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Age 49
Height 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Gender Male
Looking for Male
Gear Shorts, singlets (if you have them), underwear
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  1. USA - California, Long Beach
  2. USA - Texas, Austin

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Tall, strong, athletic man, loves sub wrestling, with younger jocks. Down for erotic if there's chemistry, but not necessary. Also down for role play and heel-jobber scenarios. Most important aspect is to get a good workout and have fun. Living in LA now, still traveling a lot. Can host at my place in Long Beach.


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BearhugmanLA is recommended by soccerguy

Had an awesome time wrestling with BearhugmanLA! He's a great guy and made sure I felt welcomed and comfortable during our match, which was a lot of fun! He had the size and experience advantage and was really strong, so he was definitely a challenge for me, and we both worked up a sweat while he was definitely the winner throughout our matches. A massive recommendation from me and can't wait for the rematch one day (hopefully soon!!)



soccerguy is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Had an absolute blast wrestling Soccerguy. We'd been chatting for awhile and when our schedules finally lined up it was easy to set up the match. Soccerguy is surprisingly stronger than he looks at first, is a natural athlete and seems to have really good wrestling instincts for a beginner. And wow does he look amazing in his red singlet! He put up a good fight, but my strength, experience and size advantage helped me slowly and methodically take control. My submissions on him were hard fought and our last round was pretty much a draw before he finally gave in, both of us sore (in a good way) and exhausted. We had a great time and I can't wait to wrestle him again. Highly recommended!



LeonitoTriste is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Had a great time trading holds and wrestling with LeonitoTriste. He's relatively new to wrestling but has great instincts. He's deceptively strong and navigating our size and strength difference quite well. He's fun, sexy, smart and reliable. Just a perfect jobber who will be competitive with more experience. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to a rematch!



BearhugmanLA is recommended by Setsuna Kiryu

BearhugmanLA was a kind, polite, sweet, and considerable man. Flexible when it came to dates, times, rules, 😆and genuinely stretchy. However, for the most of if not all the time, I was the sub while we were wrestling. As soon as he got on the mats he turned into a strong, smack talking Dom who was brutal with his wrestling moves and holds. Once we were finished, I found myself talking to a caring gentleman again. For what little time we had together, he definitely made it fun. Would love to wrestle again! I recommend BearhugmanLA to anyone who wants to meet a tough Dom.



Setsuna Kiryu is recommended by BearhugmanLA

I had a blast wrestling Setsuna Kiryu. We didn't have a lot of time but we made the most of the time we did and had a great match. He's a sexy, fun, flexible jobber. He's reliable, friendly and I can't wait for our rematch when I hope we both have more time for more great wrestling fun. Highly recommended!



BearhugmanLA is recommended by Atlfighter10

BearhugmanLA as his name implies has an impossibly string bearhug. Once you're in his grasp its almost impossible to get out. Very stronger fighter who's a total heel on the mat, but a genuinely nice person off the mat. I would recommend this guy to anyone looking for a good jobber heel match



Atlfighter10 is recommended by BearhugmanLA

I had a blast wrestling Atlfighter10 when he traveling in LA. Setting up the match was super easy and he's a fun, sexy jobber. We made the most of the small space and had a great heel-jobber match. He put up a good fight, and is stronger than he seems, which made the eventual domination even more enjoyable. Highly recommended and I look forward to our rematch.



Skinnyblackbo is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Wow what fun return to wrestling with this sexy stud! He's strong for his size but ended up being my jobber and boy was he good at it. He's reliable, way cuter in person, funny and ripped. We had a blast wrestling and enjoying his struggles. Can't wait to roll again. Highly recommended!



lovegp is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Had a blast with lovegp, he's an awesome jobber. Was easy to set up a match, he's reliable and a good communicator. Once we met I had a lot of fun tying him up in a variety of holds and working on his abs and pecs. He's a cool, sexy, smart, friendly guy - the perfect athletic jobber. Also he needs to update his profile - he's not 5'8" - he's more like 5'11. :)

Highly recommended! I look forward to more sessions of working him over and dominating him.



BearhugmanLA is recommended by WesJobber

Todd é um lutador muito forte! Tive problemas pra aguentar alguns golpes dele, mas no final ele me venceu em quase todos. Menos o bearhug, que eu tive mais resistencia pra suportar e vencer os braços fortes dele! A comunicação foi difícil, já que somos de países e línguas diferentes, mas demos um jeito. Um cara muito simpático, que eu adoraria ter uma luta novamente. Aguardo ansiosamente aqui no Brasil! 😁



WesJobber is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Wes and I had an awesome match. He's a fun guy and a great jobber. He's strong for his size and I had to work to overpower him. We made the best of the limited space, which worked to my advantage and went at it for about 2 hours. He's extremely flexible and I made him submit a number of times, in a lot of different holds but I could not submit him in a bearhug. He was like a sponge soaking up the power of my bearhugs. If you are traveling in Sao Paulo, Wes is a super wrestling partner. Highly recommended. I can't wait for our next match!



BearhugmanLA is recommended by gizrocone

I had a fun time meeting BearhugmanMIA. Even though it was my first match, I felt comfortable with him right away. We definitely worked up a sweat and it was a great workout. He was able to work around my lack of experience and I really enjoyed being dominated by him. He's also a really nice guy to chat and hang out with. And I would definitely wrestle him again.



gizrocone is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Gizrocone had been chatting for awhile and finally our paths crossed to meet up in person. We had a fun sub hotel match and while we were a bit constrained by the space, we made it work. He's quite strong for his size and showed a lot of natural defense that helped him counter my size and strength advantage. We worked up a good sweat and I would gladly wrestle him again, he's only going to get better with more matches under his belt. In addition he's a cool guy and I enjoyed chatting with him afterwards. Highly recommended.



BearhugmanLA is recommended by jjboi

This guy is a powerhouse and seemingly invulnerable to a lot of attacks. He's also super nice and a fun guy to chat with. Be ready to deal with a boulder of a man or be ready for the consequences! Looking forward to the rematch!



jjboi is recommended by BearhugmanLA

I had a blast wrestling jjboi. I can confirm what others said in that he's responsive, reliable, fun and looks great in a singlet. I think at the beginning I underestimated him given the size difference in my favor or maybe I was just distracted by him in his singlet but he actually got me to tap first with a good choke hold. Alas, I adjusted my strategy, and that ended up being the only tap he got out of me. He's really strong and made me work for all the submissions but I was able to overpower him and had a lot of fun working him over in various holds. jjboi is an all around great guy, a great competitor and I can't wait for Round 2.



SleeperLover is recommended by BearhugmanLA

I had an absolute blast with SleeperLover. We wrestled for a few hours and had a great time. He's a cool, fun, attractive, and reliable guy. He's athletic, lean and surprisingly strong for his size. He put up a good fight but ultimately my size advantage wore him down. Highly recommended and I look forward to a rematch when I'm back in the Bay area.



BearhugmanLA is recommended by Toughsnowflake

This man is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he’s a really sound bloke both in and out of holds, I had such a fun time not only going at it with him and feeling his well built body against mine, but conversation flowed smoothely as well, i had such an enjoyable evening with him, if you want a really enjoyable time with a muscular man, meet him, I cannot wait for round two, this time it was my territory of London, next time will be his turf in America!



Toughsnowflake is recommended by BearhugmanLA

I had such a fun time with Toughsnowflake. Pay attention to his name because he is tougher and stronger than his profile would lead you to believe. He's also very flexible and quite difficult to to tap out. We made the best our situation (very small hotel room, my own recovery from injury earlier this year) and had a lot of fun. Off the mats, he's charming, funny and mature beyond his years. Highly recommended, can't wait for the rematch!



BearhugmanLA is recommended by Boxingruff

This hot daddy was a blast to roleplay with! We went at it for hours and all night long! This big guy really knows how to get into character and set the mood for a fight! Definitely good to get along with outside the boxing or rough housing around and I would highly recommend him if you get the chance to swing by him! I'm sure we will have another chance at it again!



Boxingruff is recommended by BearhugmanLA

Had an awesome time with Boxingruff when we met. We boxed, we wrestled, we role played. He is a fun, sexy, tough little stud, don't let his size full you. He's aggressive and tireless and what he lacked in experience and size, he made up for in attitude and determination. He was reliable and showed up on time and we went at it all night. Highly recommended and hope we meet again soon.