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Age 52
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 230 lbs (104 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Shorts
Languages spoken English, Spanish
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Last update 11/25/2019


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  1. USA - Massachusetts, Provincetown
  2. USA - Texas, Lakeway
    (I'm here between 3/28/2019 and 4/05/2019)

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats

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Roughhousing/wrestling. Looking for matches or to exchange holds, learn, workout, and meet others interested in wrestling. Like down to earth people who have a sense of humor and a wicked gleam in their eye. Here to work up a sweat and have fun!


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Tiger22 is recommended by Wrestle007

Was excited to finally get to meet tiger22. Had a great match with this distractingly handsome muscle man. He's strong and definitely fun to lock up with. Great to hang out with off of the mats as well. Can't wait for another match, highly recommended!



Wrestle007 is recommended by Tiger22

Had a great match with 007 last week. He’s strong and flexible and skilled and I had my hands full. Great guy, lots of fun, with legs like engine pistons. Def. recommend!



Tiger22 is recommended by WarriorMuscle

Tiger is one of those guys I have been chatting with online for over 20 yrs, but never met. So when I had the opportunity to roll with this muscle hunk, I jumped at it. He's one of those cases where the pictures don't do him justice. On the mat, he is a powerhouse, and fun to take on. Off the mats, he is a super nice, soft spoken, and friendly. He is also safe and very controlled. Looking forward to taking on this big guy again!



WarriorMuscle is recommended by Tiger22

Finally! Got to meet and roll with this incredibly skilled and strong warrior. Very present, focused, and experienced, Warriormuscle had such good energy and was generous in giving feedback and tips, which I loved. Don’t pass up the opportunity to roll with this one.



bbncc is recommended by Tiger22

Had a fantastic match with bbncc. He’s got a great setup with 12x12 mats in his garage. We fought competitive with some body blows, tired one another out and had a great time.



Tiger22 is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Great host. Strong arms that can easily overpower any man. Had a great 3 way match with Tiger22 and a big boy from Atlanta. We switched off wrestling one another in sub matches and then practiced some pro holds. It was 2 hours of wrestling that ranks high on my list of matches. Highly recommend Nate if you are in his area.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by Tiger22

Chicagopiledriver suggested a 3 way match on my mats in my small living room. I was hesitant cause that would mean 3 big men, each well over 200lb - 235, 250, 250 - would be shaking the foundations of my house. But it turned out to be a great idea. Each of us took turns with one another. CPD was great to wrestle - very experienced in multiple styles and relentless, but very fun, safe, and respectful. He also knows when to throw in a dirty trick or two to make it interesting. Def. recommend!



Tiger22 is recommended by MKell

Tiger22 is very athletic and powerful. We had an awesome workout on the mats. He is tenacious and competitive - more importantly he is a great guy. I look forward to round 2.



MKell is recommended by Tiger22

After trash talking with MKell, it became clear to me he had way more experience than I did so we agreed on rolling/coaching for a first meet. He was great, started helping me drill passing closed guard into a kimura. After we got comfortable we started to mix in some rolling and he started showing off too much so I gave him a couple body blows, which was a big mistake cause then he just kept locking me up and striking me. But it was all in good fun and we both were exhausted. He gave me pointers the entire time we rolled and some basics that I've got to practice incorporating into my game. Can't wait to roll with him again and keep soaking up whatever I can. Safe, sane, communicative - great guy on and off the mats. Definitely recommend!



Tiger22 is recommended by Wrestledad

I really had a great time trying to tame this tiger! He's big, strong, tough and aggressive but very safe and sane. We wrestled competitive sub and promission and both were a lot of fun. He's also a really genuine, entertaining guy to talk to. Can't wait for the rematch!



Wrestledad is recommended by Tiger22

Wrestled all afternoon with this strong and wily cub. Great, down-to-earth guy who was game to switch from sub wrestling, to working on technique, to promission. Had tons of fun and can't wait to get back on the mats with this one.



Tiger22 is recommended by AZBEEF

Tiger22 is an excellent man to wrestle with. He is very handsome, strong, athletic, and likes to match up with power with power. We wrestled sub, competed in a few tests of strength, and had a blast! He is a very nice and man both on and off the mats. I would strongly recommend him if you are visiting his area.



AZBEEF is recommended by Tiger22

AZBEEF was friendly, fun and tough! A nice guy off the mats, he was game to try anything. Wrestled some give and take submission and Roman knuckle challenge and a couple pro holds for fun. Easy to get along with, big, beefy and strong. Def recommend



Tiger22 is recommended by Mike86

Nate's a big muscled bear of man who's a lot of fun on the mats. A great vacation in Provincetown was made even better with getting him on the mats. Definitely recommed him.



Mike86 is recommended by Tiger22

Great guy, down to earth and a beast on the mats. We wrestled sub with body blows. I wish I could say I got at least one submission from Mike, but he basically mopped the floor with me and I'm no lightweight. I did get some body blows on him, and he gave back. Was great going up against another big guy who I could beat on. I had a great time, got a fantastic workout, and learned some stuff. What more can you ask?



Tiger22 is recommended by NJWoodbridge

I meet with this guy during my vacation on Cape Cod. Great guy, fun to chat with (fascinating, actually), and definitely as strong as he looks! I hope I get to have a full match with him next time we meet, which will be soon I hope!



NJWoodbridge is recommended by Tiger22

Met NJW at my place and we did a little stand-up sparring in my living room. He has a great attitude, very down to earth, easy to get along with, and strong! We r planning a real match on my mats next time he's in town and can't wait to roll with him!



Tiger22 is recommended by ctexwrestle

Tiger and I have wrestled numerous times over the past several years... When we first met he was just getting started and was eager to learn some basic sub skills... He is a quick study and picked up techniques readily... New skills coupled with his solid build and strength make him a formidable opponent... So be ready for a tough match if you meet up with Tiger- which I highly recommend you do!



ctexwrestle is recommended by Tiger22

Wrestled Ctex a bunch of times. Very strong and skilled, as well as intuitive fighter. Tough to beat. Very cool and patient off the mats, and willing to teach and be flexible on wrestling style. Don't pass him up.