New to Wrestling

Mannyblg (0) 4/13/2019 4:51 AM

I've always loved watching wrestling. It's even been in my family as 2 of my uncle's we're Mexican wrestlers in the 80s. I started getting turned on my it when I was young too. When I was about 10 yrs old my dad took me to see my uncle Wrestle. While we were there we got to go back stage and I remember seeing 2 wrestlers in thongs. I remember that having a huge impact on me as I always just seen em in tights or regular wrestling briefs. No idea they wear an actual thong. They had the hugest bulges if ever seen. I remember being g a horny 10 yr old. Lol. After that I'd always been a fan of both Mexican and American wrestling but I get super horny to ball bashing. Or lowblows, especially when it's man vs man. I see people on here have lots of friendly hot matches and that's my goal. I've never wrestled or even done anything with a man despite being a bisexual guy. Only a handful of ppl and friends know this so I'm very careful as to who I will let in my life or even wrestle or do any jerking with. To top that my balls are very sensitive, I've mentioned that to a few that have reached out to me here, so I can't have mine busted. What advise do you all have for me to slowly trust someone so I can wrestle with? Someone that will let me ballbash then and unfortunately not bash mine. I swear mine can't even be slightly tapped or I will fold and tap out and be turned off right away... Do you think I'll ever be able to do this with someone? Any advise helps fellas.

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