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Looking for fights wrestle ,roughhouse ,BJJ anything goes . ( real fights ). Any stakes will be accepted !



Match structure: Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Phone chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Going to matches
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Trampling


  1. USA - Florida, Key West
    Live here
  2. USA - Georgia, Atlanta (I'm here between 7/14/2017 and 7/16/2017)
    Sub wrestling with body shots
  3. USA - Virginia, Arlington (I'm here between 6/09/2017 and 6/12/2017)
    Looking for Sub wrestling
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 47-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: singlet gi shorts nude whatever

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

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Start of membership: 8/08/2012 3:48 AM


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bowolverine is recommended by LAbackBreaker

Had a great match with this brut. Big muscle, strong, and skilled - I had my hands full. A perfect afternoon match set up in minutes - can't beat that. Great guy on and off the mats - don't miss an opportunity to fight him.



LAbackBreaker is recommended by bowolverine

And unexpected great day !

At the gym working out get this message from this is Super Hot guy.
He says: man want to wrestle,
Me : yes man , when now ,tonight ,tomorrow.
He says : Now !
Me : yes let's do it

We met up and wrestled for an hour and a half .
He is freaking strong ,awesome moves , great wrestler. Both of us sweaty wrestling hard for top and we both got a few good punches in. Freaking awesome fight
It was a great back-and-forth between two muscle boys .
My body is sore from a great fight
Can't wait to wrestle him again.
Great guy,amazing body, top-notch fight and a awesome dude off the mats as well.
I highly can recommend him !!!!



bowolverine is recommended by chicagopiledriver

We didn't get much time to wrestle but from what I experienced I can tell this guy is the real deal. He has a tremendous build and was nice enough to host at his hotel room when we were both in DC for Pride weekend. Hope to get another match with this guy soon.



bowolverine is recommended by MississippiJock

He looks really muscular/handsome in his pics, but when you see him in person it's a definite "wow" moment. I had been wanting to wrestle him for years as well, and was very glad we finally got to meet. Those muscles aren't just for show either, he is incredibly strong. Look forward to many more matches. If in South FL you'd be crazy not to contact him. Awesome guy!!!!



MississippiJock is recommended by bowolverine

I wanted to wrestle MississippiJock for years and finally today was the day. When I walked in to the room and saw this beast of a man. Strong tall handsome I knew I would have a great wrestling match with him. His arms his legs are extremely powerful we roll for a while what only seems like seconds . I had so much fun wrestling him. Not really determined who won this match but I think we both came out as winners . I can't wait to wrestle him again. He is a real awesome guy and I highly recommend him .
Btw thanks for a awesome birthday match



bowolverine is recommended by njmuscguy1

great guy great shape really strong and fun to wrestle ! really made it easy to set up a match and make it happen def recommend and looking forward to round 2



njmuscguy1 is recommended by bowolverine

I had a great time meeting and wrestling Rick. Super nice guy and very skilled in jujitsu. His jujitsu out powered my wrestling. He is strong as a bull fast and all around a great fighter. Looking forward to wrestle him again !!!!
I highly recommend to meet and Wrestle him.



bowolverine is recommended by Marcwrestler

Have awesome time to wrestle him! He is so great guy, strong, big muscles, lot of skills. Had a blast with him! He is a great real fighter! He adjusted his wrestling style with what i like ! We did a great fun hot submission match With lot of flexing, posing, muscle workship! His muscles are gorgeous! His personally is amazing! If you have chance to wrestle him, don't miss your chance! Forward for a rematch with hi
For sure when i will go back to Florida! Highly recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by bowolverine

Marc is a awesome guy to wrestle. Amazing body , strong and very shilled. We wrestled for a couple hours to exhaustion . We were were drenched in our sweat . Had the best time with him. All around a awesome guy. Looking forward to wrestle him again. If you get the chance to wrestle him please do it. You will have a great time.



bowolverine is recommended by gutcheck

Bo was a lot of fun and looked just like a hot pro in the ring. He sold really really well for his first pro match and gave his fair share of smack talk. He's also built like a tank, so a lot of fun to roll with. Wrestlecub, he, and I had a great 3 hours of matches, and it's always fun to show a willing participant how to run the ropes. Looking forward to pounding on this thick man again some day.



gutcheck is recommended by bowolverine

Gutcheck one of the nices guys !!! Trained me in pro wrestling and show me the ropes "literally"
He know his stuff and man he is a awesome fight , freaking strong .
Gutcheck wrestlecub and I wrestle for 3 hours . Had a amazing time .
Wrestlecub and I got some sub wrestling in too. Got my ass kick. Great fighter and strong as a bull.
Both are true sportsman respectful and just awesome dudes . If you want to wrestle and have a good time I definitely recommend this two !!!!!
Definitely looking forward to more fight with these two



bowolverine is recommended by rjvlatino

we finally got to meet in person. He is a freaking hot muscle beast with fun and sweat included in two long roundups. he enjoyed heel me, yet I didn't always make it easy to submit to him.



rjvlatino is recommended by bowolverine

It took us a while to meet but we fianily did and it's was a great time . We had two hard and sweaty fights. He is a awesome guy to wrestle and I hope we will fight again soon. I highly recommend him !!! If you get the chance to wrestle him , do it. A awesome and nice guys of the wrestling mats too.



bowolverine is recommended by DenverWrestler

A total stud with an MMA background and a HOT hairy muscular body. He stuck to submission grappling with me, and we had a sweaty intense safe sane fun match. He's good enough to wrestle at a level that makes the match interesting for both guys. His strength and muscle mass is amazing, and he's one of the hottest guys I've wrestled. On top of all this, he's reliable, conscientious, funny, and a fascinating guy to get to know. A great experience and my highest recommendation.



DenverWrestler is recommended by bowolverine

Had a great wrestling match with Denver. Very skilled and fun to wrestle. We rolled a few round to we were exhausted I highly recommend to Wredtle him and hope for many more match with him. He is a really cool guy of the wrestling mats too.
All around a great guy.



bowolverine is not recommended by UwillTAP

  • Unreliable / no show
  • Unsafe / dangerous
  • Incivil / bad manners



UwillTAP is not recommended by bowolverine

  • Unreliable / no show
  • Unsafe / dangerous
  • Incivil / bad manners



carnivore is recommended by bowolverine

Carnivore awesome wrestle , he is strong skilled and super fast . We had a few rounds of intense submission wrestling plus he has a great punch. He's a true sportsman and fun guy to Wrestle . On and off the mats he's cool guy to hang out with If you get the chance to wrestle him I highly recommend to go forward .
I hope I will get the change to wrestle him again 💪



bowolverine is recommended by jocker

dude's a hoss gave me a good 4 round struggle submission style i highly recommend wrassling around with him . good energy on him nice and masculine



jocker is recommended by bowolverine

Jocker awesome guy ,great wrestler and strong as a bull. 4 rounds of intense I long hard submission wrestling match . Great body and freaking strong legs. Beside a great fighter he is a awesome guy to hang out with. He has a great attitude ,fun and it's a great sportsman !!! I really have to say it was one of my favorite fights
I highly recommend to wrestle him. Make sure to look him up if you in town.
I hope I will get the chance wrestle him many more times.



bowolverine is recommended by Wrestlecub

I had expected the match with Bowolverine to be the highlight of my Ft Lauderdale trip, and I wasn't disappointed! Bo certainly lived up to his nickname with his stocky muscular physique and his aggressive wrestling style.
Since this was Bo's first time doing pro and I was somewhat rusty Gutcheck agreed to show us the basics. Bo picked it up like a natural and soon we were exchanging headlocks and bodyslams. We also had a few rounds of sub wrestling and Bo held up well despite my ~50lb weight advantage!
Off the mats Bo is a really fun and entertaining guy to be around. I feel like I have made a good friend, and I can't wait for the next match!



Wrestlecub is recommended by bowolverine

Wrestlecub is a super cool guy and build like a tank.
Had a great pro match with him and Gutcheck . We wrestled for 3 hours and it was the best time. Both guys are skilled fighters and true gentlemen . Got the chance to have a sub wrestling match with wrestlecub too . He I a skilled fight and strong as a bull. I kicked my ass. Both guys a awesome dude and fun to wrestle , "the real deal". If you want to wrestle pro or submission wrestling both of these dudes are amazing fun and Skilled. I highly recommend to fight these guys . Can't wait to fight you guys again. !!!!!!!!!



bowolverine is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

We had a great fight in a hotel. He is a big and strong guy with some skills to make you suffer a bit. ;-D I hope we get the chance to fight more next time. Don't miss out on him.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by bowolverine

AWSOME guy and a amazing fighter. Hard ,strong and great endurance never gives up , he can take and give punches like a true champion.
I'm a hard hitter but he never twinge ones. If you looking for a real good fight challenge this man. I highly can recommend to fight him. Thank you buddy for a great fight and a few black and blow bruises 💪👣



bowolverine is recommended by Physical

BoWolverine is built like a barn door, massive arms, V shaped lats and legs like tree trunks. He claims he hasn't got the skills that he'd like to have but boy it certainly doesn't seem that way when you lock up!
Super-nice guy on and off the mats and I think I've made a good friend too. Highly, highly recommended!



Physical is recommended by bowolverine

One of the most skilled fighters I encountered plus super nice guy very respectful , knowledgeable and strong as a bull. Besides Wrestling and having a great time I'm happy to say I made a new friend as well. If you looking to wrestle anybody I highly suggest to meet this gentleman . Thanks Nick for a awesome time .



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