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Okay! - I simply LOVE getting my head and neck squeezed either under your arm in a side headlock or down between your legs in playful headscissors!
Fun-loving guy here so ALWAYS safe/sane!

Then I'm on here a lot and send out quite a few messages. If you receive one from me, I'd love to hear from you. And if you're not interested, please say so - it's better than no response at all.
Just don't block or ignore - let's all practice common courtesy Guys, Thanks.

Have fun out there!



  1. USA - California, Palm Desert
    (I'm here from 9/04/2018)
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I am willing to travel 10 miles


Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 198 lbs (90 kg)

Gear: Jeans, gym shorts, undies, t-shirt, barechest

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AJtheWrestler Sixftfourwrestler


Hdlckfan is recommended by Sixftfourwrestler

True to his name, this guy is a huge fan of headlocks. And I was happy to oblige. He took everything I threw at him and kept coming back for more. Our next session will be even more intense. And he’s a genuinely nice guy...if you have an opportunity, definite try to connect with him!



Sixftfourwrestler is recommended by Hdlckfan

Sixftfour is a mountain of a man! I knew from the moment he lifted me off the floor in a strong bearhug and carried me into the next room that I was in for a great time - and he did not disappoint! Not only is a powerfully strong and solid, he's also friendly and very accommodating - meaning he clamped me and locked me up in every headlock and pair of headscissors I asked for (plus came up with some cool moves on his own!) When he had me where he wanted me, he flexed his amazing biceps, which I gladly admired!
Highly recommend Sixftfour if you get the chance to wrestle with him. Look forward to our next time together!



AJtheWrestler is recommended by Hdlckfan

AJ is a stocky guy with nice muscular arms and a great chest! He and I have been able to meet a few times, and he's been both friendly and accommodating each time. Willing to try different holds and positions with respect to limits. Highly recommend this young stud for a good time!