ring or a place in LA to shoot a video?

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italianinla1980 (1) 10/24/2016 7:51 AM

Hey guys,
I need help! I ' d like to shoot a wrestling video, is there anyone in LA area that can help me with a location? A ring would be ideal but any place will be fine, maybe with mattress, i don't know! Anything will help :)
Please message me if you have any ideas!
Thank you


matwork21 (6) 12/31/2016 6:38 AM

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There are many rings available in the L.A. area. A few of them that will likely rent their site (you can find all of their emails with a simple google search):

Double Trouble on the north side of LA

Steel Kittens (I think they may have moved to Arizona, but you can try asking Belinda)

STJ Wrestling (his ring is in his backyard by LAX airport)

Kristie Etzold (Tustin)

Barriobruiser (on this site) has a ring in Santa Ana. If you ask nicely he might rent it to you.

If you're ever in Las Vegas and want to tape, let me know and I'll rent you mine ring location.


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