Again with Just Neph

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Uploaded on 5/16/2019 by bayridgefighter

Here tough Warrior of wrestling combatant Just Neph he's a great wrestler an all-around great guy.. I wish I was hunky and big enough to wrestle him along with some of the other handsome wrestlers..Man I was having fun with him.. should all try go to these local shows and support them..The basic $20 X some 100 folks attending doesn't cover much of the expenses or even a decent salary for these guys.. so look these shows up Google pro wrestling events in New York and you'll see a whole list this summer there's about 30 programs in the metropolitan area.. So when there buy a t-shirt or signed autograph hope to see you there..

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bayridgefighter (4 ) 5/22/2019 12:55 AM

Well I'm sorry to disappoint you mr. Thumbs down.. as you seem pretty fit very agile but with all the ageism on MeetFighters I'll be fortunate to meet wow I can in some guys close to my size and weight who respects his body as well as I do to wrestle with. So I always if I can't be so lucky I might as well have some fun at this wrestling events with these wrestlers and the audience.. thanthumbs down can you grant me that pleasure?