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Age 38
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Gear Speedos, knee pads, atheletic tape
Languages spoken English, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
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  1. USA - Connecticut, East Hartford
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Looking to coach

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches, Karate

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

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HI I am Ed. new age/neo pagan warrior! I am the wild hungry wolf liger dragon! I am a black belt in Shaolin Kempo karate and Submission and Catch Wrestler. I got my own style of fighting called 🌟 fighting! I am the NEw England submission wrestling and Catch wrestling champion. Regional champion in karate for New York and New England. Overall New England wrestling god! I am the best wrestler on this site. I am the New England submission wrestling God!! None of you stand a chance against me. I am the best fighter in the world!
I do pro matches as well BUT YOU MUST HAVE A DECENT ROOM TO DO IT IN! as of 11-10-2012 you dont have room we dont do pro wrestling.
Main focuse looking for submission or catch wrestling but I am open to other things. in pro wrestlign with two people now and had no room to wrestle in. So if I can walk 3 steps and make to the other side of the room. it is to small. Pro wrestling requires room.
I offer to train as well.
Brazilian jiu jistu sucks!!!!
I am the best fighter on here!!

Here for competive matches...not special pleasures or fetishes and DEFINATLY NO SEX!!! I didnt come here to play I came to fight!!! STRONGSTYLE!!!
I have 3 forms regular wild hungry wolf is my base form.
LIGER is my 2nd form
3rd form is Dragon.
No one has been ever to push me this far. Only one person on this fight has pushed me to Liger. Had a nhb match back in 2021. I hadn't lost any martial arts match since 2003. I'm 38 so that's 20 year dominates! No one has really pushed me to my limits since 2010. Thats what im looking for. Got what I takes? Bring it!


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yamchaken is recommended by Wrestlerct

Ed is the real deal! Experienced in martial arts and wrestling, his profile is totally legit! His ripped physique is also the real thing. He is as strong as he looks! He has my highest recommendation. If you are looking for a seriously competitive match, look no further than this awesome wrestler.



Wrestlerct is recommended by yamchaken

Alot stronger than he looked. Definitely caught me off guard. Watch out he is back into a wrestling after a hiatus. Hes gonna make waves I can see it



yamchaken is recommended by Kayden

Wicked strong and skilled, but also totally safe and respectful, he'll kick your ass and make you want more. Feel like I learned something every time we locked up, would definitely recommend.



Kayden is recommended by yamchaken

Decent build but more skill. Definitely recommend facing him especially if you wanna get used to taller opponents



yamchaken is recommended by ready2fight

One of my most skilled opponents to date as I was submitted more times than I can remember during our session. However, I learned very much from this guy and I appreciate how gracious and humble he was throughout our time. He truly receives my highest regards as I cannot say enough about his grappling prowess. I highly recommend him to anyone up for a challenge.



ready2fight is recommended by yamchaken

Showed alotof strength and bravery. If he keeps.at it I can see him going far ingrapplig. His height was a pain in the ass to counter. Future dangerous fighter right here and a please facing



yamchaken is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had great fun match with this muscle stud! He is very strong, amazing muscular shape and skilled with lot of sub holds! We did a competitive submission match ! He give me a good challenge that i enjoyed! This guy is friendly as well. I am so glad that i meet him finally! Can't wait for a rematch with him!



Marcwrestler is recommended by yamchaken

When I fought him umi was shocked at the amazing grip. Was not a easy win. Great shape as well



yamchaken is recommended by tomhand37

Wow, this guy is the TOTAL PACKAGE! Phenomenal wrestler, in perfect shape.....strong , chiseled and a great guy too! I was no match for this awesome wrestler but I hope I made him work for it some. Easy to communicate with to set up a match. True to his word...cannot say enough good things! If your passing through Connecticut or just want an great guy to wrestle...DEFINITELY hit up yamchaken!



tomhand37 is recommended by yamchaken

This guy is awesome stamina and endurance for a man past 50. A great exampmw of age is just another. Brave and a good guy. A pleasure to have wrestled



yamchaken is recommended by Ctguy84

Very strong and skillful and very respectfull hope to have many more match with him as I get stronger



yamchaken is recommended by RhodyRaybo

I can only say one thing about wrestling Yamchaken....WOW! The man is a powerhouse! yet he's not out to destroy anybody, but he does want some challenge from his opponents. I hadn't had such an exhausting match with anyone in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed submission wrestling with him and hope he can make his way back up this way very soon.



RhodyRaybo is recommended by yamchaken

This guy is strony and surprisingly skilled. And actually willing to wrestle. New england needs more wrestlers like him



yamchaken is recommended by RNC23

Real good guy to roll with! Dont pass the chance to meet up with him! Looking fwd to our next round!!



RNC23 is recommended by yamchaken

This guy is the best match I had in 2013....wrestled him twice. Great match. Firsst time he almost had me with the grapvine. I was ble to beat him with his own hold in our second encounter. I am ready for round three. A pleasure to wrestle