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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Barre
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Florida, Orlando
    Vacation a couple times a year
  3. USA - Texas, Canyon Lake
    (I'm here between 8/22/2020 and 8/28/2020)

I am willing to travel 150 miles


44-year-old Male / 5'6" (168 cm) / 145 lbs (66 kg)

Gear: Shorts, singlets, whatever


No formal training, but have enjoyed wrestling around with buddies since I was a kid. Have had many more serious matches and picked up a few things along the way. Also, interested in boxing, kickboxing, MMA type matches. I have mats at my place and able to travel anywhere in the New England area or New York for one on one or group matches



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching

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wildcat is recommended by mcic

After talking for a little bit and working out some scheduling issues, we finally got to meet up. We met at his new place which has plenty of room for a match. We went for a couple hours with plenty of back and forth until his inner jobber made an appearance. Definitely a great guy and a fun match. Can’t wait for our next meeting!



mcic is recommended by lb200

Talented and experience, remarkable and unstoppable, infinite stamina and deadly arms all makes him one of the toughest and fiercest wrestlers I ever faced. Yet, he is a very nice and charming guy that will look out after you. Moderated and controlled aggressivity makes MCIC a very safe and fun wrestler to tangle with. He was very nice to make it to me with the very short notice and limited time availability I gave him.

Definitely wrestle MCIC and if you do, watch out for those arms :) Never let your guard down. His strong chokes, headlocks and sleepers will definitely make you tap!



lb200 is recommended by mcic

I had noticed IB200 was going to be in town for a day. After messaging him, we had a match setup the next day and am I glad we did. As others have mentioned, his legs are STRONG! Even after a couple hours, he was squeezing taps out of me anytime I let him catch me. We had an amazing match and I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a chance to meetup with him. But if you do, watch out for those legs!



mcic is recommended by doyouevenwrestle

Lesson #6: Apearances can be deceiving.
after months of chat and trash talk, finally met mcic for what I thought would be a match in the bag. boy was i wrong!
i already knew he was skilled but also turned out to be surprisingly strong and knew how to combine them both to ultimate dominate our match. semi competitive, i was able to hold my own long enough to work up a good sweat and at least get ONE embarrassing tap out of this guy.
loads of fun, broken ego and a little battered, I have to admit he is a REAL BAD ASS (part of our stakes) but I would do it all again and actually cant wait.
Grrrrr, next time I'll get you shrimp! oh and before I forget, finally got to wrestler a hairy wrestler, great hairy chest on him



doyouevenwrestle is recommended by mcic

After months of talking, before I made it to Florida, we finally got to wrestle. When we started talking, he told me he had little to no experience. By the time we met up, he had managed to get in a few matches and picked up a few things. That new found experience, coupled with his physical strength made for a tough match. While I ultimately got the best of him, he picked up a few things as we wrestled. This meant I couldn't repeat how I got a tap. He kept me on my toes the whole time. With a little more time, he will not be easy to beat. I can't wait to meet up again, next time I'm down there. Of course by then, I might have my hands full just to keep it even.



mcic is recommended by Sparrhawk

Mcic has the heart of a fighter and is very reluctant to tap, even when you have him in a tight hold. He'll make you earn your submissions. We wrestled for several hours, and he doesn't tire easily. Although he's polite and easy to talk to, he has a mean streak when he's cornered on the mat. He can turn a situation around in a second, and is a patient wrestler who enjoys a long match.



Sparrhawk is recommended by mcic

Had a great match with Sparrhawk. He is quite strong and has a ton of energy. The match lasted a few hours and probably could have gone a few more. If anyone makes it to his area, would definitely suggest you meet up



mcic is recommended by Steve0z

Mcic had me over for a match and it was a lot of fun got a great workout in and a chance to practice some submission grappling. Even though I'm like 90-100 lbs bigger he never backed down or let up good guy to talk with too.



Steve0z is recommended by mcic

Steve was great to have over. Given the size difference, the most damage he took was from hitting his head on a beam. But he was able to easily adjust to the size gap and while pretty much always in control, let me get in a couple of taps. Great conversation between rounds and a fun workout



mcic is recommended by gutpuncher219

This guy is a true gutpunching artist and a good person. He packs great punches and instinctively knows just when, where and how to hit to get your gut good and red without damaging you. Reliable and respectful of limits, I highly recommend him as a gutpuncher. I have a feeling he'd also make a great wrestling opponent for those into it, since he's agile and has good stamina. You're sure to have fun!



gutpuncher219 is recommended by mcic

Had a great time. Had never really tried gut punching before. Definitely prefer to give than receive, as my defensive instincts kicked in every time he took a shot. But he gave me the chance to find that out. He really could take shots and enjoyed each one as they came. Would recommend meeting him if you have the chance.