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WatchFighters goes public!

WatchFighters is going public! After our first announcement in May followed by a closed beta, we are opening the site for public beta today. Everyone can join and use the site while the paint is still drying, the last features are implemented, and the fight against bugs comes to an end.

How to join?

Visit https://www.watchfighters.com/login
You can log in with your MeetFighers if you choose "Continue with MeetFighters" – no need to register!
Optionally, use the Settings page on MeetFighers and WatchFighters to link your accounts together. If you wish to copy all your existing videos from MeetFighers to WatchFighters, contact us to automatically transfer your content.

What is WatchFighters all about?

Over the years, we kept MeetFighters free of commercial activity and erotic content. We did this largely because we felt that such content would compromise the site's original mission. We had to say "NO" to questions like "can I advertise my commercial videos here?" or "can I post my erotic photos". But we also heard the voices in the community.

Enter WatchFighters:

  • YES to free browsing of content.
  • YES to posting and viewing your stuff that you couldn't post on MeetFighters.
  • YES to sharing, selling and buying your videos.
  • YES to content creators wanting to monetize their creations (videos, pictures, books?)
  • YES to paid subscriptions and to supporting your favorite channels.
  • YES to advertising your latest creations or creating your business entirely on WatchFighters.
  • YES to creating your own playlists of (embedded) content from multiple sites.
  • ...and more.


In a few minutes, everyone can monetize their channel and directly start earning money with their own videos, pictures, or blog posts. To make it attractive for everyone to use WatchFighters, our commissions only cover our own costs (but you can give us more if you want :) ). You can even choose to support a charity with your videos.

We offer many options, not just for commercial activity.

  • You could be a curator and create a playlist with 'the best' internet videos out there and show them to your friends and discuss them in a community environment made for fighters and fighting enthusiasts.
  • You could be a hobbyist and upload your matches, even those we have previously rejected on MeetFighters due to content or length.
  • If you decide to earn money, you can choose how much WatchFighters, an optional Charity, and yourself get. *Minimum is 10% for WatchFighters to cover the costs, which include (server hosting, traffic, CDN, payment provider fee, conversion rate adjustment, support portal, and development of WatchFighers)

Advertising on MeetFighters

The rules for MeetFighters are not changing. We still believe that commercial activity compromise the site's original mission. However, it makes us happy that instead of having to say "no", we can now offer a place as an alternative.

We are grateful that, thanks to your generous contributions over the years, we could keep MeetFighters free and adless for over 12 years. And even more proud to help the fighting community during covid.

As a small bonus for today's news

  • The New stuff page also highlights the latest content from ChatFighters and WatchFighters – no worries, you can hide that.
  • Our chat got an update and allows now picture drag&drop and picture copy&paste. (Right-click + copy any picture on your computer and paste it in the chat - no need to upload it manually).

Thank you for reading this long text, but I think it is good to explain our reason and goal behind new sites.
And we are looking forward to all your love and hate (stay polite!) in the comments!


Stay safe!

Best Regards,

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HeelAlphaMan (0 )

5/26/2021 8:36 PM

where in my setting I can link my profile to watchfighter didn't find anything


Vince (9 )

5/26/2021 9:07 PM

(In reply to this)

When you have access to "settings", at the bottom of the page, you have "Link MeetFighters account"


Romainb (2)

5/26/2021 8:40 PM



Txwresl (283)

5/26/2021 8:45 PM

Thanks for keeping Meetfighters as it is, the best wrestling personals site to meet other guys for matches and talk wrestling. I will continue to support you.

Good to offer the alternative for those who want.


wrestler251 (7 )

5/27/2021 12:22 AM



nightstranger (56)

5/27/2021 3:51 PM

One of the things that led to the downfall of Globalfight was the constant attempts at monetization of the site. Tread carefully.


wrestler122001 (129)

5/29/2021 4:54 PM



bigchicago (69)

6/04/2021 8:28 PM

Will we be able to post r rated pics on watchfighters? If r rated videos are allowed, pics would be great too.


Shadow Knight (83 )

6/26/2021 7:53 PM

Error 404 when you try to login 🙁



6/26/2021 8:31 PM

(In reply to this)

The problem should be fixed now.