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Just love to wrestle and make friends. Kick ass and take names.



  1. USA - Florida, Ruskin
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Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

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Dirtydan3000 is recommended by JMM

I really enjoyed my match with Dirtydan. He is a great jobber. Can take a lot of abuse and comes back for more. He is also a great guy of the mats and very cute. Looking forward to a rematch soon.



JMM is recommended by Dirtydan3000

He is super sweet and very flexible with time. I got into a car accident and he was nice enough to work around my time. He is a very strong heel and knows how to work someone over on the Matt's. I had a lot of fun with this match waited a very long time for it and it was worth it.



Dirtydan3000 is recommended by Tampawrestlebud

I went after him pretty much as soon as I shut the door behind him. He took everything I put him in and I had to work for the subs I got. Super sweet both on and off the “mats”. I recommend him 100% and this will be the first of many matches in the future.



Tampawrestlebud is recommended by Dirtydan3000

He is awesome person and an even more amazing heel. I'm so glad I got to actually wrestle him this man is a lot of fun and just is kind person in general. I am definitely going to have another match with him if times permits. He went after me when we walked a couple steps into the living room. It was so sexy and nice to be tossed around by him for hours and hours.



Dirtydan3000 is recommended by Bill Parker

One of the best matches I’ve had in a while. DD is a super nice guy, hot, and very strong. Also very reliable and easy to communicate with. Our match lasted for hours and I subjected him to every move I could think of. I was really impressed at how hard he fought back, especially considering it was only his second match. Seriously great time. Would definitely recommend.



Bill Parker is recommended by Dirtydan3000

I wish all my match's went like this. Bill is so sweet and loves to just have a good time overall. He is a completely different person when wrestling. He doesn't hold back and loves to dominate. Very handsome, very sweet, and loves to wrestle. I would definitely have another match with him. He is confident, sexy, and knows how to just be a good host.