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  1. USA - Texas, Abilene
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51-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 230 lbs (104 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts


GUYS WITH A "PAST OPPONENT" LIST STEP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE!!!!! I think most guys who are serious about wrestling will have: A Past Opponent List, Recommendation(s), and more than ONE picture.

No formal training here, just an “Advanced Novice”. Safe, Sane, competitive – YET jovial and friendly (not TOO friendly; see last sentence for more details!). As the name implies, I prefer pinfall, folk/freestyle over submission; however, SOME terms can be negotiated (again, see last sentence for more details!). Welcome serious, IN SHAPE challengers! Retired military; wrestled OFTEN with very in shape military men, and I WON way more than I lost! (Yeah, consider that a friendly warning!) 😈 Personally, I don’t care if you weigh less than me or more than me (actually prefer MORE)… I believe it aint the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog!

I’ve run into my share of FAKES and FLAKES, so if you want to have a meet’n for a beat’n, I’m going to expect to talk (phone conversation, FaceTime, Skype, etc.) in some form PRIOR to meeting up. Establishing a friendly rapport is just as important as the wrestling to me. Yes, I want a tuff match, and I want to have to work hard to take your lunch money, BUT I also want it to be friendly. I prefer matches where we shake hands after, and then maybe grab some lunch or dinner.

Ok, and now for the dreaded “last sentence”, because this is where I sometimes lose guys that I think would be AWESOME opponents! 😥

If it's under my shorts, in the words of Emperor Kuzco, "No touchy!" I’M NOT INTO SEX – NO SEX!!

UPDATE!! "No Sex" ALSO means you can't see my private parts, I DO NOT want to see yours, and I certainly DO NOT want to see you doing anything with your private parts!! 😡 Come on people, RESPECT works both ways!



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Not interested in fetishes

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Last modified: 6/11/2021

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Gacoast is recommended by the123champ

Took on Gacoast several years ago. FIRST, he's a real cool guy! Just nice talking to and hanging out with, which is very important to me. Almost as important is the ability to wrestle... AND HE CAN!! He's a large, SOLID boy, and we rolled for about an hour! He's so strong! Very respectful of boundaries, which is also very important to me. Really hope one day we can get Round 2 on!



Twotriangled is recommended by the123champ

Well, I was fortunate to take on one half of this Dynamic Duo many years ago. "MississippiJock" was still a BEAST even back then!! I remember those long and powerful arms and legs were like trying to fight off a group of anacondas! I would say one of the toughest opponents I've ever faced! Still hope to get the other half on the mats one day, too!



WrestlingBro is not recommended by the123champ

  • Unreliable / no show



Newbie101 is recommended by the123champ

    • Before wrestling, we were both screened for COVID!! **

That being said… WHAT A BLAST!!! Newbie is a damn TANK! His chest looks like a couple of throw pillows under a shirt; however, THEM AINT CUSHIONS! A couple of fury ROCKS! Trying to put a full-nelson on the boy is TOUPH, because I couldn’t get my arms around them broad shoulders! Luckily, I do have the skill advantage; HOWEVER, that aint gonna last long! I can’t wait for the next match! We’ve been chatting for weeks on Skype, and not only about wrestling. Newbie is just a super likable guy, and I consider him a good friend now.



the123champ is recommended by Wrestle4Fun50

He is very strong and a really nice guy.



Wrestle4Fun50 is recommended by the123champ

Wrestle4Fun was a great match! He's in great shape and he was very hospitable. Very strong! It's been many years, and i lost contact. Happy to see him on meetfighters and hope for a rematch!



WGA-Rassler is recommended by the123champ

This is a beast of a man and only one of an EXTREME few that I couldn't defeat. Don't assume! Because he didn't defeat me either! It was a draw... and I HATE draws! So guess we'll have to face off again, boi! Awesome guy: he receives my highest recommendations!

UPDATE 9/9/18: I have reasons, but I make NO excuses! Every dog has his day, and 2day was simply WGA-Rassler’s day.

FIRST, let me say… DO NOT LET HIS SIZE KEEP YOU FROM WRESTLING HIM! Does it make it harder to win?? OF COURSE! But I would rather add a dozen check marks to my “Loss” column than not face him at all! I had a BLAST!! He is strong, powerful, tenacious and… FUN!! I only got one win against this BEAST of a man, but that did not detract from outstanding exercise, incredible fun and pure camaraderie from wrestling. When next we meet, his @$$ is going to get BEAT! BANK ON IT! Until then, Y’ALL GIVE THIS BOY SOME PRACTICE!! I promise, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! I wish I was his next-door neighbor! Love this guy and consider him a very good friend.



the123champ is recommended by Galifter84

Such a great guy and wrestler. Brings a lot of skills to the mat both in defense and offense. If not for those skills maybe I'd have faired better lol. Good back and forth action and he's very friendly off the mats too. Has a huge love for wrestling which one appreciates. Highly recommended

*Update: Had as much fun in the second match as the first! Lol this guy is tough! Worked my muscles hard and I’m sore afterwards but a good hard fought match. He’s just as friendly as last time and a great guy to test your skills against!



Galifter84 is recommended by the123champ

Charismatic, intelligent and genuine with the heat of lion and the body of a Greek God! No words can do him justice. Tenacious and hard charging! If not for my skill advantage, he would have made short work of me. His bearhug left me gasping, his scissors nearly brought me to tears! Two days after and I was still sore all over. I am proud to call the BEAST of a young man a friend, and I pray for a rematch but would be content just having coffee with him. Great admiration for this young man, and BEST MATCH I’VE HAD IN A GREAT MANY YEARS!! (And THAT is saying something!) Hey Boi, I'm coming back for a rematch... BE READY!

SEOND MEETING: Holy $%&#, the boy is MO SWOLE than last time! Just when I thought it couldn’t’ get better, IT DOES! He worked me longer and harder than last time! We went THREE HOURS! Let me say, his pics DO NOT do him justice! Very muscular guy, and he knows how to use it! I might have had the lead on “most wins”… HOWEVER, GALifter for certain had the BEST VICTORY of the day! Rarely does anyone get a body scissor on me, and rarer to get a bear hug on me… HE GOT BOTH... AT THE SAME TIME!! It was like two sets of legs squeezing the life out of me. Fought it for as long as I could, but one I realized there was no way out, and the fact I needed AIR, I had to tap to his superior strength. Afterwards, we had dinner and great conversation. LOVE this guy! Like Tina Turner said… “Simply the BEST!”



bamawrestle is recommended by the123champ

It's been a long time since my match with Bamawrestle, but I remember it well! Bama is a SOLID boy! Very strong, and he put up a great match! He was also just a great guy to hang out with and talk to. Extremely likable. I certain would recommend wrestling with Bama if you have the chance, and I certainly hope to get a rematch one day.



the123champ is recommended by BullCop

The champ is a big, strong man with dominating skills. We worked some bjj and freestyle. He's a great competitor who goes at a level to insure mutual pleasure. Like all good fighters, the champ loves rolling and will lock up with other fighters, regardless of size or skill level. Off the mat we had a great time swapping stories and getting to know each other. You need to track him down if you want some serious fun.



BullCop is recommended by the123champ

Such an awesome guy, AND THAT'S NO BULL! In phenomenal shape! Gives me hope that i can continue wrestling for another 20 years. Fun to learn some submission moves and to practice a new style. Even more fun hanging out and talking. Super awesome guy!



MKell is recommended by the123champ

I can count the number of guys who have beaten me on two hands… BUT thanks to this guy, the next time I get beat I’m going to have to say “on two hands and one foot”! He is a complete BEAST of a man! His shoulders, chest and arms are monstrous! His skills are formidable! Yea, he may have never TECHNICALLY wrestled as a team sport, BUT this man is CRAZY talented! He’s got power, balance and dexterity. My only defense to my devastation is this… our wrestling facility necessitated starting on our knees. That meant his legs were basically unobtainable, leaving ONLY the top of his body for me to attack, which I’d compare to Mt Rushmore! The NEXT time we meet, we’ll be on mats (and honestly, I still don’t envy my chances of winning, but I’ll be more challenging!). Totally worth the @$$ whooping to finally get to meet this awesome power house. Oh… and if you wrestle him, take some Aleve! My neck can’t move as I type this recommendation! :o



Timnbama is recommended by the123champ

I'll say this much, he tried! 😋 Great guy with a super likable personality and determined spirit. Also has a good sense of humor and a competitive drive. This guy is a real deal.



the123champ is recommended by Apollonian

Yeah- pretty awesome person. If you haven't met him, you should try to do so. We have a few good matches and even though he got more wins than me, he did not walk away without a good workout. Neither did I for that matter! A rematch will be on the books asap with him!



Apollonian is recommended by the123champ

Super friendly guy! Had a great half dozen matches with him. Like the watch, he takes a lick'n and keeps on ticking! True, he lost... BUT, he came exceptional close to winning a couple time! Oh... and his scissors... AIN'T NO JOKE!! Squeezed so hard my bladder was in my feet and my stomach was fighting my lungs for elbow room!



the123champ is recommended by KOBama

the123champ is a great guy and had a lot of patience with this newbie. He rolled around with me and I actually got one pin. He's very experienced and was a great coach. Oh, I did get him to put on the boxing gloves as well. He did great. Thanks bud.



KOBama is recommended by the123champ

KOBama is NOT in great shape “for his age”… he’s just IN GREAT SHAPE! Very strong and he has great endurance! Yea, maybe he only won “one match”; however, EVERY match was tuff! Quite frankly, MOST my opponents don’t even win one! >;) I’ll say this much, he’s MUCH better at wrestling than I am at boxing!! I was hilariously out matched when it came to boxing! He ruled and schooled me in that area, literally played around with me like a cat with a mouse. I give him my highest recommendations!



the123champ is recommended by musclebis

This is long overdue but I had to give a shout out about the123champ.
He's very tough and we had a couple of great matches. Make sure you bring your A game because you will need it!



musclebis is recommended by the123champ

It has been a long time, but I had a great match with musclebis!! Holy cow, that is one strong boy!! Super difficult to lock my signature hole on him - Full Nelson! Heck, you can't hardly get your arms around them shoulders! Would certainly welcome a rematch!



the123champ is recommended by jocntn

123champ makes a trip over our way every summer and if you get a chance you should try to match up with him. He has a lot of wrestling knowledge and is not opposed to sharing it to make you better and the match better. We worked on the mat for about two hours in some pretty good muscle action. Had a great time on the mats and enjoyed the time off as well. Hope to meet up again when he comes through town.



jocntn is recommended by the123champ

HEY "KIDS", DON'T LET HIS AGE FOOL YOU! I recently took on a 6'3", 215 pound 22 year old, and JOCNTN put up a WAY better match! He last longer AND he was stronger! Plus, this guy is much buffer than he looks in his pictures. We had about 2 hours of real good wrestling. Had a blast! Good wrestler, GREAT guy!



the123champ is recommended by UwillTAP

I had a great match with this guy. He is aggressive and competitive, very worthy opponent. He is in it to win, not there to just roll around. Good skill set. Definitively worth hooking up with.



UwillTAP is recommended by the123champ

IF he tries to tell you he isn't that good at Freestyle wrestling... HE A @#$% LIAR!!!! This man has CRAZY SKILLS in BOTH Freestyle and Grappling!!! By far the TOUGHEST opponent I've ever wrestled, and yea... THAT is saying a LOT! He's also a great guy. Wish he was still in Atlanta, but Ga's loss is FL's gain.



the123champ is recommended by texercise

This is LATE.... !
Better than than(?)
123 Champ is a Great Person.
and not a bad wrestler ... (my bad ... my bad humor)
i need to get back VERSUS him
and have another match against him.
I need to practice and He is a Great Wrestler.
i need to go .. get back ... to school vs. him.
this is Late



texercise is recommended by the123champ

Awesome guy in great shape! Puts up a tuff match! Highly recommend taking this guy on to anyone. In fact, I can't wait for a rematch myself. (hint, hint, hint). >;o)



wtrassle is recommended by the123champ

Very strong and GREAT endurance!! We've had matches going over 2 hours! A very good wrestler, and a simply awesome super human being! Very few can hang with me in the terms of endurance, but wtrassle can and does. If you schedule a match with him, he WILL show, and he will go till you can't wrestle anymore. Word of advice... hit the gym like a mad man before you take him in! If you're don't bring your "A" game, you're done for!



justwresl is recommended by the123champ

Awesome guy and a good opponent to take on! Wish he lived in Texas! >:o)



the123champ is recommended by LA Bull Wrestler

The "champ" loves verbal and can be somewhat of a "chump" on that front but he's a great guy and very skilled wrestler. I would suggest not underestimating him. That being said, our next encounter he will be thoroughly "owned".

Hammer (a.k.a. - Chicago Wrestler)



LA Bull Wrestler is recommended by the123champ

I wrestled him when he was "Atlanta" wrestler, and he was pretty dang tuff back then! Big and strong - definitely difficult to work a pinning combination on. Wish he was still in Altanta, I'd love a rematch!! Hey big man, if you're even in Texas - BRING IT ON!!!

You think I schooled you the FIRST time!? Next time, you gonna swear you back in Kindergarden!!



TNbud is recommended by the123champ

Good match, great host, AWESOME GUY!! One of the first online buddies I ever wrestled with. Have taken him on several times. Always a good match. Very strong and most importantly - VERY SANE!! If you're ever in Memphis, I very much recommend taking him on. I know on my next trip to Memphis, I'm gonna drop the hammer down on him (again!). >;o)



the123champ is recommended by Sam

Gracious and kind off the mats. Tenacious, determined and strong on them. If you get a chance to wrestle him, take advantage of it.



Sam is recommended by the123champ

Awesome guy! Really enjoyed meeting (and beating!) him! ;o) Very strong! Hey bud, get a stepper machine, and you'll be a complete BEAST in no time!! lol REMATCH!!!



hobbitbear is recommended by the123champ

Ben a few years, but a very nice guy and pretty dang strong. Had a good roll with him!