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Filmed WoS Tag Team Matches in London - Referee & MC Required

Glasgow Jobber (5)

3/20/2023 12:17 PM


Unfortunately I cannot make that date as I am moving home shortly thereafter and am fully occupied with the mechanics of that!

However, please bear me in mind for future tag matches - particularly if you want to film a jobber vs heel destruction match.

Tag, Single or 2-on-1. Up for taking plenty of punishment in my white Jobber gear …..

My best mate lives in Walthamstow so I am happy to travel and stay over.

Masters of back and neck punishment are my favorites …..

Check out my profile for more info.


Stephenphoto (6)

3/20/2023 1:50 PM

(In reply to this)

Will absolutely keep you in mind for the future filmed tag matches if you are happy to travel to London.

Also happy to do 1v1 heel v jobber filmed match with you.

Let me know what dates you are coming to London, and I'll check my availability accordingly.

Pity you can't make Tue 4 April, I could have used you in some capacity.


Belly spalshes Dom (12)

2/17/2023 6:42 AM

Just jiuned and saw this, woud habe like to have been the ref or thr MC


Stephenphoto (6)

3/19/2023 3:30 PM

(In reply to this)

The MC role is still vacant.


Stephenphoto (6)

2/16/2023 11:26 AM


I've lined up the Walthamstow venue on Tue 4 Apr (1300-1500) to film some male tag team matches, recreating the old school WoS style.

Teams entering the ring, being introduced by an MC, spoken to by the Ref (who will need to control the rule bending team), announcements after a pin/submission and final result.

I've provisionally got the four gents to form the two teams, but what I'm also looking for is a Referee and also a MC.

The Ref will be an integral part, as he will be distracted at times (missing the tags, rule breaking as his back is turned etc), all part of the WoS style.

The MC (hopefully in jacket/bow tie), will also be integral for the pre match, mid match and post match announcements.

I'm hoping to film at least two matches on the day of around 12-15min duration each. But it will be longer as the match outcome will be decided and sorted beforehand.

I'm planning on a two or three camera shoot, and the finished product will be going on my Watchfighters Video page for sale.

However participants will get some free content too from the day.

Anyone interested in being involved (Ref or MC), do let me know, with any experience details if possible.

Those people chosen will be subsequently added to a WhatsApp group containing all participants. This is so I can communicate with everyone in one go, with any further details leading up to and on the day.

I have no idea of many (if any) responses this will generate, but all I ask is -

1. Only reply if you are serious about attending and can attend, if so on the day stated.
2. Although I'm happy to answer questions, the basic info is all ready written above.
3. No replies in text speak or one liners (they will be deleted).


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