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Age 36
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Languages spoken Chinese, English
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  1. USA - California, San Francisco
  2. Serbia, Belgrade
    (I'm here between 10/22/2022 and 10/24/2022)
  3. Bulgaria, Sofia
    (I'm here between 10/24/2022 and 10/28/2022)
  4. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 9/09/2022 and 9/12/2022)

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting

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play rough.

I don't talk to faceless profile. Either send me a pic with clear face, or don't bother to text me.


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sfBruce is recommended by sfbeef

April 2022: I had a long, rough match for top with Bruce yesterday, and my body is aching today from the damage he inflicted. His body is like iron and he never stops fighting. He pulled some wild moves on me, luckily I got a few in on him in return. We're ready to tag team up against other men.

From a few years ago: way tougher than he might look. (i'd never say that now! he looks as tough as he is!) i got a quick submission from him then we wrestled another fall to a draw. will take him on for top soon. it'll be a rough battle.

i had a second match against this kid on june 8. i won 4-0 but i had to work for every sub and he left me bruised up pretty bad.

nothing but stalemates against bruce lately. we need to step on the mats and not leave till there's a winner.



sfbeef is recommended by sfBruce

Kevin is a very tough and experienced guy. I always had a good time grappling against him, even though I lost in the past matches, 0:1(with one draw),0:4, 0:2. All the match between us were rough, mean, sweaty with merciless punches. I like wrestling against this sexy bear. Definitely want more in the future.



sfBruce is recommended by wslx ilbmg

It’s so fantastic to battle with hot hunk Bruce. At first both of us wore tiger masks, and my beginning wasn’t easy, no chance to get on top position and my defense was useless. After we tore off the mask of each other, the fight heated up, and “who’s the daddy” rounds begined. Bruce showed his power without any mercy, my neck got squeezed tight several times, and I kept struggling to escape from his big chest and biceps, but no way out. In fact it would be much easier if I just give up earlier, but I always tried to find any chance to fight back. I tried to save my face by some sneak attack, but all failed LOL.
Hope to meet him soon for a rematch, revenge time XD.



wslx ilbmg is recommended by sfBruce

Haven't wrestled for almost a year after covid broke out. I am very happy to have chosen 喵熊崽 as my first opponent after I came back to China. He was definitely not a pushover and gave me a very sweaty panda brothers match (or panda father vs son match). I worked very hard to win every submit I earned yesterday and I am soooo sore today. During the match, I loved to see him got frustrated every time I made him submit and call me alpha panda daddy. But he always charged me harder and came back for more.

Apparently, big brother panda / daddy panda (I am still trying to figure out what catalog I am classified into in China) is still too strong for him. I won all submits yesterday, which made him mad. But I do see his potential and I think as he wrestles more and works out harder, little brother panda/ son panda might be able to get one or two submit from me sometime soon.

Don't miss this cute boy if you pass Shenzhen. I hope I can wrestle him more in the future.



sfBruce is recommended by sagittaron2

I had a great submission wrestling match with Bruce during Wrestlefest in NYC. This guy is a real bull : so powerful, and resistant to bodyscissors, headscissors and armlocks. Despite our weight difference, the match was well balanced, and he plays safely in a respectful and playful way. Also nice looking in singlet !
Looking forward for the next round. Very recommended.



sagittaron2 is recommended by sfBruce

sagittaron2 is very cute and sexy in person. I met him in a group lunch. Well, the minute I met him, I wanted to get on mat with him and put him in different kinds of hold. Fortunately, I did get to wrestle this tough boy, even though much shorter than I hoped. Since I had a 40 lbs weight advantage, I sorta had an upper hand. However, I did not succeed in making him tap. Man, this dude is tough. I had to wrestle him again to show him that I am the tougher boss. Super recommend this cute and sexy wrestler.



sfBruce is recommended by Roughy

I had the best time with Bruce, he is a bad ass strong man! We have very similar ways of challenging each other, similar strenght, weight and height, so it was too much fun trying to dominate the other and getting as rough as possible in multiple rounds that could have be continued if I didn´t have to go to work.
Outside the mats Bruce is gentle and very sophisticated and we had great talks in between raw primitive action :). It was a great pleasure to meet this young sexy man!



Roughy is recommended by sfBruce

Rui and I like have the same preferred way of wrestling: go with the instinct in a rough fight and find out who is the alpha. The rougher the better. But we were extremely alike in every aspect: height, weight, strength and eagerness to win. We have several rounds of rough primal matches, which all ended in draw. Everybody wants to win so everybody wants more. So yes. I will be back in Lisbon for a second round.

Outside the mat, he is a very nice and intelligent guy to have a cup of coffee and chat with. I have such a good time with him. You can't miss him if you are visiting Lisbon. Just look at his pic, he is fucking hot.



sfBruce is recommended by strike

This spicy meatball muscled his way to domination over and over. In a super sweaty session, whenever I gained the upper hand, this super strong grappler's stamina put me in my place.



strike is recommended by sfBruce

Andy might be new to wrestling. He definitely has a wrestler soul inside. He fights back all the time.

We had a pretty hot and sweaty back and forth match. As a beginner, he defended very well. With almost 25 lbs weight advantage and more experience, I only managed to make him tap twice or three times in an hour. I have to say, his stamina and strong will definitely helped him a lot.

Definitely want to do it again with Andy. 100% recommendation.



sfBruce is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is bulkier, stronger and a lot more attractive than in his pics – maybe he is just not photogenic. :) You can already feel his experience as soon as you lock up. Beware of his strong legs, they are almost as scheming as mine, always trying to wrap themselves on your body. I like it when he scowls like a wannabe heel. :) We may have had just a short match due to time constraints, but it was lots of fun. I definitely want to wrestle him again!



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by sfBruce

I am not a jobber. I work out to become stronger. I go to monthly meetings of SF grapplers to gain more experience. I always fight when facing my opponents. But I also have to admit that I lost when stronger and more experienced guys beat me. Joey is one of those guys who made me swallow my pride. However, it was great fun. Can't wait for my revenge.



sfBruce is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Great guy on and off the mats. He is strong, safely aggressive, and skilled. We had a good 1 hour sweaty match. He was in town visiting and we set up a match at my house. Easy to communicate with and 100% reliable to set up a match. We wrestled submission and had a few good competitive rounds. sfBruce knows how to defend well and take some punishment from a guy who outweighs him by 40lbs. Hope to wrestle him again soon.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by sfBruce

Scott is a big guy. I think he probably can destroy me easily. However, instead of an one-sided match, he adjusted his level to mine and we had a back and forth match instead. No matter what, it was super fun, and sweaty and hot as well. And don't get scared by his big size, Scott is very safe and controlled.



sfBruce is recommended by Sam

SfBruce is a powerful and solidly built wrestler who battles you every step of the way. This handsome man keeps in touch throughout the match setup process and is easy to communicate with. He's a great guy and a great wrestler.



sfBruce is recommended by Wrestlg

Spur of the moment Match, on a new friend’s quick trip to nyc!
Had a sweaty blast!
He would get more aggressive as we went along!
Love seeing him get “mad” in the face!
He liked My legs, well, I Liked His Too!
Looking forward to seeing him again, here in nyc, or back out in California!



sfBruce is recommended by njmuscguy1

Been wanting to wrestle this guy for awhile and it was just as fun as I thought it be! Strong tough guy on the mat and really nice guy off of it can't wait for the rematch!



sfBruce is recommended by fghtr

What a pleasure to meet Bruce on his first trip to Europe. Fit, strong, flexible and happy to get stuck in. Some good grappling skills just below the surface, too. This man may enjoin pain but he’s a scrapper. Highly recommended.



sfBruce is recommended by oursonlutteur

Everything was a pleasure with Bruce on the mat : his strength, his kindness, his sex appeal... all of this meeting pleased to me ! Thanks for your visit sexy man !



oursonlutteur is recommended by sfBruce

There are way too many things on my to-do list when visiting Paris. However, I am glad that I deleted some and put wrestling Eric in instead. Honestly, I thought I can handle Eric easily before getting on the mat. But he really surprised me with his wrestling skills. I have to use my weight advantage and strength to even out his techniques. Plus, Eric got me into my first oil wrestling experience ever, which was awesome. I can't have enough wrestling with him. Will definitely come back to Paris, just for him.



sfBruce is recommended by shuttlexp1

Tough, rough and definitely strong, you miss wrestling SF Bruce at your loss. He does not give up and throws a mean body punch too.

Off the mats a really nice guy also.

Thoroughly enjoyable time even if he did make me work very hard. Looking forward to round 2 to sort out who is tougher.



sfBruce is recommended by BullCop

sfBruce is a young wrestler that has a great set of skills. He has a natural ability in all martial arts and lots of time to perfect those. Our roll was aggressive and fun. He is strong and instinctive, which makes a good foundation. Off the mats, sfBruce is one of the good guys with zero attitude. Get in line, guys, to roll with him!



sfBruce is recommended by bowolverine

sfBruce a awesome guy a great wrestler and strong as a bull. We had a fun unexpected wrestling afternoon with bluecal RickSf miamiscorpion. All 5 of us roll for 2 hour.
sfBruce gave me a few good rounds of wrestling , he can and give hard strong punches. Had a awesome time to fight this gentleman . Looking forward to fight him again. If you in his town make sure to wrestle him.
I highly recommend him



sfBruce is recommended by Mike86

Thankfully the stars aligned and things worked out for a match the few hours we were both in Chicago at the same time. Bruce is a nice guy and a lot of fun on the mats. He can take a lot of punishment and is pretty strong. Definitely recommend him.



Mike86 is recommended by sfBruce

Nothing planned. We literally ran into each other on my way to check in hotel at 8am on Michigan ave. Hotel was nice to let me check in early. So we made this match, which both of us thought was not going to happen, happen. Due to limited time, we had a 30 minutes match. However, he made me tap like 8 times and gave me tons of punishment. He has nothing to prove. But definitely, he is the king on the mat.



sfBruce is recommended by Ricksf

Great guy to wrestle,



Ricksf is recommended by sfBruce

Rick is definitely one of my favourites on and out of mats. He is strong, skilled. He cares for the opponents and adjusts himself to the level of the opponents, so the match with him is always fun. But when you get stronger, he can be very tough and evil too. Always fun.



sfBruce is recommended by fig4man

Had a blast with bruce..really fun sweaty match ..very nice guy and easy to hang out with..great legs..def will have a rematch..



fig4man is recommended by sfBruce

I had a really great time with Ian. We have ten timed arounds all out fighting/wrestling which ended up with a 0-0 draw. But it was competitive, sweaty and super fun. Outside the match, he is super fun to hang out this hot guy. Super hospitable host. Would definitely wrestle him anytime again. But I will definitely torture him next time. See you tough guy. BTW, this guy is much hotter than the pic. How I wish he lives in bay area.



sfBruce is recommended by mattz4fun

I've had the pleasure of taking on this tough guy many times. He's building muscle and skills each time we tangle, and works hard to take me down. I can always count on a challenge, and he can count on me upping my game. Looking forward to more matches!



mattz4fun is recommended by sfBruce

I think Mats does not really need my recommendation here. He has been well-known as a tough and skilled wrestlers in the community. But sorta as his student, I feel I should confirm this with everyone here. He is a super great master. And he helps me improve a lot. He taught me the skills and the attitude to fight hard while enjoying the matches and respecting the opponents. He should be on you must-wrestle list.



sfBruce is recommended by wrestling coach

I had the honor to wrestle Bruce at the Mr. S. Leather PRIDE party. I have always wanted to challenge him, since he does train with our GGWC/WarrioBros contingent at SF's EV Reccenter. But alas I felt I was too old (more than twice his age!), and he was shy. Our mutual friends pushed the public match up, and it was so awesome.. He definitely is stronger and knows how to use that damn half guard to his advantage.... we were even in BJJ. But on our feet FreeStyle I threw him to his back into my side mount. As I prepare for GayGames 9 Cleveland, I will definitely be training a lot harder with Argvet. He is a real sweetheart of a guy, intelligent, cute, great body (legs!), assets, and has the heart of a warrior. I wish I were 30 years younger! Do not underestimate him... When he releases his demons, he is very sexy and powerful.



wrestling coach is recommended by sfBruce

Had the honor to wrestle Gene in Mr. S. Leather pride wrestling demonstration. Can't believe he can have this power and strength at this age. I think he can throw me easily if we were wrestling by the freestyle rules. But this time we were doing submission. We sort of wrestled into a draw. And it was full of sweat and fun. So hot. Totally recommendation. Would be a blast for anyone who want a competitive but sane match.



sfBruce is recommended by matthias

He is strong with good technique and endurance. Friendly, reliable, and overall a fun guy to wrestle!



matthias is recommended by sfBruce

Great experience with lots of sweat. His judo techniques and strength make me tap twice in an hour and a half. I got him tap once too. It was fun and quite intense. It was a great workout for me. Matthias is highly recommended for a fun match.


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