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Double Championship Bouts Punisher vs Mauler

May 11 is the date of Title fights between Punisher vs Mauler Its 5 days away we are asking fora small group to witness this title fight which Mauler claims he will Champion of 2 titles. Its going to be a great match up for these two have met in the ring twice a win for each one so which is going to break the tie, Punisher the challenger or Mauler the current champion of one title and belt. If interest in watch this battle between 2 Seniors Boxers contact me or Canton75. Also if anyone is interested in being the ref and been in the ring seeing all the action we would appreciate it

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Boxing will (0 )

5/08/2024 11:28 PM

Big fight can’t wait to see who I fight


Snjboxrslr (0)

5/13/2024 6:10 PM

Great pre fight build up. I wonder what the result was?


Jmatwrestle (4)

5/13/2024 9:13 PM

(In reply to this)

Pete won! Tko first round!