorfish introduced me to this website and I have fought with him many times over the past few years. He is always the first one to invite whenever we have a group match in Hong Kong. He is always full of energy, He can even win the match when 3 of vs were fighting against him in a group wrestling match. He can even win when he got blindfolded or got his hands (or legs) tied up when we try to reduce part of his power. Surely his self-defense skill is already automatic no matter whether he can see his opponents or not! He is a person that you must not miss if he visits your country or if you have chance to visit Hong Kong!



patrickhk83 is recommended by TerryHK

Had long chat with Patrick before, and finally we got a chance to fight. Very interesting guy who is full of fancy ideas on how to organize wrestling matches to add fun. It will be a good experience for you to have 1 on 1 or group fight with him.



TerryHK is recommended by patrickhk83

I have fought with Terry several times in several group wrestling sessions with different combinations of people. I always had fun wrestling with him. Looking forward to our next group wrestling match!



patrickhk83 is recommended by abradtner

Patrick is amazing. He is a friendly guy and tough opponent with good wrestling skills and excellent stamina. He has a sturdy body and know how to use his strong arms and legs as deadly weapons. Glad to meet him.



abradtner is recommended by patrickhk83

Phat is a nice guy to wrestle with. He is strong and willing to try new ways to wrestle. Would like to wrestle with him again when I go to Ho Chi Minh City!



patrickhk83 is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is feisty with strong legs. He is resilient and does not submit easily, so I had to work harder to make him give up while still being safe. Nice guy off the mats.



patrickhk83 is recommended by scrasher

He is a very nice person. He got everything arranged for me. I had a group gutpunching session that I never thought would have been possible. Although I know gutpunching wasn't his main focus, he did it like a pro. He put me in a situation that I had been fantasizing about, and that was hot!



scrasher is recommended by patrickhk83

Pawin is a strong and cute guy, can handle a lot of gutpunching. I guess 2 of my friends and I punched him more than 1000 times together but he still say our punches were not hard enough. Next time we should find more people to practise gutpunching on him together! He is a tough guy!



patrickhk83 is recommended by Alan2005sg

Patrick has a nice body & strength that people would be admired with. We had a good time & looking forward to another re-match in the future.



patrickhk83 is recommended by Tigerrific

Patrick's forte is indeed his legs which he will use to twist yours. Coupled with those strong arms, he has a natural wrestler's build. Strong for his size. Expect to get 'tied up'



Tigerrific is recommended by patrickhk83

I fought with Matt 2 times. One time we tried pool wrestling in a private pool party and it was an unforgettable experience. If you like group wrestling you should meet him for sure!



patrickhk83 is recommended by Sparringbuddy

Strong fella. Can handle submissions fairly well for someone with no formal training. As everyone else says, he has strong legs. Felt those around my ribs and neck. Snug.

Really nice guy to chat with as well.

What you waiting for? Meet this dude!



Sparringbuddy is recommended by patrickhk83

Alex is a very experienced wrestler and I fought with him 2 times in Singapore. He is very strong and we can't even beat him in a 3 vs 1 match. He is willing to teach others new skill as well. Would love to meet and fight with him in SG or KL!
Apart from wrestling, the other fetish we played are also unforgettable.



patrickhk83 is recommended by muzz7

Patrickhk83 has the natural build of a wrestler with a solid upper body, strong arms and powerful thigh muscles. He has the potential to develop these into a very muscular physique. He is a tough opponent with a high pain threshold able to hold out against locks and arm bars much longer than many opponents. Even after being choked, he still has the energy to keep fighting. Off the mat, Patrickhk83 is a very friendly and intelligent guy.



muzz7 is recommended by patrickhk83

muzz7 is a strong and tough player with good wrestling and choking skills. I got choked many times during our sweaty session. He is one of the strongest guys I have ever wrestled with. You will enjoy wrestling with him by testing your personal limit and I am sure that you will be doing enough exercise throughout the game. Next time I should try 2 vs 1 wrestling with him to see whether he can still dominate us, haha!

He is also a very kind guy, advised me on many things in my work stuff in his area of expertise.



a strong guy with good pair of legs, and with training he will be a beast