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  1. Japan
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45-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 220 lbs (100 kg)


Nice to meet you. I like to be a professional wrestling.
Wrestling blog I'm writing.
Favorite move: camel clutch, Boston crab
English is not good
I'm sorry



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Judo Judo

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques

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tatsumi is recommended by Magnum JP

I and tatsumi have known each other for several years and had a hot wrestling matches several times.
The recent one with him was the first one since I registered in the meetfighters. We had give and take, pro style wrestling fights, and enjoyed an erotic battle in wearing Japanese traditional underwear fundoshi. That was also great!
He is very good at the moves and holds of professional wrestling. He has a great body to try to do some holds in safe and sane, especially camel clutches! He is a great guy, highly recommended!


[5] (32 votes)
tatsumi 3/05/2018

Superman Camel Clutch

Watched 1398 times.
[5] (42 votes)
tatsumi 2/03/2018

brutal boston crab2

Watched 2034 times.
[5] (31 votes)
tatsumi 1/29/2018

Boston Crab

Watched 1430 times.
[4_5] (30 votes)
tatsumi 1/23/2018

Scorpion Deathlock

Watched 2395 times.
[5] (18 votes)
tatsumi 8/19/2016

High angle in the brutal camel clutch

Watched 1409 times.
[4_5] (41 votes)
tatsumi 8/09/2016

Brutal camel clutch of masked man

Watched 1657 times.