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Strong beefy type looking for test of strength, physical matches, and travel often.



  1. USA - Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
    Place of residence
  2. Spain, Sitges
    (I'm here between 9/01/2019 and 9/10/2019)
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Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 250 lbs (113 kg)

Gear: Singlet, jock, squares, pro trunks

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Sumo Sumo
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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AZBEEF is recommended by Swenrique

I definitely admire when the wrestler states what he’s going to do and then backs it up. This is the case with AZBeef!
This big, strong, beefy dude opens the door and I knew that strong bearhugs were going to be a theme of the night. Off the mat, AZBeef is an articulate, intelligent dude Who is fun to have a conversation with. On the mats, this man plays to win, which is how I prefer. Great bear hugs, fun wrestler and just overall a great guy. I’m truly looking forward to round two with the big fella, the next time AZBeef rolls into town!😉



Swenrique is recommended by AZBEEF

I opened the door, and a well-built handsome men entered the room....and was hugged with power. Simply one of the finest built men I have wrestled, and one of the most personable man as well.

He is strong, well skilled, and can provide a powerful bear hug, full nelson, and multiple submission techniques as well. He can roll around muscle to muscle, or work for a tap as well.

I highly recommend Swenrique as he is a man of character, strength, power, and an ultimate wrestling machine.



AZBEEF is recommended by sdj58

AZBEEF is an impressive, engaging, and fun man to come into contact with. He looks even more muscular and hot when face-face than his already sexy photos. He has levels of power and handsomeness that defy the numbers on his profile. I certainly hope for another chance to meet this great guy.



AZBEEF is recommended by MKC111

AZBEEF was a great host that loved to have a real match and flex his powerlifter physique. Loved his gear and his pro wrestling vibe.

I need to travel to Arizona for a rematch.



AZBEEF is recommended by ironranger

That AZBeef is big is obvious - no way I could nelson him. He’s also solidly built, is as powerful as he looks, and is smart, reliable, and communicative. All of which makes for a fun match and good times. He can absorb punishment like a champ, although it’s hard to make much dent in that muscle, and he can dish it out in return in spades, while adjusting to his opponent. He’s an all-around good dude. It pains me to recommend a Steelers fan, but in this case I kinda have to.



ironranger is recommended by AZBEEF

He is a man beast....looks incredible in a singlet, and has physical symmetry, power, and balance. Be careful of his headlocks, and scissors as he is a strong man.

He is very nice off the mats as well, but do not let that "Texas Charm," fool you as he knows how to use his muscles, power, and that evil smile to get his way!

I look forward to our next match. Excellent all around man!



AZBEEF is recommended by jackmcdaid

AZBEEF was even bigger and stronger than he looks in his profile pics. Knows how to show off all that muscle too, excellent flexing skills. Very accommodating to fight-style and intensity, excellent communicator and all-round good guy. Highly recommend!



jackmcdaid is recommended by AZBEEF

This man is all muscle, power, and a great smile to go with it for sure! Biceps on this man are incredible, and he knows how to use them. Brilliant, Buff,and Built describe this mountain of muscle.

He tested my power, and strength .....we had a blast. If ever in Chicago, please consider a match with this tower of manhood!



AZBEEF is recommended by BEEFBUILDER

AZBEEF is highly recommended. Strong and powerful. A great guy to work up a sweat with.



BEEFBUILDER is recommended by AZBEEF

Beefbuilder is strong man with solid powerful muscles. Our match included tests of power, submission, and ground grappling. He is one of the finest wrestlers I have met, and I highly recommend him. I look forward to our next muscled beef match!



AZBEEF is recommended by DarkGnH

Very strong opponent, I appreciate his willingness to lock up. Hope to lock up with him again. I recommend contacting him if traveling to AZ.



DarkGnH is recommended by AZBEEF

Big strong bull of a man. Highly recommended!



AZBEEF is recommended by CamoDad

AZBEEF is a wall of muscle! Getting a strong hold on this guy is tricky. Even with long arms like mine, his musculature make it tough to get a good angle. But it was awesome fun trying. AZBEEF is an immovable force, but a friendly guy. I need to get another shot on open mats, see if I can budge the beast!



CamoDad is recommended by AZBEEF

Big powerful man. Tough wrestler. He is all man, and powerul. I look forward to Round 2! CamoDad is the real deal!



AZBEEF is recommended by Tiger22

AZBEEF was friendly, fun and tough! A nice guy off the mats, he was game to try anything. Wrestled some give and take submission and Roman knuckle challenge and a couple pro holds for fun. Easy to get along with, big, beefy and strong. Def recommend



Tiger22 is recommended by AZBEEF

Tiger22 is an excellent man to wrestle with. He is very handsome, strong, athletic, and likes to match up with power with power. We wrestled sub, competed in a few tests of strength, and had a blast! He is a very nice and man both on and off the mats. I would strongly recommend him if you are visiting his area.



AZBEEF is recommended by Thickbeef

wow. massive big man. did my best and was able to flex out of a full nelson but a few gut punches and a number of big body splashes and I was done. Awesome match with a big chested beast of a man. Very fun. Very nice guy..



WarriorMuscle is recommended by AZBEEF

Excellent and well trained grappler/wrestler. Incredible physique too!



AZBEEF is recommended by zz9zza

Profile name sure is accurate, really enjoyed a roll with this refrigerator sized block of muscle. Very hospitable as well..



zz9zza is recommended by AZBEEF

Excellent human being! He is strong, smart, and a wonderful man to spend time with. Excellent man and I fully recommend him!



AZBEEF is recommended by muscled

Greatest guy you'll ever meet. Big, beefy and strong. Wish he lived closer to brawl more often.



muscled is recommended by AZBEEF

He is a big strong man who enjoys a competitive tussle. Smart, handsome, and personable. An awesome man and great guy!



AZBEEF is recommended by Ringmuscle

This guy rocks! All man, huge muscles, fun, playful, aggressive wrestler. Wait'll you feel the BEARHUG!